May 23, 2015
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Mozilla Introduces Thimble HTML Tool
Part of the Webmaker project, Thimble offers intuitive, visual editing of Web pages.
Tags : Web development, HTML, browser, Mozilla, Thimble
Mozilla Hopes to Turn Web Users into Web Developers
New Webmaker project offers tools to make development easier.
Tags : Web development, Mozilla, webmaker
Mozilla to Launch Its Own App Store and a Mobile OS
The Mozilla Marketplace will offer cross-platform apps based on HTML5 and Mozilla's open APIs.
Tags : app store, Mozilla
Mozilla Wants to Bring HTML5 to Smartphones
The open source organization proposes a new set of APIs for smartphones.
Tags : HTML5, smartphones, Mozilla
Mozilla Debuts 'Open' App Store
Mozilla's Web application store is still in its infancy, but the organization is hoping it can carve out a spot for itself in the app store arena.
Tags : app store, Mozilla
Mozilla Labs Updates F1
Mozills Labs updates the F1 file sharing Firefox extension UI.
Tags : Mozilla, Firefox Extension
Mozilla Paid Out $40,000 for Bug Bounty in One Month
Last month, Mozilla expanded its bug bounty program beyond Firefox.
Tags : Firefox, Mozilla
Mozilla's 'Don't Track Me' Plan
Mozilla is planning to offer a do-not-track feature to future versions of Firefox.
Tags : Firefox, Mozilla
Mozilla Skywriter Becomes Part of Ajax.org Cloud Editor
The Mozilla Skywriter Web editor leaves Mozilla Labs to become part of the Ajax.org Cloud9 Editor.
Tags : Mozilla, web editor
Oops, Mozilla Accidentally Published a User Registration Database
Mozilla published 44,000 user accounts for addons.mozilla.org, but claims all of the accounts were inactive.
Tags : privacy, Mozilla, security breach
Mozilla Predicts an End to the 'Browser'
Mozilla chairperson Mitchell Baker said that the notion of a Web "browser" will be radically changing in the near future.
Tags : browser, Mozilla
Mozilla Creating New Programming Language Called Rust
Originally a side project of Graydon Hoare, Rust is a new programming language by Mozilla.
Tags : Mozilla, programming language, Rust
Mozilla Revenue Up 34 Percent
Mozilla has seen significant revenue growth from calender year 2008 to calender year 2009.
Tags : Mozilla, finances
Mozilla Developers Talk Up Firefox as a Key Development Tool
What about Firefox makes it an enabling tool for developing content and code for the Web?
Tags : browsers, Firefox, browser extensions, Firebug, Mozilla
Mozilla Firefox Gets More 'Agile' with Lorentz
A new Firefox release model is now set to take hold, which will see the popular browser's developers embrace more of an Agile-like methodology.
Tags : open source, Firefox, Mozilla

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