November 28, 2015
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Getting Started with Java RMI
Explore the concepts and intricacies of getting started with Java RMI while studying appropriate code examples.
Tags : Java RMI, POJO, architecture, client, JVM, CORBA, API, server, stub, network layer, Java
Utility of the Collection Framework in Java
The collection framework has an extensive supply of classes that are less used because people don't understand them. Go hands on and learn their utility.
Tags : Deque, Java, collection framework, APIs, abstraction
Getting Started with Java Annotations
Annotations are very useful devices. They help you interpret your code and they don't slow its processing speed.
Tags : JDK5, @Override, annotations, API, Java, function
Getting Started with Java Generics
Study some of the key aspects of Java generics with relevant examples to delineate the idea.
Tags : instantiate, code reusability, Java, Java Generics, static member, J2SE
RESTful WS with Jersey, Part 1
Learn some of the key elements needed to begin using the Jersey Web service.
Tags : JDK, Web services, RESTful API, RESTful, Jersey, HTTP requests, client/server, Java, SOAP, JAX-RS, API, SOAP API
How to Create a Multilingual JasperReport
Explore how to fetch Unicode characters persisted in a database and subsequently create a multilingual report with the help of the JasperReport library in Java.
Tags : PDF, JasperReport, HTML, JDBC, PostgreSQL, Java, UTF-8, Indic, UTF-16, pgAdmin III, unicode, JAR
How to Hire a Java Developer
Here is the vital guide on how to hire the best Java developer.
Tags : developer, Java, garbage collection, hiring practices, hiring professionals, resume, hiring plans, hiring decisions
Creating a Graphical Report in JasperReport
Focus on creating a simple graphical report in JasperReport with the help of a few third-party libraries.
Tags : XML, graphical report, PDF, font, CSV, JasperReport, APIs, Windows, HTML, Java, XLS, Linux
Dynamic Database Creation with JDBC
Explore the idea and the role played by JDBC in implementing the process of dynamic database creation.
Tags : DML, dynamic database, DCL, ORM, JDBC API, JDBC, Java, DDLS, SQL, Tcl, Hibernate
Developing WebSocket Client/Server Endpoints
Explore ways to implement client/server WebSocket endpoints with Java in EE7.
Tags : client/server, JavaScript, HTML, WebSocket, POJO, Java EE7, Java, WebSocket API, Java Swing, URI, HTTP
Getting Started with WebSocket APIs in Java
Familiarize yourself with a few necessary background details before rushing into WebSocket implementation in a Web application.
Tags : POJO, Web, API, Ajax, IETF, TCP/IP, WebSocket, Transport Layer Security, HTTP, Java EE7, ABNF, URI, RFC 6455, Java
Creating Android Games with Java
Focus on some key areas of Android with Java that would help in building games your consumers will enjoy.
Tags : UI, threads, game, bfxr, OGG, Java, animation, Android
RAD Application Development with Grails
Explore some of the features that make the Grails platform suitable for a rapid Web application development.
Tags : MVC, Windows, XML, RAD, HTML, CRUD, Grails, Scaffolding, GORM, Linux, Java
Component-based Web Development Using JSF 2
JSF 2 provides a fine infrastructure to implement a rich user interface. Learn to use it to its full advantage.
Tags : Java, Struts2, Facelets, MVC, Web Development Frameworks, UI, HTML, Spring Web MVC
Understanding Android Code Structure
Master the Java code structure and flow of control in developing an Android application.
Tags : Java, hand-held, activity, Android, IDE, Eclipse, life cycle, process, OS, JVM
Exploring the Struts 2 Web Application Framework
You can master a different approach to creating Action classes in Struts 2.
Tags : JSP, Struts, POJO, Hibernate, Business logic, web application, Apache, MVC, Java, Ajax, Spring
Getting Started with Android Using Java
Now's the time to receive instruction to get a first taste of Android Programming in Java in a simple manner.
Tags : Android, AWT, Swing, J2ME Canvas, Java, VM, Google, ART+COM, Dalvik VM, SWT
Exception Handling in JNI
Dig deeper into some of the key concepts of exception handling in JNI.
Tags : JVM, Exception handling, C++, JNI, Java, Native Code
JNI Data Type Mapping to C/C++
Dig into function and data type mapping between Java and C/C++. You'll also find some appropriate examples to guide you.
Tags : Data Type, C++, native method, JNI, primitive data type, Java Native Interface, Java
The Three Types of Mobile Experiences
There are several ways to build applications for mobile devices, and each has strengths and weaknesses. We'll look at each of these in detail to clarify the differences.
Tags : Swift, Ionic, Java, Android, native apps, mobile websites, IOS, mobile device, Objective C, hybrid apps
Getting Started with JNI
Explore the world of JNI (Java Native Interface), a programming interface through which Java byte code can interact with any native code.
