October 23, 2016
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Solving Java Issues: CPU Maxes Out and Utilization Never Goes Down
Does your CPU spike and not resolve itself? Here are some tips to make things better.
Tags : Java, CPU, JVM, JMeter, utilization rate, garbage collection, CPU performance, thread dump, GC, heap dump, runnable
A Deeper Look at Java Methods
Explore the intricacies of methods and how things actually work in Java.
Tags : Java, modules, JVM, Java Classes, Java methods, signature, method overloading, static method
Seven Options on For Taking Java Thread Dumps
Learn about seven different options to capture thread dumps, which are used to diagnose and treat many types of problems.
Tags : Java, Windows, JVM, JDK, JRE, thread dump, jstack, Kill -3, JVisualVM, Java Mission Control, JMC, ThreadMXBean
Advanced Concepts of Java Garbage Collection
Explore some of the areas of memory management, along with the APIs related to garbage collection.
Tags : Java, JVM, java virtual machine, garbage collection, memory management, finalize
A Deeper Look: Java Thread Example
Become more familiar with some concepts that would aid in better understanding Java threads, eventually leading to better programming.
Tags : Java, JVM, multitasking, process, stack, Java APIs, atomicity, Thread, context switching, program counter, thread synchronization
Working with Embedded Databases in Java
Explore the choices available in integrating a database engine and observe some intricacies involved in actually implementing them in Java.
Tags : Java, database, JDBC, JVM, RDBMS, In-memory database, embedded database, standalone database, Apache Derby, Java DB
Understanding the Android Platform Architecture
Explore the architectural components of the Android platform—an open source software platform for mobile devices built on top of the Linux Kernel.
Tags : Java, Android, architecture, Apache, JVM, Linux kernel, java virtual machine, Dalvik VM, Dalvik Virtual Machine
Effective Use of Java Command Line Tools
Explore some of the command line tools that come in quite handy when programming in Java.
Tags : Java, command line, JAR, IDE, JVM, JDK, utility, documentation, MANIFEST FILES, command line interface, JRE
Getting Started with Java RMI
Explore the concepts and intricacies of getting started with Java RMI while studying appropriate code examples.
Tags : Java, API, server, architecture, client, JVM, POJO, Java RMI, stub, network layer, CORBA
Understanding Android Code Structure
Master the Java code structure and flow of control in developing an Android application.
Tags : Java, Eclipse, Android, IDE, JVM, OS, process, life cycle, hand-held, activity
Exception Handling in JNI
Dig deeper into some of the key concepts of exception handling in JNI.
Tags : Java, C++, JVM, Native Code, Exception handling, JNI
Getting Started with JNI
Explore the world of JNI (Java Native Interface), a programming interface through which Java byte code can interact with any native code.
Tags : Java, C++, JVM, JDK, JNI, Java Native Interface
How to Bypass Accessibility Checks Through Reflection in Java
In my humble opinion, security is a farce. The most secure code is the code that you have never written and the most secure language is the language never invented. Learn more about reflection in Java.
Tags : Java, API, JVM, Security Breaches, Reflection, exploitation tools, security manager
Introspection of Java Code Through Reflection
Reflection provides some value so that we can create our own recipe rather than eulogize a bullet-proof black box of language paradigm.
Tags : Java, JVM, Reflection, Boolean, security manager
Explore Scripting in Java
Look into some nooks and corners and key aspects of scripting in Java in general.
Tags : Java, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, API, Groovy, JVM, JDK, JRuby, scripting, scripting languages, Jython, java virtual machine, Nashorn JavaScript
Working with Serialization in Java
Take advantage of serialization to persist an object's state.
Tags : Java, Serialization, Persistence, JVM, deserialization
Using Graphics in Java Applications
Explore the Java GUI in general and work with a couple of practical graphics implementations.
Tags : Java, JavaFX, graphics, JVM, Swing, AWT, Java GUI
Understanding the JVM Architecture
Gain an understanding of the JVM and its components.
Tags : Java, JVM, java virtual machine, garbage collection, byte code, runtime environment
Sequential File Access Using Java
Explore how to process common sequential files through Java and some aspects of file handling APIs in general.
Tags : Java, API, JVM, text file data, garbage collector
Doing Garbage Collection in Java
Write your Java programs to leverage JVM's garbage collection.
Tags : Java, C#, JVM, CLR INTEGRATION, garbage collection
Java and Scala Becoming More Alike
Scala's creator says similarity between the languages is good for Scala.
Tags : Scala, development, JVM, Java 8, programming languages
JetBrains Working on New JVM Language
Kotlin will be a statically typed language designed for performance-critical applications.
Tags : JVM
The Clojure Tutorial for Clojure Newbies
You've heard the buzz about the Clojure programming language. Learn how to begin experimenting with this powerful Lisp dialect.
Tags : JVM, LISP

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