September 2, 2015
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Top Things Intel Has for Developers (Not Just Hardware)
When someone mentions Intel, most developers think about the processors that are in many of the computers on the market. This categorization of Intel as a hardware company, however, is not completely correct. In fact, many people are surprised when they start looking at what Intel does on the software side of technology. Intel has a number of hardcore products specifically for developers. While some of this technology is associated with hardware, including their processors, there are also software and APIs targeted solely in the area of software development. Here are several core things from Intel that are aimed at software developers. How many were you aware of?
Tags : developers, Intel, RealSense
Getting Started Building with Intel XDK New
The Intel XDK New is quickly becoming a very popular option to create HTML5 installed apps on mobile using Apache Cordova. David Talbot shows you how easy it is to get started.
Tags : HTML5, Android, Intel, IOS, windows phone apps, XDK
Intel Tools for the Android Developer
As an Android app developer, you need all the tools you can get to design quality apps that leverage the powerful smart-device hardware available on the market today.
Tags : Android, Intel, Android App development
Intel: Devs Should Create More Touchscreen Apps
Better applications could spur more sales of ultrabooks with touchscreens.
Tags : Intel, touchscreen, application development
Intel Reveals Mobile Plans at Developer Forum
Ultrabooks and a partnership with Google are in the works for Intel.
Tags : Intel
Intel to Port Android 3.0 to x86 Based Processors
Intel-based smartphones and tablets to be released for sale within 12 months.
Tags : Intel, x86, Android 3.0
13 Lines of Code Boosts Intel Sandy Bridge Performance
Intel's Zou Nan hai committed 13 lines of code to the Mesa Git mainline and that commit dramatically boosted Sandy Bridge Linux performance.
Tags : Linux, Intel
Intel Moving Forward With MeeGo Without Nokia
At a press conference, Intel vice president Renee James said, "Meego is more of a vibrant community project that is going to go forward."
Tags : Intel, MeeGo
Intel Announces Open Source Open FCoE Software Stack
According to Intel, if everyone converted to their Open FCoE software stack, the world would save $3 billion in hardware and power costs and 400 million feet of cable.
Tags : Intel, Fibre Channel over Ethernet

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