October 24, 2016
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Subversion 1.8 Gits New Features
Open Source SVN 1.8 version control system adds new capabilities; How does it stack up against Git now?
Tags : git, Apache, Subversion, SVN
Eclipse Survey Shows Strong Momentum for Git, Java, Mobile Development
The poll of open source developers finds little interest in cloud development.
Tags : Java, open source, git, cloud computing, mobile development, Eclipse, survey, Subversion, cloud development
Beginner's Guide to TortoiseSVN, the Windows Subversion Client
TortoiseSVN allows Windows users to access all of Subversion's version control functionality without having to master the command line.
Tags : source code, version control, Windows, Subversion
Subversion 1.7 Released with Some Git-esque Merging
Popular open source version control system gets a major release aimed at meeting enterprise needs.
Tags : git, version control, Subversion
Subversion vs. Git: Choosing the Right Open Source Version Control System
Subversion and Git are the most popular open source version control systems, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Which one is right for you?
Tags : source code, git, version control, Subversion

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