October 22, 2016
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What Is Amazon RedShift?
Probe the RedShift architecture and reap its benefits.
Tags : Amazon, SQL Server, database design, cluster, Amazon Cloud Services, Amazon AWS, Amazon Redshift
Virtualize Your Windows Development Environments with Vagrant, Packer, and Chocolatey, Part 1
See how many developer pain points can be addressed with Vagrant, the lightweight, open source tool.
Tags : ASP.NET, SQL Server, Hyper-V, virtualbox, development environment, Windows development, virtual machines, Vagrant, Packer, Chocolatey
Understanding a SQL Server Query Execution Plan
Learn how SQL Server generates a query execution plan and the processes involved to achieve the task.
Tags : SQL Server, query
How to Identify Performance Bottlenecks on Azure SQL Database
Learn how to identify a performance bottleneck on Windows Azure SQL Database using Microsoft System Center.
Tags : Cloud, performance, Azure, SQL Server, bottleneck, Microsoft System Center
How to Store Data on the Cloud Using SQL Server
Learn how to use Microsoft Windows Azure SQL Database to deploy hassle-free relational database solutions on the cloud while realizing the benefits of a distributed data center that provides high availability, scalability and security.
Tags : Cloud, Azure, SQL Server, relational database, Azure Cloud
Understanding SQL Server Full-Text Indexing
Discover how to work with SQL Server to perform sophisticated searches using word roots, proximity, and fuzzy matches.
Tags : SQL Server

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