October 22, 2016
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Three Questions to Answer When Reporting an Error
Instead of being a helpful experience, most error messages produce anxiety, confusion, and annoyance. Learn to create better error messages and make your users happier.
Tags : Firefox, Visual Studio, Mozilla, errors, User Experience, HTTP, error handling, error message, Error Reporting, HTTP 500 Error
Mozilla Introduces Thimble HTML Tool
Part of the Webmaker project, Thimble offers intuitive, visual editing of Web pages.
Tags : Web development, HTML, browser, Mozilla, Thimble
Mozilla Hopes to Turn Web Users into Web Developers
New Webmaker project offers tools to make development easier.
Tags : Web development, Mozilla, webmaker
Mozilla to Launch Its Own App Store and a Mobile OS
The Mozilla Marketplace will offer cross-platform apps based on HTML5 and Mozilla's open APIs.
Tags : app store, Mozilla
Mozilla Wants to Bring HTML5 to Smartphones
The open source organization proposes a new set of APIs for smartphones.
Tags : HTML5, smartphones, Mozilla
Mozilla Debuts 'Open' App Store
Mozilla's Web application store is still in its infancy, but the organization is hoping it can carve out a spot for itself in the app store arena.
Tags : app store, Mozilla
Mozilla Labs Updates F1
Mozills Labs updates the F1 file sharing Firefox extension UI.
Tags : Mozilla, Firefox Extension
Mozilla Paid Out $40,000 for Bug Bounty in One Month
Last month, Mozilla expanded its bug bounty program beyond Firefox.
Tags : Firefox, Mozilla
Mozilla's 'Don't Track Me' Plan
Mozilla is planning to offer a do-not-track feature to future versions of Firefox.
Tags : Firefox, Mozilla
Mozilla Skywriter Becomes Part of Ajax.org Cloud Editor
The Mozilla Skywriter Web editor leaves Mozilla Labs to become part of the Ajax.org Cloud9 Editor.
Tags : Mozilla, web editor
Oops, Mozilla Accidentally Published a User Registration Database
Mozilla published 44,000 user accounts for addons.mozilla.org, but claims all of the accounts were inactive.
Tags : privacy, Mozilla, security breach
Mozilla Predicts an End to the 'Browser'
Mozilla chairperson Mitchell Baker said that the notion of a Web "browser" will be radically changing in the near future.
Tags : browser, Mozilla
Mozilla Creating New Programming Language Called Rust
Originally a side project of Graydon Hoare, Rust is a new programming language by Mozilla.
Tags : Mozilla, programming language, Rust
Mozilla Revenue Up 34 Percent
Mozilla has seen significant revenue growth from calender year 2008 to calender year 2009.
Tags : Mozilla, finances
Mozilla Developers Talk Up Firefox as a Key Development Tool
What about Firefox makes it an enabling tool for developing content and code for the Web?
Tags : browsers, Firefox, browser extensions, Firebug, Mozilla
Mozilla Firefox Gets More 'Agile' with Lorentz
A new Firefox release model is now set to take hold, which will see the popular browser's developers embrace more of an Agile-like methodology.
Tags : open source, Firefox, Mozilla

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