October 23, 2016
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What Is Full Stack Development?
Being a full stack engineer represents being able to acquire a vast knowledge of many pieces of your Web application. Learn those skills here.
Tags : Ruby on Rails, web application, Python, MEAN stack, full stack, N-Tier, data layer, logic layer, presentation layer
Python Study Guide: Storing Things in Python: Working with Python Built-In and Core Data Types
Discover how Python tackles the basic but essential tasks of gathering, storing, manipulating, and presenting data.
Tags : Python, operators, variables, function, data types, integer, string class, concatenate
Python Study Guide: Your New Home: Python IDLE
Go further in your pursuit of Python mastery. Discover Python IDLE.
Tags : Python, Windows, IDE, Mac, shell, Python Interactive Interpreter, Python IDLE
Python Study Guide: Downloading and Installing Python
Ready to get your hands on this simple yet powerful language? Here's how to get started, no matter what platform you use.
Tags : Linux, Python, Windows, Debian, Fedora, Mac OS X, OpenSolaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD
Explore Scripting in Java
Look into some nooks and corners and key aspects of scripting in Java in general.
Tags : Java, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, API, Groovy, JVM, JDK, JRuby, scripting, scripting languages, Jython, java virtual machine, Nashorn JavaScript
Creating a Reproducible and Portable Development Environment
Discover a solution to overcome issues like nested virtualization and the need for bare metal machines. Learn to create Vagrant .box files for AWS.
Tags : AWS, Python, virtualization, hypervisor, Vagrant, Packer, .box files
Codecademy Adds Online Python Lessons
The startup hopes to offer more server-side language lessons in the future.
Tags : Python, programming languages, Codecademy, server-side programming
Komodo 7.0 IDE Syncs Up Development
Mozilla-powered IDE Komodo 7 gets new collaboration features and extends support to Node.js and LESS.
Tags : Python, IDE
Visual Studio Gets a Python Extension
Microsoft's IDE now has open source tools that support Python and related languages.
Tags : Python, Visual Studio
Six Top Python Web Frameworks
These tools can help you build Web apps with the Python programming language.
Tags : Python
Using the New Python 3.2 Concurrent Programming Features
A new module in Python 3.2 simplifies thread and process submission, results handling, synchronization of execution and worker threads/process pooling.
Tags : Python, Concurrency
Python 3.2 Improves Multithreading, Awaits 2.x Adopters
Python 3.2 is now available. Is it finally time to ditch Python 2.x?
Tags : Python
Debian 6 to Be Released Early February
Debian 6.0 is scheduled to be released in the first weekend of February.
Tags : Linux, Python, Debian
Does Python 2.7's Release Mean the End of the Line for Python 2.x?
The final Python 2.x release is now available, but does that mean developers need to jump to Python 3.x now?
Tags : open source, Python
Google App Engine: What Is It Good For?
Google App Engine offers Java and Python developers automatic scaling and potential cost savings -- if they properly design the applications to run on it.
Tags : Java, cloud computing, Google App Engine, Python, caching
ActiveState Debuts Support for Python, Perl, Tcl
Need support for dynamic languages? You don't have to rely on just the community.
Tags : Python, perl, Tcl, ActiveState, Dynamic languages

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