October 21, 2016
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Advanced Concepts of Java Object Serialization
Probe serialization and its related concepts and learn to delineate some of its nooks and crannies, along with their implementation in the Java API.
Tags : Java, Serialization, JDK, Java APIs, POJO, deserialization, Byte Stream, Java Object Serialization, persistable
Working with Serialization in Java
Take advantage of serialization to persist an object's state.
Tags : Java, Serialization, Persistence, JVM, deserialization
File Handling in Java: Object Serialization
Explore the serialization/deserialization process with the help of a file handling mechanism.
Tags : Java, Serialization, POJO, file handling, deserialization
Top Ten Untrodden Areas of Java
Explore ten of the lesser treaded alleys of Java and learn about Java's diverse features and API library.
Tags : Java, Concurrency, Serialization, threads, enumeration, Reflection, generics, Regular Expression, Anonymous Inner Class, garbage collection, bit manipulation
Java Serialization: Persist Your Objects
With serialization, you can serialize (persist) any Java object for future use or recreate it from an existing source.
Tags : Java, Serialization, Persistence, Java Object

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