Tags : JNI, Java, C++, JDK, JVM, Java Native Interface
How to Bypass Accessibility Checks Through Reflection in Java
In my humble opinion, security is a farce. The most secure code is the code that you have never written and the most secure language is the language never invented. Learn more about reflection in Java.
Tags : Java, API, JVM, Reflection, Security Breaches, exploitation tools, security manager
Explore Core Features of Reflection and Its Utility in Java
Discover some of reflection's core areas of the API with a few examples to implement them in programming.
Tags : constructor, API, Java Serialization, XML, Reflection, serialize, Java, deserialize, class
Introspection of Java Code Through Reflection
Reflection provides some value so that we can create our own recipe rather than eulogize a bullet-proof black box of language paradigm.
Tags : Boolean, security manager, Reflection, JVM, Java
Drawing Objects on Android App Maps
In this article, we will learn how to draw objects such as lines and circles on Google Maps in Android applications.
Tags : Android App Maps, Java, Google Maps APIs, Android, geocode, Google Maps, XML
Explore Scripting in Java
Look into some nooks and corners and key aspects of scripting in Java in general.
Tags : scripting, JDK, JVM, Groovy, java virtual machine, Jython, scripting languages, Nashorn JavaScript, JRuby, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, API
Adding Map Markers and Handling Marker Events in Android Apps
Map markers make it easy to identify a location on a map. In this article, we will learn how to add map markers on Google Maps programmatically.
Tags : Java, Android applications, Click event, Google Maps, map marker
Building a Mapping Android App
Learn how to build an Android application that uses Google Maps.
Tags : MapFragment, Android app, Google, Java, Google Maps, Android, MapView
Understanding 3D Graphics (in Java)
Get a solid footing on key ideas and master the intricacies involved before one considers jumping into 3D programming.
Tags : 3D modeling, JavaFX, Java, Cartesian coordinates, 3D programming, 3D Graphics, axes, 3D graphics API
Programming to Geocode Addresses and Getting the Current Location
In this article, we learn how to build an Android application that uses Google Maps.
Tags : MapFragment, geocode, Android applications, Java, Android, Google, Google Maps
A Guide to Docker Image Optimization
With a few tricks and tips, taught here, you can drastically reduce file size in your Dockerfile files.
Tags : Debian, Debian Wheezy, docker, Tar Command, logstash, Java, Cloudify, Dockerfile
Using Webview in Android Applications
In this article, Android enthusiasts will learn the basics about the WebView control and use it in a simple Android application.
Tags : XML, Android, android studio, Java, WebView
Implementing Generalization and Specialization in Java
Become proficient with specialization and generalization, which is the subclass and superclass hierarchy mechanism in a relational database.
Tags : relational database, object-oriented programming, specialization, Java, generalization, superclass, database, ORM
Working with Dependency Injection in Java
Take advantage of dependency injection to eliminate hard dependencies and make your classes easier to test and maintain.
Tags : Dagger, hard dependency, Spring, Java, Google Guice, Dependency injection, PicoContainer
Doing Animation in JavaFX
Master the power and versatility of JavaFX to achieve animations of several types.
Tags : JavaFX, timelines, animation, ANIMATION API, Java APIs, interpolator, Java
Best Practices of Asynchronous Programming With Java
Become adept with using best practices that should be followed while writing code to perform asynchronous operations in Java.
Tags : parallelization, synchronous service, multithreading, event-driven, asynchronous, Java
Using Graphics in JavaFX
Discover the depth and intricacies of JavaFX, which is built primarily to create and deliver rich Internet applications (RIAs).
Tags : RIA, JavaFX, SDK, graphics, text rendering, Java
How to Manipulate Complex Graphical Elements in Java with the 2D API
Learn to use <i>Graphics2D</i>, an extension of the legacy <i>Graphics</i> class of the AWT package and which supports more drawing capabilities than its predecessor.
Tags : Java, Graphics2D, AWT, Swing, animated page elements
Working with Serialization in Java
Take advantage of serialization to persist an object's state.
Tags : Serialization, Persistence, JVM, deserialization, Java
Using Graphics in Java Applications
Explore the Java GUI in general and work with a couple of practical graphics implementations.
Tags : Swing, Java GUI, AWT, Java, JavaFX, JVM, graphics
Understanding the JVM Architecture
Gain an understanding of the JVM and its components.
Tags : java virtual machine, garbage collection, byte code, Java, runtime environment, JVM
Ten Tips For Getting Started with Graphics Programming
Explore the ten crucial points to begin with graphics programming.
Tags : 3D, pixels, animation, graphics, Java
Exploring Lambda Expressions in Java
Leverage the power of lambda expression, a functional programming construct that promotes faster, clearer coding with simplicity.
Tags : JavaScript, lambda expressions, Java
Monitoring Email Accounts (IMAP) in Java
Master some of the important aspects of email monitoring and their implementation through code.
Tags : email accounts, Java, JavaMail, imap, POP
Best Practices in Java Exception Handling
Use exceptions judiciously to catch errors in your code and promote easier debugging.
