October 25, 2014
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Develop Faster with the Laravel PHP Framework
Laravel is an increasingly popular PHP framework that can help you develop better, more sustainable code for a shorter amount of time. Read on to see what features it has to offer.
Tags : PHP, Object relational mapping, database, SQL
Using the ORM Tool in a Simple JDBC Program
Learn how ORM (Object Relational Mapping) can help map objects into a database as if you were no longer working with records of the relational model but objects in an object oriented model.
Tags : Java, Object relational mapping, database, JDBC
Meet DataMapper ORM, the Unified Ruby Interface for Data Stores
The DataMapper ORM library lets Ruby developers effortlessly plug into a wide variety of data stores. Get a demo of this powerful tool.
Tags : Object relational mapping, Ruby
Managing Persistent Data with Doctrine 2 PHP ORM
The PHP object-relational mapper Doctrine 2 offers expansive capabilities for effectively managing data and relations.
Tags : PHP, Object relational mapping
The ABCs of JPA: An Introduction to the Java Persistence API
Learn the benefits and architecture of the Java Persistence API (JPA), and then find out how it works and how to implement it.
Tags : Object relational mapping, JPA, Java Persistence
Doctrine: Object Relational Mapping for Your PHP Development
Use Doctrine, the open source object-relational mapper, to map database tables to PHP objects.
Tags : PHP, data access, Object relational mapping
Hibernate Basics for Java Persistence
Learn the most basic Hibernate configuration before moving on to explore mapping file definitions and advanced configuration options.
Tags : Object relational mapping, Java Persistence
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