October 22, 2016
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Microsoft Open Mind Studio Delivers Machine Learning
Learn about Microsoft Open Mind Studio, the next level of machine learning software.
Tags : Tensorflow, machine learning software, GPU, IDE, Open Mind Studio, Microsoft
What Is Azure Data Lake?
Explore what Data Lake is and learn about the new services included under Data Lake Services.
Tags : data warehouse, Azure Data Lake, Azure, WebHDFS, Azure Data Lake Analytics, U-SQL query language, Microsoft, HDInsight, Cloud
A Look Inside Azure's Next Gen Computer Platform
Learn about Resource groups—a new feature in Windows Azure Resource Manager—that powers the next generation computer platform from Microsoft.
Tags : APIs, Azure, Azure Resource Manager, resource group, MICROSOFT AZURE PLATFORM, Azure Management Portal, Microsoft
A Look Inside the Windows 10 App Model: What Does It Mean for Developers?
This article walks developers through the new Universal Windows Platform App model coming as part of Windows 10 that will power mobile, desktop, and Xbox devices.
Tags : Microsoft, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Registry, Universal Windows Platform, Windows Desktop App, windows 10, Windows 10 mobile devices
Thirteen Things to Check before Submitting to the Windows Phone App Store
Before submitting a Windows Phone App to the Windows Phone App Store, there are a few quick things you should check.
Tags : Windows Mobile, app store, Windows Phone, Microsoft
Managing the Testing of Your App Using Visual Studio Online
Learn the basics of using Visual Studio Online to manage the testing of your applications.
Tags : application testing, application, Microsoft, Visual Studio Online
XBOX One – Architecture Overview for Developers
Vipul Patel provides an overview of the Xbox One architecture, which will help game developers to better target their games to leverage these features.
Tags : Microsoft, game, game developers, Xbox One
Writing Code that Writes Code
Every environment has its share of tedious, time-consuming but brain-dead code that’s required to get this or that working as it should. Tedious and time-consuming tasks are what computers do best. Why should you have to? See how the Microsoft T4 Templates make this possible.
Tags : database, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, templates, Microsoft, T4
Microsoft Unity Framework - A Peek
Unity framework is a component among the Microsoft application block and it is primarily used as an IOC container. Arun Karthic introduces you to the unity framework and explains dependency injection using it with sample csharp code snippets.
Tags : Dependency injection, Microsoft, C#, Unity
The New Xamarin 3: Is it Time to Take the Dive?
If you want to leverage your existing C#/Visual Studio skills to create fast, native applications for iOS, Android, Microsoft and others, Xamarin is well worth your consideration.
Tags : IOS, Xamarin, Microsoft, Android, C#
Beginner's Guide to Visual Studio Online
Visual Studio Online marks the shift to building applications in an online environment. Read on for an overview of the development tool that has joined the cloud bandwagon.
Tags : developer, Visual Studio, Microsoft, Visual Studio Online
Getting Started with Azure HDInsight
Vipul Patel takes a look at Azure HDInsight, a service used to manage Hadoop clusters on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform.
Tags : Cloud, Microsoft, Azure, Hadoop, HDInsight
SharePoint of the Future – Tales from the SharePoint Conference
This year’s SharePoint conference revealed that Microsoft has developed a greater compassion for customers who know that they’ll still be implementing solutions on-premises for a while.
Tags : conference, Microsoft, Cloud, SharePoint
Getting Started with Windows Azure Recovery Services
Vipul Patel walks you through the basics of Windows Azure Recovery Services, Microsoft’s cloud offering to handle cloud backup and recovery scenarios.
Tags : backup and recovery system, Windows Azure, Microsoft, Cloud
Microsoft’s F# Gains Momentum
Microsoft’s F# is one of the most popular functional programming languages, and it continues to gain new features.
Tags : programming language, Microsoft, F#, open source
How to Capture Code Coverage for Windows Azure Service Using VSTS
Code coverage is a way to measure what percentage of the source code of a program has been tested. Read on to learn how code coverage can help to improve the overall quality of a program and how to leverage Microsoft VSTS to get code coverage for Windows Azure Service and .Net.