Tags : debugging, Java, runtime, Exception handling
Adding Email Support to Your Java Applications
You can add the benefit of mail and messaging support even to a bare bone, standalone Java application.
Tags : POP, imap, NNTP, MIME, Java, email, JavaMail, Java EE, API, smtp
JDBC Best Practices
Use the JDBC API efficiently to maximize your Java application's performance.
Tags : JDBC, database, CRUD, Java, API, query
Random File Access Using Java
A flat file access mechanism can be customized like a database CRUD operation. Learn how to do that for your data.
Tags : database, random file access, CRUD, POJO, Java
Big Data Tools: Hive and Pig
Explore how developers from the Query or Scripting languages communities can leverage their knowledge to be part of the Big Data world.
Tags : HDFS, query language, big data architecture, pig, Java, SQL, hive, scripting languages, HiveQL, Grunt, PigLatin
File Handling in Java: Object Serialization
Explore the serialization/deserialization process with the help of a file handling mechanism.
Tags : Java, deserialization, file handling, POJO, Serialization
Big Data Tool: Map-Reduce
Peruse the fundamental ways to use some of the important Big Data tools that belong to different developer communities.
Tags : pig, Java, big data, mapreduce, hive, SQL, Hadoop
Sequential File Access Using Java
Explore how to process common sequential files through Java and some aspects of file handling APIs in general.
Tags : garbage collector, API, JVM, Java, text file data
Working with Searching and Sorting APIs in Java
Explore some specific aspects of searching and sorting APIs found in the Java library.
Tags : sort, Java APIs, search algorithms, Java
Understanding Interceptors for Java EE
The Interceptor class is the object-oriented way to handle issues in which "system outcasts" need to be handled. Learn how to use this class here.
Tags : Java EE, object-oriented programming, EJB, Java, Interceptor
Understanding the Intricacies of Java Access Modifiers
Access modifiers help you achieve decoupling in Java. They also create a sense of separation of concern from the other modules that comprise a system.
Tags : decoupling, accessibility, abstraction, Java
Using Java Generics to Leverage Refactoring
Java generics not only enables us to create template classes to suit our immediate business needs but also boosts re-factoring in the long run.
Tags : generics, C++, Java, refactoring
Integrating JSF, EJB, and JPL: A Case Study
Learn to use JSF, JPA, and EJB to perform in an enterprise business application.
Tags : enterprise business applications, EJB, Java, JSF, MVC, JPL
Creating a JDBC GUI Application
Create a simple CRUD application with Swing, JavaFX, QtJambi, and SWT to get a taste of GUI from the perspective of a JDBC programmer.
Tags : Swing, Java, JDBC, GUI
Using the Vaadin Framework for Enterpise Apps
Vaadin exists so that you can stay within the Java framework while using your favorite IDE. Use Vaadin and succeed with ease.
Tags : Hibernate, EJB, Vaadin, IDE, Java, enterpise apps
Getting Started with the Vaadin Framework
Learn about Vaadin, a new, implicit framework for creating rich internet applications in Java.
Tags : Vaadin, Java, Tomcat, JavaScript, Java SDK, Eclipse
Using Assertions in Java
Take advantage of assertions in Java to detect and fix bugs earlier in the SDLC process.
Tags : SDLC, bugs, assertions, Java
Ten Tips to Working with Hibernate
Here are ten great tips to make working with Hibernate more productive.
Tags : flushing, POJO, Java, proxy, XML, query, SQL, caching, annotations, Hibernate
Doing Garbage Collection in Java
Write your Java programs to leverage JVM's garbage collection.
Tags : garbage collection, CLR INTEGRATION, Java, JVM, C#
Using Criteria in Hibernate for Advanced Queries
Wake up from your accustomed query types and learn to use Hibernate in your database manipulations.
Tags : Hibernate, query, SQL, database, Java
Top Ten Untrodden Areas of Java
Explore ten of the lesser treaded alleys of Java and learn about Java's diverse features and API library.
Tags : garbage collection, Concurrency, bit manipulation, Anonymous Inner Class, Regular Expression, generics, Serialization, Reflection, enumeration, Java, threads
Fundamentals of Thread Safety in Java
Consider thread safety and concurrency at the same level of importance.
Tags : Java, Concurrency, threads
Working with Generics and Collections in Java
Leverage Generics and Collections in Java to store your data in memory for faster access and retrieval.
Tags : generics, collections, arrays, Java, type safe
Understanding Lambda-enabled Design Patterns
Implement lambda expressions from the perspective of a couple of standard design patterns.
Tags : Java, strategy, design patterns, lambda expressions
Leveraging Design Patterns for Productivity
Learn about Design Patterns, time-tested classic templates of solution architecture that ensure maintainability of code and enhance productivity.
