October 28, 2016
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Top 10 PHP Security Tips for Linux Admins
Look at some PHP security tips for Linux admins.
Tags : PHP, Linux, security, SQL injection, Ubuntu, Fedora, HTTP, administrator, remote code execution, PHP 7
What Is Maven?
Study the aspects of Maven, Apache's new software that provides comprehensive software project management.
Tags : Linux, Windows, Java SE, Maven, Apache, Mac, JDK, profiles, WildFly, Java EE 7, Java Development Kit, software project management
Python Study Guide: Downloading and Installing Python
Ready to get your hands on this simple yet powerful language? Here's how to get started, no matter what platform you use.
Tags : Linux, Python, Windows, Debian, Fedora, Mac OS X, OpenSolaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD
Creating a Graphical Report in JasperReport
Focus on creating a simple graphical report in JasperReport with the help of a few third-party libraries.
Tags : Java, Linux, XML, Windows, HTML, PDF, APIs, CSV, font, JasperReport, graphical report, XLS
Containers 101
What are containers, why are they so special, and how are they used? With all of the buzz around containers, now is a good time to make sure you know the answers to these questions!
Tags : Linux, Windows, Ubuntu, virtual machine, kernel, virtual environment, containers, CoreOS, Red Hat Atomic Host, Snappy, Windows Server 2016, container manager
RAD Application Development with Grails
Explore some of the features that make the Grails platform suitable for a rapid Web application development.
Tags : Java, Linux, XML, Windows, MVC, HTML, RAD, Grails, CRUD, GORM, Scaffolding
Update: Connecting Your Android Device to Eclipse
Updated: The Android Emulator is a useful tool for previewing your mobile app, but it can never give you the same experience as running and debugging your app on a real device.
Tags : Linux, Eclipse, Windows, Google, Android, IDE, Mac, Samsung, USB, android studio, Android Virtual Device
Building Docker Images From a Container
It is easy to get started building images in Docker if you are already familiar with using containers.
Tags : git, Linux, Ubuntu, container, Bash Shell, Docker Containers, union file system, UFS
Virtualize Your Windows Development Environments with Vagrant, Packer, and Chocolatey, Part 2
See how many developer pain points can be addressed with Vagrant, the lightweight, open source tool.
Tags : Linux, Windows, Vagrant, Packer, Chocolatey
Canonical Launches App Development Contest
Participants must use Canonical's Quickly development tool to create apps for Ubuntu.
Tags : Linux, Ubuntu, Canonical, app development
Nvidia Launches a Linux/OS X version of its Nsight IDE
Nsight Eclipse Edition is the first IDE for developing GPU-accelerated apps on Linux and OS X.
Tags : Linux, IDE, nVidia, OS X, GPU
Linux Storage Administrators Are About to Be in Very High Demand
Forrester Research says Linux makes good sense in the enterprise with a growing list of benefits and has now crossed the threshold into mainstream adoption.
Tags : Linux, jobs
The Linux Graphics Stack from X to Wayland

Tags : Linux, graphics
The Linux Foundation Yanks Java from Linux Standard Base 4.1
Java used to be included in LSB, but now the Linux Foundation has said licensing changes have made it impossible to include Java as a language.
Tags : Java, Linux
13 Lines of Code Boosts Intel Sandy Bridge Performance
Intel's Zou Nan hai committed 13 lines of code to the Mesa Git mainline and that commit dramatically boosted Sandy Bridge Linux performance.
Tags : Linux, Intel
Splashtop Linux Is a Chrome OS Browser-based Alternative
Splashtop Linux has been around for a while as an OEM-installed OS, but now it's downloadable.
Tags : Linux
US Intelligence Agency Seeks Linux Talent
Linux vendors have until Feb. 11 to tell the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency how they can help the intelligence agency with its Linux information system.
Tags : Linux, government
Major Update to Open Source ATI Linux Driver
If you use the open-source ATI Linux graphics driver, a major stable update is now available.
Tags : Linux, graphics, drivers
Linux Foundation Announces Android and MeeGo Development Courses
To help fill demand for Linux-based smartphone and tablet developers, The Linux Foundation is offering six training courses on Android and MeeGo.
Tags : Linux, Android, training, MeeGo
Enlightenment Foundation Libraries Hit 1.0 Milestone
The window manager for Linux libraries have been in beta since October 2009, but now they're ready for prime time.
Tags : Linux
Booting Linux in 1 Second
By optimizing necessary boot processes, eliminating unnecessary ones and taking a different approach to solving problems, SwiftBoot is able to boot an embedded Linux in one second.
Tags : Linux
Debian 6 to Be Released Early February
Debian 6.0 is scheduled to be released in the first weekend of February.
Tags : Linux, Python, Debian
Linux Box Uses Enron Email Archive for Demo
The entire Enron email dataset was made available to the public by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
Tags : Linux
Wary Puppy 5.0 Now Available
Older hardware requires older drivers and that's what the Wary Puppy Linux distro offers.
Tags : Linux, drivers
Adobe Flash Player 10.2 on Linux Uses GPU Video Acceleration
Testing shows that Adobe Flash 10.2 is noticeably faster than 10.1 on Linux.
Tags : Flash, Linux, video
The Linux Kernel: To Patch or Not to Patch?
A lively debate broke out in the open source community when one developer discovered how to speed up the Linux desktop with a few lines of code that patch the kernel.
Tags : Linux, fixes, Linux kernel
Attachmate Buys Novell and Microsoft Keeps the IP Assets Hidden
With its deal with Novell set to expire, Microsoft arranged for all of the alleged Linux patents to be held by a shadow group called CPTN Holdings LLC.
Tags : Linux, Microsoft, patents, Novell
Linaro Demostrates Easier, Quicker and Optimized Open Source
In just six months, Linaro has now more than 70 developers working on improving embedded Linux with ARM.
Tags : Linux, ARM, embedded
Canadian Company Offers Open Source Alternative to Schools
Userful is offering a custom installation of open source Ubuntu Linux to schools looking to save money.
Tags : Linux, Ubuntu
Linux 2.6.37 Release Candidate 1 Is Out
The biggest change was getting rid of Big Kernel Lock in the core.
Tags : Linux, Linux kernel
Helios Release Delivers 39 Open Source Projects for Eclipse IDE
The coordinated Helios release of Eclipse projects delivers new tools for developers to build and deploy applications with the Eclipse IDE.
Tags : Java, Linux, Eclipse, IDE
Ten Linux Commands Every Web Developer Should Know
Learn 10 indispensable Linux commands that can make web development work much easier and even more enjoyable.
Tags : Web development, Linux, command line
Meet Git, the Version Control System for Developers Who Like Ease
Meet Git, an open-source version control system that reduces rather than adds to the overhead of managing a software project.
Tags : open source, git, version control, Linux, Windows
Open Source Licensing Detection Gets More Competitive
As open source adoption grows, so too does the competitive market for helping developers identify licenses and improve software adoption lifecycle.
Tags : open source, Linux, CentOS, license

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