Tags : code coverage, Windows Azure, Microsoft, .NET
Microsoft, Azul Partner to Bring OpenJDK to Windows Azure
Microsoft and Azul systems announced a partnership to deliver an OpenJDK build on Windows Azure.
Tags : OSCON, Microsoft, Oracle, Java, Windows Azure, Microsoft Open Technologies, GPL, Azul Systems, OpenJDK
Utilizing DataSense to Build Data-Cap Sensitive Applications in Windows Phone 8
With the launch of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft introduced support for Data-Cap. Vipul Patel explains the fundamentals of building a Windows Phone 8 application that utilizes Data Sense to be data-cap sensitive.
Tags : Microsoft, Windows Phone 8
Working with Proximity APIs in Windows Phone 8
Microsoft introduced support for proximity APIs in Windows Phone 8. Join Vipul Patel as he walks you through the fundamentals of working with proximity APIs in applications, targeting the Windows Phone 8 platform.
Tags : API, Microsoft, Windows Phone 8
Microsoft TypeScript - A Perfect Adoption for ASP.NET
Microsoft TypeScript is an open source JavaScript library developed by Microsoft. Discover the power of using Microsoft TypeScript in ASP.NET application development.
Tags : JavaScript, Microsoft, application, ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2012, TypeScript
Windows 8 and the Android Developer
Developers building mobile applications have to know what platforms are important today, but also need to ask the question of what platforms will be hot tomorrow. Android is hot today. Is Windows Phone 8 important enough for the Android developer to consider?
Tags : Windows Phone 8, Microsoft, Android, mobile development
Introducing Couchbase: NoSQL for Windows
Scale your application to the sky with the high performance NoSQL Couchbase!
Tags : Couchbase, .NET, Microsoft, Windows, NoSQL
How to Create a Windows Store Leaderboard Application Powered by Windows Azure Mobile Services
Vipul Patel walks you through building a working Windows 8 application that is powered by the recently announced Windows Azure Mobile Services. This application demonstrates the ease of building a working application for mobile devices in a very short time, using the tools offered by Microsoft.
Tags : Microsoft, mobile, application, Windows Azure
Microsoft Azure Storage with .NET from 0 to 60
.NET developers cannot ignore Microsoft Azure. June 2012 changes brought Virtual Machines, Virtual Networks, performance upgrades, and significant cost reductions. As more Azure features unfold, some developers will soon be forced to justify "why not Azure" rather than "why Azure". Clearly .NET developers need to get acquainted with Azure.
Tags : Azure, Microsoft, .NET, MICROSOFT AZURE PLATFORM, Storage, Cloud
Introduction to Windows Azure Mobile Services
Microsoft has made it easier for mobile applications to connect to the Windows Azure based backend. This article provides an introduction to Windows Azure Mobile Services – the latest offering from Microsoft.
Tags : applications, mobile, Microsoft, Windows Azure
Microsoft Might Accept 'Metro' Apps After All
The company has removed a notice about rejecting apps with the word "Metro" in the title.
Tags : Windows, Microsoft, Windows 8, app store, Metro apps
Build Conference Sells Out in an Hour
Microsoft is taking names for the waiting list.
Tags : Build, Windows 8, Microsoft, Windows Phone 8, developer conference
Microsoft Launches Revamped Windows Phone Dev Center
The program now supports four times as many countries and allows payment via PayPal.
Tags : mobile development, Microsoft, Windows Phone
Microsoft Drops "Metro" Name
The company no longer wants developers to create "Metro" apps; instead, they should create "Windows 8 Style" apps.
Tags : Windows 8 Metro, Microsoft, app development
Developer Downloads of Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Available August 15
Microsoft will give devs access to its new programming tools the same day it makes Windows 8 available.
Tags : Windows 8, application development, Visual Studio, Metro, Microsoft, .NET
Microsoft Releases Windows 8 Code to Manufacturers
Developers can begin downloading the OS August 15.
