October 21, 2016
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PHP 5.4 and Zend Framework 2.0 Gearing up for Release
Beta releases of PHP 5.4 and Zend Framework 2.0 show developers what to expect in major updates set to debut in 2012.
Tags : PHP 5, Zend
PHP Fixes Critical Bug in 5.3 and 5.2

Tags : PHP 5, bug fixes
The New Features in PHP 5 Constructors and Destructors
The new OOP features in PHP 5 offer new features for constructors and destructors. Learn how to write almost any kind of constructor for your PHP 5 classes.
Tags : PHP 5
PHP 5.2 Reaches End of Life

Tags : PHP 5
Implement the Singleton Pattern in PHP Without Taking a Performance Hit
Design patterns in PHP can lead to performance issues if improperly implemented. Learn the right way to do it.
Tags : PHP 5, design patterns
PHP Filter Extension: Plug the User Input Security Hole
Validate and sanitize user input in PHP applications using the Filter extension, an official part of the PHP distribution as of the 5.2.0 release.
Tags : PHP 5, Security practices
Add Custom Components to Your PHP Development with PRADO
PHP does not natively support custom tags, but that shouldn't stop you. Learn how to use custom components into your PHP development using the PRADO framework.
Tags : PHP 5, framework, components
Meet PRADO, the Component-based PHP Development Framework
Find out how the component-based PRADO framework for PHP 5 enables rapid Web application development.
Tags : PHP 5, framework, components
Creating Complex, Secure Web Forms with PHP and HTML_QuickForm2
Add the HTML_QuickForm2 PEAR package to your PHP development for streamlined HTML forms creation and validation.
Tags : PHP, PHP 5, forms
PHP Developers Prefer Using Windows to Build Enterprise Apps: Study
New data confirms that PHP developers have differing tastes when it comes to their operating system of choice for development and for deployment.
Tags : open source, PHP 5, Zend, Windows, Mac OS X
Date Manipulation with PHP
Let PHP's powerful array of date-related features ease the often ugly task of date formatting and manipulation.
Tags : PHP, PHP 5, Dates
PHP 5.3.1 Released, Security Beefed Up
By focusing on stability and security, the PHP team has introduced more than 100 bug fixes and tweaks to the overall framework in version 5.3.1.
Tags : PHP, PHP 5, security, denial of service, Namespaces
News Brief: PHP 5.2.12 Update Stamps Out Bugs, Patches Holes
Older version of PHP gets fixed for five security flaws and 61 other bugs.
Tags : PHP 5, security, developers
Developing SOAP and RPC Web Services with PHP 5
Explore various toolkits that are available and examine the best ways to create web services in your PHP applications.
Tags : PHP, PHP 5, Web services, programming, SOAP

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