October 21, 2016
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New Heroku Version Includes Logs, Processes and Node.js
The Salesforce.com owned platform-as-a-service Heroku is expanding beyond Ruby.
Tags : Heroku, PaaS
A Rails Cloud Implementation Using CouchDB and Heroku
CouchDB is a schema-less data store built on top of HTTP and REST. Learn how to use it on the backend of a Heroku-deployed Rails app.
Tags : Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Cloud, Heroku, CouchDB
A Rails Cloud Implementation Using MongoDB and Heroku
Learn how to use the non-relational MongoDB datastore as the backend for your Heroku-deployed Rails application. More importantly, learn why you would choose it over the likes of PostgreSQL.
Tags : Ruby on Rails, Ruby, cloud computing, Heroku, cloud services
Take Rails to the Cloud: Deploying a Rails Application to Heroku
Learn how to use the Heroku cloud computing platform by following the development and deployment of a simple database-backed Rails application.
Tags : Ruby on Rails, Cloud, Heroku, cloud services, PostgreSQL

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