Tags : Microsoft, Metro, Release to Manufacturing, MSDN, TechNet, Windows 8, developers
Microsoft Announces Dates for Build Conference
Registration begins in two weeks.
Tags : Microsoft, Build, development, Azure, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, conference
Microsoft Apologizes for Offensive HyperV Code
Some say the incident is another example of "brogrammer" culture.
Tags : source code, Hyper-V, hypervisor, Microsoft, brogrammer
Microsoft Unveils Windows Store Pricing Details
The new app store will support trial periods, in-app billing and third-party payment systems.
Tags : app store, Windows 8, development, Microsoft
Office 2013 to Include an App Store
Microsoft hopes Apps for Office will "reinvigorate Office as a platform."
Tags : Apps for Office, developer, Microsoft, Office, app store
Microsoft Changes Terms for MSDN and TechNet
The company hopes to deter software pirates by tightening up its developer programs.
Tags : MSDN, licenses, developer, software piracy, Microsoft, TechNet
The Last Major Update for Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone 7.8 will offer some Windows Phone 8 features.
Tags : Microsoft, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7
Running Java Applications on Windows Azure
Windows Azure supports running applications in a variety of frameworks.  Vipul Patel shows you how to run Java applications on Windows Azure.
Tags : Java, Windows Azure, applications, Microsoft
Microsoft Reveals Features of Windows Phone 8
The new mobile OS will be a lot like the Windows 8 desktop OS.
Tags : Microsoft, mobile development, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, mobile operating system
Building Metro Apps for ARM Will Be Just Like Building for x86
Microsoft says developers should find it easy to port Windows 8 Metro apps to Windows RT.
Tags : Microsoft, application development, Metro, Windows 8, ARM, apps
Lightswitch Gets HTML5 Support
Microsoft is adding new features to its rapid application development tool.
Tags : LightSwitch, development tools, HTML 5, Microsoft, Visual Studio
Windows Phone Developer Event Slated for June
Microsoft sent "save the date" notices to selected developers.
Tags : Windows Phone, Microsoft, mobile development, developer
Microsoft Still Paying Developers to Make Apps
The company has paid over $100,000 to have apps created for the Windows Phone platform.
Tags : Windows Phone, Microsoft, mobile development, apps
Microsoft Wants More Programming Languages for Windows 8
The company hopes to convince more language developers to support WinRT.
Tags : programming languages, Microsoft, Windows 8, WinRT
Git Support Comes to Microsoft's CodePlex
Developers had been demanding support for the popular version control system.
Tags : Microsoft, git, CodePlex, open source
Microsoft Compares iOS and Windows 8 Development
A new case study highlights the similarities and differences between the two mobile development platforms.
Tags : Windows 8 Metro, mobile development, IOS, iPad, Microsoft
Microsoft to Shutter Windows Mobile App Store
Developers will need to convert their apps for the Windows Phone platform by May 9.
Tags : app store, Microsoft, Windows Mobile
An Introduction to Microsoft Roslyn
Roslyn is a project carried out by Microsoft that allows the C# and VB compilers in the .NET framework to expose certain APIs that can be explicitly invoked from other .NET applications. Read on for an overview of Microsoft Roslyn.
Tags : Microsoft, APIs, Roslyn, .NET Framework
Microsoft Details Windows App Submission Process
The company is hoping to learn from its competitors' mistakes when it launches its own app store.
Tags : Microsoft, Windows app store
Microsoft Releases C++ AMP Specification
The move will make it easier for developers to utilize GPU resources for parallel computing tasks.
Tags : parallel programming, Microsoft, C++
Microsoft Leaves Silverlight Developers in Limbo
The tech giant refuses to say whether it will continue supporting Silverlight technology.
Tags : Microsoft, Silverlight
How to Run Native Code in Your Azure Service
Windows Azure, by default, runs code in low trust. In this article, we explore how to enable running an Azure service with full trust.
