October 26, 2016
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Spring Framework and Selenium 2 Integrated with JBehave
JBehave moves Spring Framework development forward for Java applications based on Behavior Driven Development (BDD).
Tags : Selenium, Spring, BDD
Merging Open Source Projects Selenium and WebDriver Almost Done
A year and a half later, Selenium 2.0 is getting ready to ship. It's the result of the merging WebDriver and the Selenium Web testing suites.
Tags : Selenium
Selenium: Automated Integration Testing for Java Web Apps
With Selenium, Java developers can develop integration tests, export those tests as JUnit tests, and automate test execution.
Tags : Java, testing, Selenium, web application, testing tool
Selenium Gets Some Sauce for Open Source Testing
Popular open source app testing project gets funding and commercial products, too.
Tags : open source, browsers, testing, Selenium

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