October 27, 2016
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Getting Started with an MVC Application with JBoss Seam
Create a JBoss Seam Model View Controller (MVC) application consisting of an EJB 3.0 entity bean, a stateful session bean, and a JSF user interface.
Tags : JSF, Java EE, MVC, JBoss, EJB, session bean, entity bean, JBoss Seam
Using Microservices via RestExpress
Learn to develop an application based on RestExpress. You will upload Java sources to obtain the compilation results.
Tags : MongoDB, Web services, XML, Java EE, Maven, NetBeans, Microservices, RestExpress, JWT, Netty, Apache ZooKeeper
Using ObjectDB in Java Projects
Study some of the key concepts needed to work with ObjectDB in a Java application.
Tags : Java, database, JDBC, Java EE, embedded, EJB, JPA, client-server, objectdb, ORM, data persistence, JDO
Password Hashing Using JAAS
Learn how to write a utility for storing the user credentials into a database with a hashed password.
Tags : Java, MySQL, database, security, Java EE, password, JPA, password generator, JAAS
Creating a Java EE Web Application: A Case Study
Explore some aspects of creating a Web application in the JEE framework. An example application is included.
Tags : CSS, MySQL, web application, JSF, Java EE, MVC, script, EJB, Servlets, JPA, style sheets, B2C, CGI, CRUD, MVP
Java EE Web Development: A Closer Look
Java EE is a driving force behind enterprise development. Learn about some of its framework usages.
Tags : JSF, JSP, Java EE, Apache, Glassfish, Servlets, Rails, enterprise development, Web Development Frameworks, AngularJS, Grails, ORM
Adding Email Support to Your Java Applications
You can add the benefit of mail and messaging support even to a bare bone, standalone Java application.
Tags : Java, email, JavaMail, Java EE, API, smtp, POP, imap, MIME, NNTP
Understanding Interceptors for Java EE
The Interceptor class is the object-oriented way to handle issues in which "system outcasts" need to be handled. Learn how to use this class here.
Tags : Java, Java EE, EJB, object-oriented programming, Interceptor
Demystifying CDI for Java EE
Learn about CDI, that not only promotes re-usability but also glues together various layers of an enterprises application in a Java EE framework.
Tags : Dependency injection, Java EE, service, CDI, clients
Getting Started with Oracle ADF Mobile Applications
Mobile ADF apps are portable for both iOS and Android powered devices. Read on to learn how to create a simple Android application using Oracle ADF within JDeveloper IDE.
Tags : Java, database, Oracle, Java EE, Android, mobile applications, IOS, JDeveloper
XML Processing in Java EE 7
Manoj Debnath provides an overview of how to parse XML documents using JAXB, SAX, and DOM.
Tags : XML, Java EE, XSLT, Java EE 7
Getting Started with MOM in JMS
JMS is the Java EE API that deals with the concept of MOM and helps in creating the enterprise messaging system to produce and consume asynchronous messages. Manoj Debnath shows you how.
Tags : Java, middleware, Java EE, message, communication, JMS
Demystifying Web Services Through Java EE
There are primarily two different types of web service supported in Java. Both are popular and extensively used. Read on to learn more.
Tags : Web services, REST, Java EE, SOAP
Red Hat to Release Arquillian App Testing Tool
Red Hat's Arquillian technology for enterprise Java developers will likely be included in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.
Tags : testing, Java EE, JBoss
Oracle, Red Hat and IBM, All in the Same Boat with Java EE 7
Java EE 6 has quietly been moving toward implementation within IBM and Oracle while Red Hat lays out a plan for the future of Java EE 7.
Tags : Java EE
Java EE 7 Specification Request Approved
The Java Community Process (JCP) Executive Committee votes in favor of JSR 342 for Java EE 7, clearing the way for the more cloud-optimized spec.
Tags : Java EE
Developing a Struts Application with the NetBeans IDE
Explore the NetBeans IDE's Struts integration by developing a simple Struts login application.
Tags : Java EE, NetBeans, Struts
The New Spring 3.0 Features You Need to Know
Go inside the notable new features in Spring 3.0, including Spring Expression Language, object/XML mapping, and RESTful web services support.
Tags : open source, Spring, REST, Java EE, Object/XML Mapping
SpringSource DM Java Server Heads to Eclipse
It's a major code donation for Virgo as dm Server hits version 2.0.
Tags : Java, open source, Eclipse, OSGi, Java EE
Mission-Critical Java to Power Next-Gen Enterprise Computing
Recent advances put Java in a position to power the next generation of enterprise computing.
Tags : Java, Oracle, Java EE, enterprise software, JRockit
Java Enterprise Edition 6 Receives Official Approval
The Java standards body approved the Java Platform Enterprise Edition 6 with function-based profiles.
Tags : Java EE, Java EE 6
Compressing Server Responses in Java Enterprise Applications
Learn how to implement compression for Java EE server responses and test your implementations.
Tags : Java EE

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