October 22, 2016
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Why Your API Strategy Requires Lifecycle Thinking
Executing an API strategy isn't as simple as hanging a shingle on the web; however, it has the potential to link you to vast new user communities for building brand, driving usage, transacting business, and more!
Tags : SOA, API
Explaining Cloud Computing to Your Pointy Haired Boss
Any day now your pointy-haired boss is going to ask you about this cloud stuff. Do you have a strategy? Can you even define it? Discover how easily it is to explain the cloud to your boss, and begin to start a longer discussion on all aspects of cloud computing.
Tags : cloud computing, SOA, Azure, BPM
Talend's Open Source Middleware Offering
With the purchase of SOPERA, Talend beefs up its middleware stack.
Tags : SOA, middleware, Talend
The Foundation of an OSGi-Based Application: Design and Bundles
Learn how to lay the necessary groundwork for service-oriented, modular OSGi components in the Eclipse Equinox container.
Tags : SOA, Eclipse, OSGi, Equinox
Assembling "New" Service Based Solutions from Existing Services
This article demonstrates how an enterprise can improve time to market without sacrificing quality when offering new services: by leveraging investments made in existing services, incorporating best practices, and adopting a level of standardization.
Tags : SOA, consumer, architecture, content management

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