Tags : design patterns, OBJECT ORIENTED DESIGN, open source, Java
Implementing Behavioral Patterns in Java
A well-designed systems works with the synergy of not only object composition but also pattern composition. Learn to use Java to develop behavioral patterns.
Tags : Java, object, collaborating, behavioral methods
Implementing Structural Patterns in Java
Learn more about the Creational design pattern, which handles the process of object creation in Java from one or more classes.
Tags : prototype, design patterns, Java, FACTORY PATTERN, patterns
Programming with Lambdas in NetBeans 8
Underpinning NetBeans 8 are tools to simplify the process of using lambdas in new Java code and tools for the probably even more significant task of migrating existing Java code to make use of lambdas.
Tags : Java, NetBeans
Implementing Creational Patterns in Java
Learn how to create a creational design pattern that is concerned about the process of object creation in Java from one or more classes.
Tags : Java, design patterns
Demystifying Design Pattern in Java
The knowledge of design pattern is crucial for designing any software, especially when dealing with object oriented design. Recognizing patterns while designing helps us to map our previous experience to the present condition.
Tags : object oriented programming, Java, programmer, design patterns
Using the Media Services SDK in Real-World Applications
Vipul Patel walks cloud developers through examples of using the Media Services client SDK with real-world examples.
Tags : Azure Media Services, Cloud, Java, SDK, .NET
Programming with Lambdas in Eclipse Luna
With the inception of Eclipse Luna, Java developers get a full-featured, Java 8-compliant IDE to try their hand at lambda expression. Read on to learn how to use lambda expression in your regular programming.
Tags : lambda expressions, Java 8, Java, IDE, Eclipse
Integrating Hibernate and Spring
Learn how to be become more productive by integrating Hibernate in your Spring applications.
Tags : Java, Spring
Doing Dynamic Reporting through JasperReport
Is there a way to write simple Java code to generate a report without XML? If you’re asking this question, we have a good news!
Tags : reporting and predictive tools, Java, reporting
How to Implement Database Relationship in Hibernate
The crux of the relational database management system is in the idea of establishing relationship among entities. Discover how Hibernate allows you to model association between entities from Java code, without bothering with the SQL.
Tags : SQL, database, Java, Relational Database Management System, EJB, RDBMS
Getting Started with JasperReport
Manoj Debnath shows you how to get started with JasperReport, with a simple yet effective hands-on example.
Tags : API, library, report, Java
Top 10 Reasons to Still be Using Java
Is Java past its prime? Are there reasons to still be using it? What do you think?
Tags : open source, Java, Top 10
How to Migrate Java Applications to Azure Cloud
Vipul Patel explains the basics of migrating Java applications to Windows Azure.
Tags : Windows Azure, application, migrate, Java
Using the ORM Tool in a Simple JDBC Program
Learn how ORM (Object Relational Mapping) can help map objects into a database as if you were no longer working with records of the relational model but objects in an object oriented model.
Tags : database, Object relational mapping, JDBC, Java
Working with the JDBC RowSet API
The RowSet interface is an extension of JDBC ResultSet and is a part of the javax.sql package. Read on to learn what RowSet is all about and how to implement it in Java.
Tags : Java, JDBC, database
Start Using Java Lambda Expressions
Constantin Marian Alin explores the power of Lambda expressions and streams, from simple to complex examples.
Tags : Java 8, lambda expressions, Java
Getting Started with Oracle ADF Mobile Applications
Mobile ADF apps are portable for both iOS and Android powered devices. Read on to learn how to create a simple Android application using Oracle ADF within JDeveloper IDE.
Tags : Android, Java EE, JDeveloper, Oracle, IOS, mobile applications, database, Java
Manipulating a Database with JDBC
Learn how to manipulate database records with the help of the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API.
Tags : JDBC, API, Java, application, database
Getting Started with Android Development
This first article in a series on the essential knowledge needed to become an Android developer focuses on where to find and download the development tools, what they are, how to set them up, and how to keep them updated.
Tags : Java, Android SDK, Android development, Android
JDBC Application Design Consideration
JDBC acts as a translator between Java applications and the native language of a database. Learn how the JDBC driver paves the way into the application design consideration of database programming in Java.
Tags : application, Java, database, JDBC, connectivity, SQL
New Core Features in Java 8
Learn about the important new features introduced in Java SE8.
Tags : Java, features, Java 8
Getting Started with MOM in JMS
JMS is the Java EE API that deals with the concept of MOM and helps in creating the enterprise messaging system to produce and consume asynchronous messages. Manoj Debnath shows you how.
Tags : JMS, message, Java, middleware, Java EE, communication
Java Automation Using Core Java
Automating Java Applications doesn't adhere to one solution fits all. Learn how to consolidate the process of coming up with an API that can be easily used to automate any Java application.
Tags : Java, application, automate, API
Using Second Level Caching in a JPA Application
Learn how to improve the performance of an application that uses the Java Persistence API, by modifying the second level cache mode settings.
