October 26, 2016
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Packaging, Deploying, and Running the JBoss Seam Project
In this final JBoss Seam installment, learn to package, deploy and run your project.
Tags : Java, MySQL, JDBC, JSF, Maven, JAR, JBoss, EJB, JBoss Seam, Web descriptor, Package Explorer, compile, package, Maven EAR, WAR, EAR, Faces Servlet
Developing an Entity Bean and Session Bean Facade
Follow along and create an entity bean and a session sean façade as JBoss Seam components.
Tags : Java, MySQL, JBoss, JPA, POJO, stateful, JTA, JNDI, session bean, entity bean, JBoss Seam, EJB 3.0
NoSQL Database Comparison: MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, and Couchbase
Compare three commonly used NoSQL databases: MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, and Couchbase.
Tags : NoSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, database, SQL, JSON, RDBMS, Apache Cassandra, Couchbase, query language, CLI, BSON, command line interface, N1QL: SQL for JSON
Password Hashing Using JAAS
Learn how to write a utility for storing the user credentials into a database with a hashed password.
Tags : Java, MySQL, database, security, Java EE, password, JPA, password generator, JAAS
Using JSTL to Enhance JSP Functionality
Explore some of the key aspects of JSTL that highlight the convenience of using it over scriplets.
Tags : MySQL, JSP, SQL, XML, Business logic, JSTL, Java Server Pages, scriplet, Expression Language, Java beans
Creating a Java EE Web Application: A Case Study
Explore some aspects of creating a Web application in the JEE framework. An example application is included.
Tags : CSS, MySQL, web application, JSF, Java EE, MVC, script, EJB, Servlets, JPA, style sheets, B2C, CGI, CRUD, MVP
RESTful WS with Jersey, Part 2
This time, roll up your sleeves and create your own RESTful Web Service.
Tags : MySQL, database, JDBC, EJB, RESTful web services, RESTful, RESTful API, CRUD, ORM, Jersey
My Automated PHP Scripts for Creating FTP Connections to a Remote Server
An explanation of my automated PHP scripts for creating a FTP connection to a remote server and streaming data back for processing.
Tags : PHP, MySQL
MySQL Database Creation with CASE Tools
Find out why using CASE tools to create MySQL databases can increase your development speed and productivity.
Tags : MySQL, Case
CubicleSoft Announces Open Source WebCron Site Backup
Released under the MIT or LGPL, WebCron is a Web site backup tool that can back up files and MySQL databases.
Tags : MySQL, backup
Oracle Charging More for MySQL
By deciding to raise their support rates on MySQL, Oracle is perhaps opening the door for smaller support firms to service small and medium-sized businesses who rely on MySQL and commercial support.
Tags : MySQL, Oracle, support, licensing
OpenNebula 2.0 Cloud Toolkit Available for Download
The open source cloud toolkit OpenNebula 2.0 was released this week.
Tags : MySQL, cloud computing, cloud app, VMware
10 Command-line Timesavers for MySQL Tasks
Whether you pick and choose or apply all 10, these MySQL command-line tips will save you a great deal of time and effort.
Tags : MySQL, command line
Build a URL Shortener with jQuery, PHP and MySQL
Building a link-shortening service is a fun and educational way to get acquainted with the intricacies of creating a functional, Ajax-enhanced website.
Tags : PHP, MySQL, jQuery
Add Refactoring to Your PHP Development with MySQL Stored Procedures and Views
Integrating MySQL stored procedures and views into your PHP development can go a long way towards separating web site logic from the domain model.
Tags : PHP, MySQL
Top 10 MySQL GUI Tools -- Plus One for the Command Line
Here are ten outstanding graphical interfaces for MySQL management, development and administration, as well as one great MySQL toolkit with a wealth of command-line tools.
Tags : open source, MySQL, database, Top 10
Video: Analyzing MySQL Queries with EXPLAIN
The MySQL EXPLAIN statement provides insight into MySQL's query execution plans. This video demonstrates how you can use this powerful feature to boost your MySQL database performance.
Tags : MySQL, database, video
Five Indispensable MySQL Tools
Use these powerful tools to increase your MySQL development productivity.
Tags : open source, MySQL, database, SQL, database administrator
Video: Plotting Map Markers Dynamically Using the Google Maps API, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL
Learn how to add Google Maps markers and store their coordinates in a database using a blend of jQuery, PHP and MySQL.
Tags : PHP, MySQL, video, jQuery, Google Maps
Create Your Own Store Locator with Google Maps, PHP, and MySQL
Provide your visitors with a Google Maps API-based service that allows them to view map locations in and around their zip codes.
Tags : PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Google Maps, Store Locator
Build a PHP Link Scraper with cURL
Use cURL and PHP to build a robot that scrapes links from web pages and dumps them in a database. Just use it responsibly.
Tags : PHP, MySQL, search, how to, cURL
Using JDBC with MySQL, Getting Started
Baldwin shows you how to download, install, and prepare a MySQL database as a localhost server on a Windows platform for use with JDBC. He then shows you how to write JDBC programs to administer the database server and to manipulate data stored on the MySQL database server.
Tags : MySQL, JDBC

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