October 28, 2016
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Microsoft Leaves Silverlight Developers in Limbo
The tech giant refuses to say whether it will continue supporting Silverlight technology.
Tags : Microsoft, Silverlight
DataBinding in Silverlight
Silverlight is the application framework that allows us to create apps that provide rich interaction in a web environment. One of the most important concepts in this technology that one must clearly understand is Databinding. This article will explain the composition, creation and inner workings of databinding in Silverlight.
Tags : Microsoft, Silverlight, tutorial, databinding in Silverlight, databinding
Using the ViewBox Control in Silverlight
The Viewbox control was introduced in Silverlight initially as a part of the Silverlight toolkit and now has been included with Silverlight 4.0. Read this article to learn about the Silverlight ViewBox control and how to use it in a Silverlight application.
Tags : Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight, tutorial, ViewBox Control
Implementing AutoComplete Text Functionality in Silverlight
AutoComplete text functionality has become a popular part of application development. Read this article to learn about implementation of AutoComplete functionality in Silverlight using an AutoCompleteBox control.
Tags : Silverlight, tutorial, AutoComplete, AutoCompleteBox
How to Use MEF in Silverlight
In this article I will explain about the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) and demonstrate the its use in Silverlight. I will also provide the source code of a sample Silverlight application implementing the MEF concept.
Tags : Microsoft, Silverlight, tutorial, MEF, Managed Extensibility Framework
Implementing Data Validation in Silverlight
Data validation is always an important task while developing an application of any sort. In this article I will explain the concept of data validation in Silverlight 4.0 applications.
Tags : Silverlight, tutorial, data validation, concept of data validatio
Creating User Controls in Silverlight
Usercontrols are very useful in terms of creating project level re-usable controls. Read this tutorial to learn about creating and using a usercontrol in a Silverlight application.
Tags : Silverlight, tutorial, user controls, Silverlight usercontrol
Implementing an Out-Of-Browser Application in Silverlight
It is commonly assumed that Silverlight applications are strictly meant to run on the browser, which is not true. In this tutorial I will show you how to implement an Out-Of-Browser application in Silverlight.
Tags : Silverlight, tutorial, Microsoft Silverlight, out-of-browser apps, Out-Of-Browser
How to Create a Media Player in Silverlight
Silverlight provides a wide range of multimedia support which includes video files, audio files and photos. In this article we will learn how to handle and implement multimedia in a Silverlight application.
Tags : Microsoft, Silverlight, tutorial, multimedia, Silverlight Media Player

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