October 22, 2016
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What Is Jenkins?
Leap into Jenkins, an open source project written in Java and dedicated to sustaining continuous integration practices.
Tags : Java, open source, Spring, IDE, plug-ins, continuous integration, Jenkins, github, Windows Services, Payara Server, port 8080
Exploring the Spring Web MVC for Web Application Development
Explore some of the Spring framework's key aspects that help to build loosely coupled Web applications on the Spring IoC container.
Tags : Spring, MVC, EJB, Servlets, J2EE, HTTP, POJO, JEE6
Exploring the Struts 2 Web Application Framework
You can master a different approach to creating Action classes in Struts 2.
Tags : Java, web application, Ajax, JSP, Spring, MVC, Apache, Business logic, Struts, Hibernate, POJO
Working with Dependency Injection in Java
Take advantage of dependency injection to eliminate hard dependencies and make your classes easier to test and maintain.
Tags : Java, Dependency injection, Spring, hard dependency, Google Guice, PicoContainer, Dagger
Integrating Hibernate and Spring
Learn how to be become more productive by integrating Hibernate in your Spring applications.
Tags : Java, Spring
Implementing AOP in Spring
Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) used to be a bit complex due to the exposure of the low level constructs to the Spring developer. But that's changed; both Spring and AOP have evolved. Manoj Debnath offers a canonical explanation of AOP and on how to implement it in Spring.
Tags : Functional programming, Spring, object oriented programming, OOP, Aspect Oriented Programming
Data Support in Spring Framework
The main objective of Spring Data Access Object support is to make working with data access technologies such as JDBC, Hibernate, JPA or JDO easy and consistent. Read on to learn more.
Tags : data access, Dependency injection, Spring
VMware Releases Middleware for Java Developers
VFabric 5 will aid developers creating Java applications for the cloud or virtualized environments.
Tags : middleware, Spring, vFabric
Spring Framework and Selenium 2 Integrated with JBehave
JBehave moves Spring Framework development forward for Java applications based on Behavior Driven Development (BDD).
Tags : Selenium, Spring, BDD
Define Factories in Spring XML Using Method Injection
Use the power of ServiceLocatorFactoryBean to define conditional factories in Spring XML without any of the usual method injection limitations.
Tags : XML, Spring
Spring WS 2.0: New Integration Test Support
Spring WS 2.0 introduces a new integration testing module, spring-ws-test, which makes writing integration tests for both client- and server-side code very easy.
Tags : testing, Spring
Spring Web Services 2.0: Best Java Stack for SOAP-based Web Services
What makes the new Spring Web Service 2.0 release the best Java stack for SOAP-based Web services?
Tags : Web services, Spring
Spring Android: Bringing Spring Components to Your Android Apps
Spring Android helps unify the worlds of enterprise and Android development, offering a simple framework for accessing RESTful resources.
Tags : Spring, Android
Spring 3.0 Support for RESTful Web Services
Spring 3.0 provides Java annotations and classes for creating simple REST-based Web services.
Tags : Web services, Spring, REST
Use the Spring 3 Formatter SPI for Custom Formatting
The Spring 3 Formatter SPI enables you to build custom formatting capabilities and annotations.
Tags : annotations, Spring, SPI
Integrating Advanced Spring Framework Features with Magnolia CMS
Learn how to integrate advanced Spring Framework features such dialogs and the form tag library with the Magnolia CMS.
Tags : CMS, Spring, Magnolia
Spring Framework and Magnolia CMS: Creating Complex Java-based Websites
Magnolia's Blossom module makes it easy to integrate advanced Spring Framework features with the Magnolia CMS templating architecture.
Tags : Spring, Magnolia
Spring Framework 3.0 and Annotation-driven Formatting
Learn how to use the new formatting annotations in Spring Framework 3.0 to improve the appearance of numeric, date and time information.
Tags : annotations, Spring
The New Spring 3.0 Features You Need to Know
Go inside the notable new features in Spring 3.0, including Spring Expression Language, object/XML mapping, and RESTful web services support.
Tags : open source, Spring, REST, Java EE, Object/XML Mapping
Use Spring Batch's 'Chunk' Processing for Large Data Sets
Sometimes data sets are too large to process in-memory. Learn how to implement a better approach in Java: Spring Batch's "chunk" processing.
Tags : Java, Spring, data
What's Wrong With JavaEE 6?
JavaEE 6 is now a final spec, with lots of new features and functions. But not everyone is thrilled about it.
Tags : Java, Spring, Java EE 6, Red Hat, Sun

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