Tags : JPA, performance, Java, application
Handling Concurrency in Java
Learn how to leverage Java Concurrency Utilities to handle concurrency conflicts.
Tags : Concurrency, Java
Creating RESTful Web Services with JAX-RS
Manoj Debnath shows you how to create RESTful web services, demonstrating with a sample application.
Tags : RESTful, web service, REST, JAX-RS, application, Java
Creating SOAP Web Services with JAX-WS
Learn how to create SOAP Web Services exposing EJB in a sample application.
Tags : Java, SOAP, Web services
Integrating JPA, JSF and EJB in Java EE7 Applications
Java EE7 brought EJB container managed transactions to the platform using CDI interceptors, so that these can be used by CDI managed beans and other Java EE components. The improvements make JSF, EJB and JPA integration simple.
Tags : EJB, Java EE 7, JPA, Java, JSF
Understanding Big Data Processing and Analytics
Learn about Big Data processing techniques addressing, but not limited to, various BI (business intelligence) requirements such as reporting, batch analytics, online analytical processing (OLAP), data mining, text mining, complex event processing (CEP), and predictive analytics.
Tags : Java, reporting, business intelligence, analytics, big data
Oracle Busting Java Applets With JDK Update?
A longtime Java developer claims Oracle is intentionally breaking Java applets with the latest release of the JDK, but he offers solutions for the problem.
Tags : Java, Oracle, JDK
Understand The High-Availability and Scalability Challenges with Big Data
Today, developers interested in Big Data can easily be lost in the jungle of numerous new technologies. Get a clear view on the Big Data technology landscape and learn to pick the most suited techniques for your Java software projects.
Tags : scalability, high-availability, Java, big data
Microsoft, Azul Partner to Bring OpenJDK to Windows Azure
Microsoft and Azul systems announced a partnership to deliver an OpenJDK build on Windows Azure.
Tags : OSCON, Microsoft, OpenJDK, Oracle, GPL, Windows Azure, Microsoft Open Technologies, Azul Systems, Java
Getting Started with Google's Android Studio
Android Studio is the first IDE dedicated entirely to Android. Find out how it compares to Eclipse, and develop a Hello World app in the new IDE.
Tags : android studio, Eclipse, Google, Java, development, IDE, Android
Dependency Injection in Existing Java Code
Java Dependency injection (DI) is the way we decouple dependency relationships between objects. See DI in sample Java code and find out whether it's applicable for you.
Tags : Java, Dependency injection
Do You Really Get Classloaders?
Java developers who understand the inner workings of Java classloaders can avoid common programming pitfalls and increase productivity.
Tags : Java
10 Tech Skills that Command 6-Figure Salaries
Developers with these skills can expect higher-than-average pay.
Tags : jobs, careers, salaries, skills in demand, Hadoop, Erlang, development, Java, Clojure
Oracle Releases Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 12c
The update introduces new enterprise application development tools for Oracle ADF.
Tags : enterprise application, Fusion Middleware, Java, Eclipse, development, Oracle
Implement OAuth-based Social Network Logins in Grails
Grails Spring Security is a great plugin that allows you to set up authorization for your app with just a few lines in Grails configuration. Users can register to your website, click on a confirmation link received by e-mail and login with the username and password.
Tags : social network, OAuth, Java, security
NetBeans 7.2 Adds Static Analysis, Improves Performance
The Java IDE supports the latest versions of C++, PHP, Maven and Groovy.
Tags : Oracle, Java, NetBeans, open source, IDE
Java 7 Fork/Join Framework
KL Nitin and S. describe the Fork/Join framework and how it is used to address Java parallelism issues.
Tags : Java 7, Java
Hackers Increasingly Targeting Java Vulnerabilities
Researchers call on Oracle to step up Java security.
Tags : Java, Oracle, vulnerabilities, hackers, security
Poland Needs Programmers
The country is producing tens of thousands of computer science graduates, but not enough to fill the available jobs.
Tags : jobs, programmers, Java, developers, computer science education
Java Multi-threading and the Challenges of Parallel Computing
Traditionally in Java, parallel/concurrent programming has been considered to be one of the most difficult tasks to handle due to the overhead in managing threads. But since the release of Java5 and Java6, the specification has enhanced the multi-threading model with new APIs. Read on to learn more.
Tags : Java, PARALLEL COMPUTING, multi-threading
Objective-C Now More Popular Than C++
The trend shows the growing importance of mobile development.
Tags : Tiobe index, Java, C++, programming language, Objective-C, C
Running Java Applications on Windows Azure
Windows Azure supports running applications in a variety of frameworks.  Vipul Patel shows you how to run Java applications on Windows Azure.
Tags : Windows Azure, Java, applications, Microsoft
Eclipse Survey Shows Strong Momentum for Git, Java, Mobile Development
The poll of open source developers finds little interest in cloud development.
