October 20, 2016
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Microsoft Open Mind Studio Delivers Machine Learning
Learn about Microsoft Open Mind Studio, the next level of machine learning software.
Tags : Microsoft, IDE, GPU, machine learning software, Tensorflow, Open Mind Studio
What Is Jenkins?
Leap into Jenkins, an open source project written in Java and dedicated to sustaining continuous integration practices.
Tags : Java, open source, Spring, IDE, plug-ins, continuous integration, Jenkins, github, Windows Services, Payara Server, port 8080
Python Study Guide: Your New Home: Python IDLE
Go further in your pursuit of Python mastery. Discover Python IDLE.
Tags : Python, Windows, IDE, Mac, shell, Python Interactive Interpreter, Python IDLE
Effective Use of Java Command Line Tools
Explore some of the command line tools that come in quite handy when programming in Java.
Tags : Java, command line, JAR, IDE, JVM, JDK, utility, documentation, MANIFEST FILES, command line interface, JRE
Update: Connecting Your Android Device to Eclipse
Updated: The Android Emulator is a useful tool for previewing your mobile app, but it can never give you the same experience as running and debugging your app on a real device.
Tags : Linux, Eclipse, Windows, Google, Android, IDE, Mac, Samsung, USB, android studio, Android Virtual Device
Understanding Android Code Structure
Master the Java code structure and flow of control in developing an Android application.
Tags : Java, Eclipse, Android, IDE, JVM, OS, process, life cycle, hand-held, activity
Using Android Studio
Discover where to get the Android Studio download, how different it is from Eclipse, and more to make your development time easier.
Tags : Eclipse, Android, IDE, SDKs, Google Cloud, android studio, Gradle
Machine Learning Has Big Implications for Coders
Programs should strive to incorporate machine learning into their development efforts and start to realize the benefits and robustness that machine learning can bring to most any coding project.
Tags : IDE, Project Management Tools, machine learning, RAD tools, Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems
Using the Vaadin Framework for Enterpise Apps
Vaadin exists so that you can stay within the Java framework while using your favorite IDE. Use Vaadin and succeed with ease.
Tags : Java, IDE, EJB, enterpise apps, Vaadin, Hibernate
Programming with Lambdas in Eclipse Luna
With the inception of Eclipse Luna, Java developers get a full-featured, Java 8-compliant IDE to try their hand at lambda expression. Read on to learn how to use lambda expression in your regular programming.
Tags : Java, Eclipse, IDE, Java 8, lambda expressions
Migrating From Eclipse to Android Studio
If you're eager to try Android Studio, there's no reason why a half-finished Eclipse project should hold you back! This tutorial explores two options, for migrating your Eclipse project to Android Studio.
Tags : Eclipse, Android, IDE, android studio
Codio: A Cloud-Based IDE for Web Development
The Codio Web-based IDE helps developers of various skill levels build Web apps using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.
Tags : HTML5, Web development, CSS, JavaScript, Cloud, IDE
Getting Started with Google's Android Studio
Android Studio is the first IDE dedicated entirely to Android. Find out how it compares to Eclipse, and develop a Hello World app in the new IDE.
Tags : Java, Eclipse, Google, Android, development, IDE, android studio
NetBeans 7.2 Adds Static Analysis, Improves Performance
The Java IDE supports the latest versions of C++, PHP, Maven and Groovy.
Tags : Java, open source, Oracle, NetBeans, IDE
Google Releases Collide Web-Based IDE
The move could mean the Brightly project is at an end.
Tags : open source, Google, Web, IDE, Collide
Visual Studio 11 to Improve JavaScript Support
The next version of Microsoft's IDE will include improved IntelliSense auto-completion, plus better JavaScript debugging.
Tags : JavaScript, IDE, Intellisense, Microsoft Visual Studio
Nvidia Launches a Linux/OS X version of its Nsight IDE
Nsight Eclipse Edition is the first IDE for developing GPU-accelerated apps on Linux and OS X.
Tags : Linux, IDE, nVidia, OS X, GPU
JetBrains Launches RubyMine 4 IDE
The updated Ruby on Rails development tool boasts better performance and a new interface.
Tags : Ruby on Rails, IDE, development tools, JetBrains
ActiveState Ships Komodo 7 IDE
The development tool vendor says this IDE is "the world's fastest."
Tags : IDE, Komodo
Komodo 7.0 IDE Syncs Up Development
Mozilla-powered IDE Komodo 7 gets new collaboration features and extends support to Node.js and LESS.
Tags : Python, IDE
Oracle Updates NetBeans
Version 7.1 of the open source Java IDE adds support for JavaFX 2.0 and CSS3.
Tags : Java, Oracle, NetBeans, IDE
JetBrains Updates WebStorm, IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm
The company delivered new releases for three of its development tools this month.
Tags : developer, JavaScript, IDE, JetBrains
JetBrains Updates ReSharper Extension for Visual Studio
The JetBrains ReSharper 6 update boasts greater support for Web application development in Visual Studio.
Tags : IDE, JetBrains
Eclipse Indigo Releases 62 Open Source Projects
Annual Eclipse release train delivers IDE, modeling and runtime projects. What's new? What's noteworthy?
Tags : Eclipse, IDE
JetBrains Upgrades Git Version Control System Usage for Continuous Integration Server
JetBrains TeamCity 6.5 will now offer an updated UI and eliminate usage limitations.
Tags : IDE, continuous integration
JetBrains Releases IntelliJ IDEA for Java 7
Developers who have tried IntelliJ IDEA appreciate the ability to use the latest technologies available, a key to successful projects.
Tags : IDE, Java 7
WaveMaker Review: Java RAD Tool for Web Applications
The RAD tool WaveMaker, now owned by SpringSource, helps non-programmers quickly develop Java-based Web applications.
Tags : Java, IDE, Web Tool
Oracle Advances NetBeans for Java 7
The NetBeans 7 release adds Java 7 and HTML 5 support, as well as new integration with WebLogic to the open source IDE.
Tags : NetBeans, IDE, Java 7
KDevelop 4.1 Adds Git Integration
This week, open source KDevelop 4.1 hit the Internet with Git integration, improved PHP support, a Hex editor, remote project importation, external script execution and patch exporting.
Tags : git, IDE, KDevelop
Vim for PHP Development: How to Get Started
Learns the Vim command sequences that can make writing and managing PHP scripts amazingly fast.
Tags : PHP, IDE
Helios Release Delivers 39 Open Source Projects for Eclipse IDE
The coordinated Helios release of Eclipse projects delivers new tools for developers to build and deploy applications with the Eclipse IDE.
Tags : Java, Linux, Eclipse, IDE
Zen Coding and the Art of Rapid HTML Authoring
The powerful new Zen Coding IDE plugin allows developers to write HTML with blazing speed.
Tags : web developers, IDE, HTML, plugins

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