Tags : Windows Azure, tutorial, Microsoft, Azure Services, Native Code
Understanding Windows Azure CDN Service
Windows Azure provides ability to cache blobs in its Content Delivery Network service. In this article, we explore Windows Azure Content Delivery Network Service and see how we can use it in our applications.
Tags : CDN service, content delivery service, Microsoft, tutorial, Windows Azure
Understanding the Windows Azure Blob Service
Windows Azure provides a variety of storage services. In this article, we will learn more about the Windows Azure Blob service.
Tags : Windows Azure Blob Service, Microsoft, storage services, Windows Azure
DataBinding in Silverlight
Silverlight is the application framework that allows us to create apps that provide rich interaction in a web environment. One of the most important concepts in this technology that one must clearly understand is Databinding. This article will explain the composition, creation and inner workings of databinding in Silverlight.
Tags : databinding in Silverlight, Silverlight, Microsoft, databinding, tutorial
Connecting Azure Services Using Windows Azure Connect
Windows Azure Connect allows Azure developers to enable IP-level network connectivity between Azure services and external resources. This article discusses how you can go around using Windows Azure Connect to create a virtual network of all our computing assets.
Tags : tutorial, Microsoft, Windows Azure Connect, Azure Services
HTML5 Isn't Replacing the Windows Client Any Time Soon
Early previews of Windows 8 have caused quite a stir in the developer community due to the emphasis on HTML5 and JavaScript as the "primary" way for building new apps for the Windows 8 platform. At the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference there was a slightly different picture presented.
Tags : Windows 8, Windows client, Microsoft, HTML5, Windows development
How to Migrate your Database to the Cloud Using SQL Azure
Developers targeting to use Microsoft's Azure computing platform will have questions around how to migrate their on-premise data to SQL Azure. This article walks through the steps to move data from existing on-premise installations to SQL Azure.
Tags : Microsoft, database, tutorial, migrating to SQL Azure, SQL Azure
Learn about Code Contracts in .NET Framework 4.0
In this article we will show you how to utilize Code Contracts in the .NET framework 4.0 using the Design By Contract principle. These contracts play an important role for developers who are creating reusable libraries.
Tags : tutorial, .NET framework 4.0, developers, Code Contracts, Microsoft
Building a Cloud Application with Data Access Using SQL Azure
Developers desiring to build cloud applications based on Azure technologies will benefit from understanding how they can leverage SQL Azure for their database needs. In this article, we will show you how to build a cloud application--with data access--using SQL Azure.
Tags : cloud applications, tutorial, Microsoft, cloud computing, SQL Azure
Windows 8 Development Causes a Stir with Developers
Early previews of Windows 8 have caused quite the stir in the developer community. The uproar is mainly due to the emphasis on HTML5 and JavaScript as the “primary” way for building new applications for the Windows 8 platform. In this article we discuss Windows 8 and tell you what you can look forward to as a developer.
Tags : Windows 8, Microsoft, mobile development, HTML5, developers
How to Use MEF in Silverlight
In this article I will explain about the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) and demonstrate the its use in Silverlight. I will also provide the source code of a sample Silverlight application implementing the MEF concept.
Tags : Managed Extensibility Framework, MEF, Microsoft, tutorial, Silverlight
How to Create a Media Player in Silverlight
Silverlight provides a wide range of multimedia support which includes video files, audio files and photos. In this article we will learn how to handle and implement multimedia in a Silverlight application.
Tags : Microsoft, Silverlight, Silverlight Media Player, multimedia, tutorial
Microsoft Windows 7 Performing Different than Vista
Unlike Microsoft Windows Vista, this makes Windows 7 the fastest selling operating system in history.
Tags : Windows Vista, Windows 7, Microsoft, Windows XP
Deciding on a Microsoft Web Server: Cassini, IIS, and IIS Express
Microsoft recently introduced IIS 7.5 Express to give developers the full feature set of IIS including HTTPS support with the convenience of Cassini. In this article we will discuss Cassini, IIS, and IIS Express and will help you decide which one you should use for a given web project.
