October 26, 2016
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What Are Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)?
Understand and delineate the concept behind JEE, with a focus on EJB in particular.
Tags : EJB, JCP, JSR, java community process, Enterprise Java Beans, JEE, Java Specification Request, session bean, entity bean
Working with the New Java Date and Java Time APIs
Learn to use Joda Time, a new component of the Java 8 core library.
Tags : API, JDK, time zone, JCP, Java 8, java community process, Swing, date and time, Joda Time, JSR 310, analog clock, Java Date, Java Time
Oracle Picks Brazilian Java Group to Supersede Apache on JCP
Apache and two other JCP members left the Java governing body in a snit last year. The nomination of the Bruno Souza is perhaps an attempt to repair the damage.
Tags : JCP
The Apache Software Foundation Leaves the JCP Executive Committee
The Apache Software Foundation has joined others in stepping down from the Java Community Process Executive Committee.
Tags : Apache Software Foundation, JCP
Independent Java Expert Resigns from Java Community Process
Tim Peierls was the only member of the JCP Executive Committee representing independent Java programmers, and he quit this week.
Tags : JCP
Oracle Responds to Apache's Threat to Withdraw from JCP
Oracle responds to the Apache Software Foundation's threat to leave the Java Community Process Executive Committee, asking them to reconsider. The ASF tells Oracle it's you who needs to do the reconsidering.
Tags : Oracle, Apache Software Foundation, JCP

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