October 21, 2016
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What is JavaFX? An Introduction
Discover what JavaFX is through examples, rather than peruse a dry conceptual overview.
Tags : HTML5, UI, JavaFX, graphics, GUI, library, MEDIA PLAYER, Java SDK, Swing, Quantum toolkit
Working with the Android Picker Control to Select Date and Time
In this article, readers will learn about working with common input controls available for use in Android applications.
Tags : UI, user interface, XML, Android, android studio, Android Picker Control
How to Start an Activity in a Different Android App
This article discusses how Android developers can launch another app from within their app using intents.
Tags : UI, Web search, android studio, Android applications
Creating Android Games with Java
Focus on some key areas of Android with Java that would help in building games your consumers will enjoy.
Tags : Java, UI, Android, threads, animation, game, bfxr, OGG
Component-based Web Development Using JSF 2
JSF 2 provides a fine infrastructure to implement a rich user interface. Learn to use it to its full advantage.
Tags : Java, UI, Facelets, MVC, HTML, Web Development Frameworks, Struts2, Spring Web MVC
Top 10 Design Tips for Web Apps
Your web app's UI needs help! Get on the road to more usable web apps with these top 10 design tips for web apps.
Tags : UI, SaaS, Internet, Web apps
Changing Your Android App's Theme Dynamically
Find out how to build a customizable Android app, where the user can change the app's theme dynamically at runtime.
Tags : open source, UI, Google, Android, smartphone, themes, app development
Design an Android UI for Multiple Devices
Ensure your Android app runs smoothly on devices with different screen sizes, pixel densities and rotation behavior.
Tags : UI, Android App development
The 8 Principles of Great User Interface Design
Have you created an application, marketed it, and been disappointed by the market response? Here's the low down on the best practices to follow to make your user interface as amazing as your application.
Tags : UI, user interface, user interface design
Create Flexible Android UIs with Fragments
The Android Fragment API enables developers to create flexible user interfaces for different screen sizes and provide screen workflow alternatives. Learn how to use this API.
Tags : UI, Android
Video: Creating Dialogs with jQuery
Learn how to create a variety of powerful and visually appealing dialog windows using jQuery.
Tags : JavaScript, UI, web applications, jQuery

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