Tags : web servers, Microsoft, Cassini, Microsoft IIS, IIS Express
Salesforce Integration with .Net Web Services SOAP API
Salesforce is the top rated sales application in the world today. This article will focus on the most common way to connect .Net applications to Salesforce for data retrieval and execution of application logic.  This method is known as the Web Services SOAP API. 
Tags : tutorial, SOAP API, .Net Web Services, Microsoft, Salesforce
Creating a Simple Windows Azure Application
To get on the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud computing bandwagon, you need to understand how to develop applications targeting the platform. Discover how to create your first “Hello World” cloud application.
Tags : Microsoft, cloud computing, Azure
OSI Asks German Competition Authority to Investigate Novell Sale
For the first time ever, the OSI has asked for an investigation into the purchase of an open source company. The organization has asked Germany's Federal Cartel Office to look into Microsoft's role in the sale of Novell to Attachmate.
Tags : OSI, Novell, Microsoft
Attachmate Buys Novell and Microsoft Keeps the IP Assets Hidden
With its deal with Novell set to expire, Microsoft arranged for all of the alleged Linux patents to be held by a shadow group called CPTN Holdings LLC.
Tags : Microsoft, Novell, patents, Linux
Microsoft Flip-flops on OpenKinect Open Source Driver Threats
First, Microsoft got mad and threatened to sue anyone who created open source drivers for their Kinect controller. Now they're fine with it.
Tags : Microsoft, drivers, OpenKinect
Open Source Application Silverstripe Approved by Microsoft
Silverstripe is the first open source Web application to be Microsoft certified.
Tags : open source, Microsoft
Hacker Awarded $3,000 Prize for Creating the First Open Source Kinect Driver
It took about a week for a hacker to produce the first open source Kinect driver and claim the $3,000 bounty offered by Adafruit.
Tags : prizes, hacking, Xbox, gaming, Microsoft
Matt Asay Says Microsoft Open Source Threats Will Fail
Matt Asay warns Microsoft against continuing the company's current strategy of threatening lawsuits to crush open source software.
Tags : Google, open source, Microsoft, Android
The 5 Developer Certifications You'll Wish You Had in 2015
Predicting which IT certifications will be valuable in the future is never easy, but these five certs show promise for tomorrow.
Tags : Cisco, salaries, Certifications, virtualization, Microsoft
Creating Windows 7 Jump Lists With The API Code Pack and Visual Studio 2008
One of the most clearly visible new features in Windows 7 is the new taskbar. Read on to learn how you can use jump lists from your C# applications with help from the Windows API Code Pack.
Tags : Visual Studio, Jump Lists, API, Microsoft
Simple Custom Group Assignments in SharePoint
Discover how to assign users the right to add other users to existing SharePoint groups on their site—without also giving other rights too.
Tags : security, Microsoft, SharePoint Server, SharePoint
Extending Microsoft's Concurrency and Coordination Runtime with MSMQ
Join Microsoft's Concurrency and Coordination Runtime and MSMQ to coordinate work across processes on multiple computers.
Tags : Windows, robotics, messaging, Microsoft, services
Simple Parallel Development with the Asynchronous Agents Library
By adopting a messaging based approach to task parallelism, the Asynchronous Agents Library provides a simple model for concurrent programming that avoids the complexity of memory locks.
Tags : Windows, security, developer, Microsoft, programming
RESTing with the Microsoft REST Starter Kit
Tap the Starter Kit for your next REST Web Service.
Tags : Visual C#, Microsoft, REST, C#, Web services
Intercepting Every HTTP Request with IHttpModule
You can respond to every HTTP request. Just implement event handlers or an IHttpModule (which is a cool way to write a re-deployable solution for multiple projects).
Tags : ASP.NET, Microsoft, Visual Basic, Web
Program and Employ Windows Services for Microsoft SharePoint 2007
See how combining SharePoint 2007's API and an Object Model allows for greater program functionality.
Tags : Windows, server, services, search, Microsoft

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