May 30, 2016
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Working with Serialization in Java
Take advantage of serialization to persist an object's state.
Tags : Java, Serialization, Persistence, JVM, deserialization
File Handling in Java: Object Serialization
Explore the serialization/deserialization process with the help of a file handling mechanism.
Tags : Java, Serialization, POJO, file handling, deserialization
Top Ten Untrodden Areas of Java
Explore ten of the lesser treaded alleys of Java and learn about Java's diverse features and API library.
Tags : Java, Concurrency, Serialization, threads, enumeration, Reflection, generics, Regular Expression, Anonymous Inner Class, garbage collection, bit manipulation
Java Serialization: Persist Your Objects
With serialization, you can serialize (persist) any Java object for future use or recreate it from an existing source.
Tags : Java, Serialization, Persistence, Java Object

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