Tags : Subversion, cloud development, cloud computing, mobile development, git, survey, Java, open source, Eclipse
5 Java Upload Applets for Your Web Applications
Get a Web developer's feature review of five leading Java file upload solutions.
Tags : upload files, Java
Can You Copyright a Programming Language?
Google says no; Oracle says yes.
Tags : Java, Android, Google, programming language, Oracle
Java Still Top Programming Language in Terms of Book Sales
Java book sales have climbed 13 percent this year.
Tags : Java, programming languages
C Takes Over the Top Spot on the Tiobe Programming Language Chart
After approximately 10 years as number one, Java falls to second place.
Tags : Java, C, programming languages
Is Client-Side Java on Its Way Out?
Security concerns have some browsers blocking Java.
Tags : web application development, server, security, client, Java, browsers
Using PHP and Java in the Same App with PHP/Java Bridge
Learn how to use PHP and Java in the same application, where Java behaves as a pure business logic component and PHP behaves as an interrogator component.
Tags : Java, PHP
Oracle Reveals Java Wish List
Future versions of Java will include improvements in interoperability, cloud computing support and big data support.
Tags : Java, Oracle
Google Programming Languages Lose Popularity
Neither Go nor Dart are in the top 50.
Tags : Google, JavaScript, Go, programming languages, Dart, Java
Objective C Wins TIOBE's Programming Language of the Year Award
Java remains at the top of the programming language index, but loses popularity.
Tags : Objective-C, Java, programming languages
Oracle Updates NetBeans
Version 7.1 of the open source Java IDE adds support for JavaFX 2.0 and CSS3.
Tags : Oracle, NetBeans, IDE, Java
Fewer Developers Using Java
Java is still the most popular programming language, but it's losing some of its dominance.
Tags : Java
Java 8 Delayed Until 2013 As Java EE and ME Push Forward
Oracle lays out roadmap for Java releases
Tags : Java, Java 8
New Refactor Software Architecture Tool for Java and .NET Developers
Headway Software announces the release of Restructure101, a new development tool to make refactoring easier and more effective.
Tags : Java, architecture, .NET
Java Gets a Big Boost in Development Usage Around the World
Java usage grew last year among many developers in all corners of the planet, according a new Evans Data Global Development survey.
Tags : Java
Two Years After Oracle's Acquisition of Sun, Has It Paid Off?
Doubts arose about whether Oracle would continue to invest in Java technology after it acquired Sun. Today, those doubts have proven overblown.
Tags : Java, Oracle, Sun
New Enterprise Java Caching Technology Presented by Red Hat
A free "Early Adopter Program" is available to try and hook customers and gain feedback from the community.
Tags : caching, Java, Red Hat
WaveMaker Review: Java RAD Tool for Web Applications
The RAD tool WaveMaker, now owned by SpringSource, helps non-programmers quickly develop Java-based Web applications.
Tags : Web Tool, IDE, Java
Java-based CMS Jease Releases Version 2.0
Jease 2.0 is a Java-based content management system made extra easy.
Tags : Java, CMS
Java Cloud Development: What Developers Need to Know
If you are a Java developer and your organization is jumping on the cloud computing bandwagon, here's what you can expect.
Tags : Java, Cloud
The Linux Foundation Yanks Java from Linux Standard Base 4.1
Java used to be included in LSB, but now the Linux Foundation has said licensing changes have made it impossible to include Java as a language.
Tags : Java, Linux
Java Security Hole Left Unplugged for 2 Years
By manipulating a JFileChooser object using a Timer and ActionListeners, a hacker can not only view a user's file system, but she can create folders, move and rename files, or pretty much whatever she wants via an Applet.
Tags : vulnerability, Java
Oracle Positioning Java for the Enterprise at the Expense of Open Source Community
Forrester Research reports predicts that in the next decade the open source community will have walked away from Java while mission-critical large enterprises will stick with it.
Tags : Oracle, open source, Java
Java Tip: Dynamically Update SimpleViewer Galleries
Here's a stateless session bean that dynamically updates the gallery.xml document in SimpleViewer.
Tags : XML, Java
Dynamically Configure Log4j Properties in a Clustered Environment
Learn how to configure the log4j-related properties of a Java application deployed in a clustered environment.
Tags : log management, cluster, Java
Event: JavaOne 2011

Tags : conference, Java, Oracle
Google Donates Java GUI and Profiler Tools to Eclipse Foundation
Google set to launch the WindowBuilder Java GUI designer and CodePro Profiler at Eclipse, donating code worth over $5 million.
Tags : Google, Eclipse, Java
Oracle's Latest Open Source Fumble: The Hudson Project
Oracle continues to stumble in managing their many open source projects. This time they locked out the entire open source community from accessing the Hudson project source code.
Tags : continuous integration, Project Hudson, Java
Android Is Closer to Windows Phone 7 Than Developers May Think
The differences between Android and Windows Phone 7 are mostly skin deep, so enterprising Android developers can port their current apps over to Windows Phone 7.
