October 26, 2016
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Java 7 Fork/Join Framework
KL Nitin and S. describe the Fork/Join framework and how it is used to address Java parallelism issues.
Tags : Java, Java 7
5 More Notable Java 7 Changes
Project Coin ushered in a notable set of Java 7 language changes. Here are five that cover everything from generics to NIO to GUIs.
Tags : JDK, Java 7
What's In Store for Java 8 and 9?
Java Chief Architect Mark Reinhold gives a glimpse of the future of Java at JavaOne, going beyond Java 7 to give a sneak peek of Java 8 and Java 9.
Tags : Java 7, Java 8
The Java 7 HotSpot Debacle
Oracle shipped the latest version of the Java compiler with a critical defect.
Tags : Java 7
Oracle Finally Ships Java 7
The Java 7 release features a more modular design and 13 major changes.
Tags : Java 7
Java 7 Language Changes: Making Sense of Project Coin
The language changes in Project Coin may be small but they deliver big improvements for Java 7 code complexity and maintenance.
Tags : Java 7
JetBrains Releases IntelliJ IDEA for Java 7
Developers who have tried IntelliJ IDEA appreciate the ability to use the latest technologies available, a key to successful projects.
Tags : IDE, Java 7
Oracle Advances NetBeans for Java 7
The NetBeans 7 release adds Java 7 and HTML 5 support, as well as new integration with WebLogic to the open source IDE.
Tags : NetBeans, IDE, Java 7
Java 7 Feature: Asserting Non-Null Objects
Java 7 introduces the ability to assert non-null objects. Find out which methods enable this feature and how to use them.
Tags : JDK, Java 7
Get Ready for Java 7 with the Free JDK 7 Reference Card
Get an at-a-glance look at all the information you need to prepare for and use the Java SE 7 Platform Specification (aka Java 7 or JDK 7).
Tags : JDK, Java 7
JDK 7 Is Feature Complete
As long as the Expert Groups don't screw things up by introducing a bunch of changes, Oracle is confident they will reach general availability for JDK 7 on July 28, 2011.
Tags : JDK, Java 7
Open Source Java 7 for Mac Available
In November, Apple said they were going to deprecate the current Java for Mac. Now Java Development Kit 7 for Mac OS X is out.
Tags : Mac, Java 7
JCP Passes Java Specs Despite Apache's Objections to Oracle Licensing
The Java Community Process approves Java 7 and Java 8 with the Oracle licensing that had Apache crying foul. Now what?
Tags : Apache Software Foundation, licensing, Java 7
Java 7 and 8 Begin to Take Shape: What's In, What's Out?
Oracle puts Java 7 and 8 features up for Java Community approval, providing a clear indication of what the next two major versions of Java are likely to include.
Tags : Java SE, JDK, OpenJDK, Java 7, Java 8

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