March 27, 2015
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Programming with Member References in NetBeans 8
Explore new compact expression styles introduced in Java 8 together with lambdas, collectively known as "member references."
Tags : NetBeans, Java 8, lambda expressions
Programming with Lambdas in Eclipse Luna
With the inception of Eclipse Luna, Java developers get a full-featured, Java 8-compliant IDE to try their hand at lambda expression. Read on to learn how to use lambda expression in your regular programming.
Tags : Java, Eclipse, IDE, Java 8, lambda expressions
Guide to Lambda Expression in Eclipse Luna
Manoj Debnath shows you how to get started with Lambdas with code snippets using Eclipse Luna as the IDE.
Tags : open source, Eclipse, Java 8, lambda expressions
Start Using Java Lambda Expressions
Constantin Marian Alin explores the power of Lambda expressions and streams, from simple to complex examples.
Tags : Java, Java 8, lambda expressions
New Core Features in Java 8
Learn about the important new features introduced in Java SE8.
Tags : Java, Java 8, features
Java and Scala Becoming More Alike
Scala's creator says similarity between the languages is good for Scala.
Tags : Scala, development, JVM, Java 8, programming languages
Java 8 Delayed Until 2013 As Java EE and ME Push Forward
Oracle lays out roadmap for Java releases
Tags : Java, Java 8
What's In Store for Java 8 and 9?
Java Chief Architect Mark Reinhold gives a glimpse of the future of Java at JavaOne, going beyond Java 7 to give a sneak peek of Java 8 and Java 9.
Tags : Java 7, Java 8
Building Java 8 for the Cloud
Members of the Java community say the next version of the programming language will need modularity, multi-tenancy and closures.
Tags : Java 8
Java 7 and 8 Begin to Take Shape: What's In, What's Out?
Oracle puts Java 7 and 8 features up for Java Community approval, providing a clear indication of what the next two major versions of Java are likely to include.
Tags : Java SE, JDK, OpenJDK, Java 7, Java 8

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