Tags : Android, Java, Windows Phone 7, C#
Apache Directory Studio: Simplified LDAP for Java Developers on Eclipse
For Java developers who need to perform some LDAP manipulation and use Eclipse, the Apache Directory Studio plugins can come in very handy.
Tags : Java, Apache, Eclipse, LDAP
How a Java Developer Can Build a Windows Phone 7 Application
Want more distribution for your Java mobile app? Learn how to translate your Java skills onto the Windows Phone 7 platform.
Tags : Windows 7 Phone, Java, mobile app
Oracle Continues Java Developer Training with Certification Programs
Some have worried how Oracle might manage Sun assets such as its Java developer education programs. Find out how Oracle laid those fears to rest.
Tags : Java, education, Oracle, training
IBM Joins Oracle in OpenJDK Effort
IBM joins Oracle in the OpenJDK open source Java project, mitigating potential fragmentation and giving new credibility to Oracle's Java leadership.
Tags : open source, Java, JDK
How Training Got Me from Co-op Student to Java Solution Architect
A Java developer discusses the years of certification, training and development that have shaped his career -- and the lessons he learned along the way.
Tags : certification, training, Java
AspectJ 101: Creating a Project with Eclipse AJDT
Learn how to create an AspectJ project using Eclipse AspectJ Development Tools (AJDT) and the Prototype JavaScript framework.
Tags : Eclipse, Java
Querying in JPA 2: Typesafe and Object Oriented
JPA 2.0 introduced criteria queries, which are typesafe and more object oriented than JPQL queries.
Tags : Persistence, Java
Oracle Lawsuit on Top of Java Complexity Scaring Developers Away?
With Java complexity already a barrier, the Oracle lawsuit against Google is further incentive for developers to stay away or switch.
Tags : Oracle, Java, licensing, Google
A Categorization Scheme for All Those Java I/O Stream Classes
Try this handy technique for categorizing the potentially overwhelming number of I/O stream classes in Java.
Tags : Java, I/O
Write More Understandable Java Tests with Matcher Objects and FEST-Assert
Have your Java unit test assertions gotten hard to read? Use the matcher objects provided by the Hamcrest and fluent FEST-Assert libraries.
Tags : Java, testing
Quercus: Bring Java's Power to Your PHP Development (and Vice Versa)
With Quercus, PHP and Java developers can mix and match the respective capabilities of both languages.
Tags : Java, PHP
Working with Java Threads Before and After JDK 5
Despite the new features and fine-grained control of the JDK1.5 threading framework, writing multithreaded Java applications remains challenging and error prone.
Tags : JDK, threads, Java
The Top 5 New Annotations in JPA 2
Get a cheat sheet for the five most important Java annotations introduced in the JPA 2.0 release, compete with code examples.
Tags : Persistence, Java
Combining Hibernate Cache and Ehcache for Better Java Scalability
Combine Hibernate second-level cache, Ehcache and Spring to greatly improve the scalability of your enterprise Java applications.
Tags : cache, Java, Ehcache
Pessimistic Locking in JPA 2 and Hibernate
JPA version 2 and Hibernate both support pessimistic locking for Java concurrency control, but not in the same way.
Tags : Java, Concurrency, Persistence
Apache Cayenne 3 Delivers New Features for Java ORM
Nearly four years after the last major Cayenne release, version 3.0 raises the bar on object relational mapping (ORM) with new performance and caching features.
Tags : Persistence, cache, Java
Tomcat 7 Debuts for Java
Java app server gets its first major refresh in years, but it's not quite stable -- yet.
Tags : open source, Apache, Tomcat, Java
Helios Release Delivers 39 Open Source Projects for Eclipse IDE
The coordinated Helios release of Eclipse projects delivers new tools for developers to build and deploy applications with the Eclipse IDE.
Tags : Java, IDE, Linux, Eclipse
Isolating Locale-specific Text in International Java Applications
Learn how to isolate locale-specific text in international Java applications using ResourceBundles and Properties files.
Tags : location-based applications, Java
Mockito: Java Unit Testing with Mock Objects
Run a Java test with less overhead than integration tests and no need to deploy the service you're testing on a running Web container.
Tags : Java, Mock Objects, Unit Testing
Will Oracle Help Java Regain Its Status?
Oracle promises Java SE 7 release this year with increased developer productivity, modularization, and support for more than 200 languages.
Tags : Java, Oracle, Mehling, developer
Apache Maven 3 Races to the Finish Line
After years of development, a new version of the widely used Java build tool is nearing completion. The founder and project lead shares an early look.
Tags : Apache, Java, Build, Maven
Ruby Development Gains Commercial Support on Java as New JRuby Version Looms
The JRuby language gets commercial support as a major new JRuby version approaches, promising easier integration of Ruby development and Java.
Tags : Engine Yard, Java, JRuby, Ruby
Selenium: Automated Integration Testing for Java Web Apps
With Selenium, Java developers can develop integration tests, export those tests as JUnit tests, and automate test execution.
