October 24, 2016
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Working with Multiple Databases in JDBC
Study the problem and possible techniques to get around database complexities.
Tags : database, JDBC, Oracle, SQL, PostgreSQL, API, UnityJDBC
Getting Started with Oracle ADF Mobile Applications
Mobile ADF apps are portable for both iOS and Android powered devices. Read on to learn how to create a simple Android application using Oracle ADF within JDeveloper IDE.
Tags : Java, database, Oracle, Java EE, Android, mobile applications, IOS, JDeveloper
Oracle Busting Java Applets With JDK Update?
A longtime Java developer claims Oracle is intentionally breaking Java applets with the latest release of the JDK, but he offers solutions for the problem.
Tags : Java, Oracle, JDK
Microsoft, Azul Partner to Bring OpenJDK to Windows Azure
Microsoft and Azul systems announced a partnership to deliver an OpenJDK build on Windows Azure.
Tags : Java, Oracle, Microsoft, Windows Azure, GPL, OpenJDK, Microsoft Open Technologies, OSCON, Azul Systems
Oracle Updates Java SE and JavaFX
The new release makes Java available for devices with ARM processors.
Tags : Oracle, Java SE, API, JavaFX, ARM
Oracle Releases Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 12c
The update introduces new enterprise application development tools for Oracle ADF.
Tags : Java, Oracle, Eclipse, development, enterprise application, Fusion Middleware
NetBeans 7.2 Adds Static Analysis, Improves Performance
The Java IDE supports the latest versions of C++, PHP, Maven and Groovy.
Tags : Java, open source, Oracle, NetBeans, IDE
Hackers Increasingly Targeting Java Vulnerabilities
Researchers call on Oracle to step up Java security.
Tags : Java, Oracle, security, hackers, vulnerabilities
Can You Copyright a Programming Language?
Google says no; Oracle says yes.
Tags : Java, Oracle, Google, Android, programming language
Oracle Reveals Java Wish List
Future versions of Java will include improvements in interoperability, cloud computing support and big data support.
Tags : Java, Oracle
Oracle Updates NetBeans
Version 7.1 of the open source Java IDE adds support for JavaFX 2.0 and CSS3.
Tags : Java, Oracle, NetBeans, IDE
Oracle Updates Application Development Tools
Apex 4.1 offers improved error handling and better mobile application support.
Tags : Oracle, Oracle Database
Two Years After Oracle's Acquisition of Sun, Has It Paid Off?
Doubts arose about whether Oracle would continue to invest in Java technology after it acquired Sun. Today, those doubts have proven overblown.
Tags : Java, Oracle, Sun
Oracle Commits to Open Source Hudson at Eclipse
Fork? What fork? Oracle re-affirms its open source commitment to the Hudson continuous integration project, moving it to Eclipse with multi-vendor support.
Tags : Oracle, continuous integration
Oracle to Shutter Sun.com Domain on June 1
On June 1, Oracle says that will pull the plug on sun.com forever.
Tags : Oracle, Sun
Oracle Tool Lets Developers Extend Java Apps to Mobile Platforms
New Oracle Application Development Framework Mobile Client enables developers to extend enterprise apps to Java-enabled smartphones.
Tags : Oracle, mobile
Oracle's Costly Open Source Missteps
Oracle customers are choosing GlassFish over WebLogic and programmers are picking Jenkins over Hudson.
Tags : Oracle, Glassfish
Oracle Positioning Java for the Enterprise at the Expense of Open Source Community
Forrester Research reports predicts that in the next decade the open source community will have walked away from Java while mission-critical large enterprises will stick with it.
Tags : Java, open source, Oracle
What's Happening with Oracle's Unbreakable Linux?
Oracle says that it's Unbreakable Linux Kernel is faster, more secure and more reliable than any other Linux distribution available.
Tags : Oracle, Linux kernel
Event: JavaOne 2011

Tags : Java, Oracle, conference
IBM and Oracle's Surprising Alliance on OpenJDK: The IBM Perspective
Most observers viewed the Oracle-IBM alliance on OpenJDK as a positive development for the future of Java, but what are the implications?
Tags : Oracle, IBM, OpenJDK
Oracle's Open Source Hudson Trademark Doesn't Exist
Oracle's claim that it owns the trademark for the Hudson open source project name might be bogus.
Tags : Oracle, Project Hudson
Scott McNealy Talks About Ellison and Sun's Mistakes
Sun cofounder Scott McNealy said that what really hurt Sun was closing off Solaris from the open source community.
Tags : Oracle, Sun, Scott McNealy
Oracle's $1.3 Billion Court Victory Against SAP Also a Win for Open Source
Oracle's $1.3 billion court win against SAP proves that with open source software, customers are in the driver's seat.
Tags : open source, Oracle, SAP
Oracle Responds to Apache's Threat to Withdraw from JCP
Oracle responds to the Apache Software Foundation's threat to leave the Java Community Process Executive Committee, asking them to reconsider. The ASF tells Oracle it's you who needs to do the reconsidering.
Tags : Oracle, Apache Software Foundation, JCP
Google to Oracle: If Android Violates Copyright, It's Not Our Fault
If anyone violated anybody's copyrights, Google says it must have been a third-party because they have no idea what Oracle's talking about.
Tags : Oracle, Google, Android
Oracle Charging More for MySQL
By deciding to raise their support rates on MySQL, Oracle is perhaps opening the door for smaller support firms to service small and medium-sized businesses who rely on MySQL and commercial support.
Tags : MySQL, Oracle, support, licensing
Oracle Proposes Cloud Management API Based on Open Standards
The proposed Oracle Cloud API could lead to a "single pane of glass" organizations can use to manage various cloud infrastructure elements.
Tags : Oracle, API, cloud management, Open Standards
Oracle Continues Java Developer Training with Certification Programs
Some have worried how Oracle might manage Sun assets such as its Java developer education programs. Find out how Oracle laid those fears to rest.
Tags : Java, Oracle, education, training
Oracle Lawsuit on Top of Java Complexity Scaring Developers Away?
With Java complexity already a barrier, the Oracle lawsuit against Google is further incentive for developers to stay away or switch.
Tags : Java, Oracle, Google, licensing
Oracle Commits to Further NetBeans IDE Development
With both the Eclipse IDE and NetBeans IDE, Oracle is aiming to grow its Java developer ecosystem.
Tags : Oracle, Eclipse, NetBeans
Will Oracle Help Java Regain Its Status?
Oracle promises Java SE 7 release this year with increased developer productivity, modularization, and support for more than 200 languages.
Tags : Java, Oracle, developer, Mehling
Mission-Critical Java to Power Next-Gen Enterprise Computing
Recent advances put Java in a position to power the next generation of enterprise computing.
Tags : Java, Oracle, Java EE, enterprise software, JRockit
News Brief: JavaFX Set to Get RAD
New JavaFX RAD Tool for NetBeans coming next week, in preview at least.
Tags : Oracle, developer, JavaFX, NetBeans, Sun Microsystems

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