October 28, 2016
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Working with Serialization in Java
Take advantage of serialization to persist an object's state.
Tags : Java, Serialization, Persistence, JVM, deserialization
Understanding Big Data Persistence
Learn about new data persistence technologies including NOSQL and NewSQL databases as well as about CAP theorem, useful data access patterns, and good practices applicable to enterprise application programming with Big Data.
Tags : NoSQL, database, Persistence, Enterprise, big data, newsql
Querying in JPA 2: Typesafe and Object Oriented
JPA 2.0 introduced criteria queries, which are typesafe and more object oriented than JPQL queries.
Tags : Java, Persistence
The Top 5 New Annotations in JPA 2
Get a cheat sheet for the five most important Java annotations introduced in the JPA 2.0 release, compete with code examples.
Tags : Java, Persistence
Pessimistic Locking in JPA 2 and Hibernate
JPA version 2 and Hibernate both support pessimistic locking for Java concurrency control, but not in the same way.
Tags : Java, Concurrency, Persistence
Configuring Hibernate for a Java Servlet Application
Learn how to configure Hibernate for a Java Servlet-based application to persist a desired class.
Tags : Persistence, Servlets
JPA 2.0 Cache Vs. Hibernate Cache: Differences in Approach
Learn the differences between the caching approaches and capabilities of JPA 2.0 and Hibernate.
Tags : Persistence
Apache Cayenne 3 Delivers New Features for Java ORM
Nearly four years after the last major Cayenne release, version 3.0 raises the bar on object relational mapping (ORM) with new performance and caching features.
Tags : Java, Persistence, cache
Java Serialization: Persist Your Objects
With serialization, you can serialize (persist) any Java object for future use or recreate it from an existing source.
Tags : Java, Serialization, Persistence, Java Object

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