Tags : Java, testing, Selenium, web application, testing tool
Google App Engine: What Is It Good For?
Google App Engine offers Java and Python developers automatic scaling and potential cost savings -- if they properly design the applications to run on it.
Tags : cloud computing, Python, Java, Google App Engine, caching
Extend JXPath to Generate Results in a Custom Data Model
Go beyond processing XPath language expressions over XML data. Extend the Java JXPath API to derive a custom data model.
Tags : XML, JXPath, Java, XPath, XQuery
Make Your Java Web Applications Impervious to Cross-site Scripting
Use client-side validation and server-side filtering to guard your Java web application against cross-site scripting attacks.
Tags : security, web applications, Java, filter, Cross-Site Scripting
The Java 7 Features Bound to Make Developers More Productive
The developer productivity features in the upcoming Java SE 7 release (object comparison, file system monitoring, and concurrency) are enough to make a Java veteran envy the Java newbies.
Tags : Java SE, file systems, Java, Concurrency, open source
Java Serialization: Persist Your Objects
With serialization, you can serialize (persist) any Java object for future use or recreate it from an existing source.
Tags : Serialization, Java, Java Object, Persistence
Using Axis2 and Java for Asynchronous Web Service Invocation on the Client Side
Apache Axis2, the open source Java web services framework, has very good support for client-side asynchronous service invocation. Find out how to make it work for you.
Tags : Web services, open source, Axis2, Java, Axis
Use Spring Batch's 'Chunk' Processing for Large Data Sets
Sometimes data sets are too large to process in-memory. Learn how to implement a better approach in Java: Spring Batch's "chunk" processing.
Tags : Java, Spring, data
Sun Updates Java SE 6 for Performance
Java SE 6 Update 18 could be the last from Sun before the Oracle acquisition closes.
Tags : Java, Java SE, Sun
Using Randomization in Java Unit Testing
Using randomization in your Java unit tests is easy and not as time consuming as you think. Plus, it will increase the value of your tests in the short and long term.
Tags : XML, Mock Objects, Java, TDD, Unit Testing
SpringSource DM Java Server Heads to Eclipse
It's a major code donation for Virgo as dm Server hits version 2.0.
Tags : Java EE, Java, open source, OSGi, Eclipse
Mission-Critical Java to Power Next-Gen Enterprise Computing
Recent advances put Java in a position to power the next generation of enterprise computing.
Tags : Java, Java EE, JRockit, enterprise software, Oracle
Add Video Capture to Your BlackBerry Applications
Take advantage of the latest BlackBerry features by adding video recording capabilities to your applications.
Tags : Java, Blackberry, video
What's Wrong With JavaEE 6?
JavaEE 6 is now a final spec, with lots of new features and functions. But not everyone is thrilled about it.
Tags : Sun, Red Hat, Java EE 6, Java, Spring
JAX-RS: The Java API for RESTful Web Services
This article reviews two popular JAX-RS frameworks, Jersey and Apache CXF, and provides some basic examples that illustrate how to build, deploy, and execute RESTful web services.
Tags : Java, Web services, JAX-RS
An Introduction to Java NIO and NIO.2
In this article we will review some of the existing features of the java.nio (New I/O) package that are a part of Java v1.4, v1.5 and v1.6.
Tags : Java, content, upgrading
Rev Up the Drools 5 Java Rule Engine
Drools, a Java rule engine framework for organizing business logic, allows you transform spaghetti code into readable, verifiable, reusable, configurable, scalable, and flexible code.
Tags : Drools, Rule engine, JBoss, Business logic, Java
The Dos and Don'ts of a Java Position Interview
If you've looked for a Java position or if you are on the other side and are looking to fill a Java position in your company, then here are a few tips that will come in handy.
Tags : Java, job
Iteration or Recursion?
Did you ever get stuck having to choose between a recursive or iterative implementation? Get the answers to whether one is better than the other or whether it really matter?
Tags : Java, programming, patterns
Java Annotations: An Introduction
Make your development easier through the use of JDK5's annotation feature. The objective is to spend less time on unhandy code-writing and focus more on business logic rules.
Tags : Java, annotations
Using the HttpSession object of the Servlet API
The Java Servlet API represents an elegant and powerful way to shift processes from client to server, and offers a number of advantages over CGI. These advantages have certainly been enumerated so that most developers are aware of the servlet advantage. However, some of the details of the servlet architecture may at first seem daunting. Here's a short introduction on one aspect of writing servlets: the HttpSession object.
Tags : Java, tutorial, HttpSession object, Servlet API
An Introduction to Java Servlets
In this article I will describe the overall servlet architecture and what you need to develop your application with servlets. I will use several code examples to show you how to use the Servlet API, and compare it with CGI and proprietary server APIs where appropriate.
Tags : introduction, tutorial, Java Servlets, Java

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