December 20, 2014
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Developing Hybrid Apps with the Ionic Framework
The Iconic Framework can empower developers and leverage their AngularJS and HTML5 skills to create beautiful, high-performing apps.
Tags : HTML 5, HYBRID APPLICATIONS, Mobile Age, AngularJS, Iconic
Demand Remains High for Freelance Mobile Developers
HTML5 and interface design jobs are also climbing.
Tags : mobile development, jobs, careers, interface, software development, HTML 5, freelance
9 Top HTML5 Development Tools
These tools can help you break away from Flash and Silverlight.
Tags : Flash, Adobe, HTML 5, development tools, Sencha
Lightswitch Gets HTML5 Support
Microsoft is adding new features to its rapid application development tool.
Tags : Microsoft, Visual Studio, HTML 5, LightSwitch, development tools
JavaFX 2 vs. HTML5: Media Support for RIA
How do the JavaFX 2.x media assets compare with the equivalent assets in HTML5?
Tags : JavaFX, HTML 5
Testing Reveals Mobile Devices Aren't Ready for HTML5
Smartphones and tablets will run HTML5 apps, but those apps run s-l-o-w-l-y.
Tags : mobile development, smartphones, apps, tablets, HTML 5
Adobe Adds HTML5 and REST Support to ColdFusion
ColdFusion 10 also offers Tomcat integration and enhanced caching.
Tags : Web development, Adobe, HTML 5, ColdFusion
AppMobi Launches Version 1.0 of jqMobi HTML5 Framework
The new release promises numerous improvements over January's beta.
Tags : framework, mobile development, HTML 5, appMobi
Facebook Gets Behind HTML5 Development Standards
The social network is also promoting mobile payment efforts.
Tags : Facebook, mobile development, standards, HTML 5
Adobe Plans to Support Flash Development for 5 to 10 Years
The company will also support competing HTML5 technologies.
Tags : Flash, Adobe, HTML 5
Mozilla Reveals Plans to Compete with Native Apps
The foundation is planning a version of Firefox for Metro.
Tags : mobile apps, Mozilla Firefox, HTML 5
AppMobi Releases Open Source Mobile JQuery Framework
Unlike its competitors, jQ.Mobi is HTML5-ready.
Tags : jQuery, mobile development, HTML 5
Survey Finds Three-Quarters of Developers Using HTML5
The new standards are particularly popular in the Asia-Pacific region.
Tags : survey, HTML 5
Project Spartan to Spur the Development of HTML5 Apps
Game developers working on Facebook's hush-hush project could help turn the app store distribution model on its head.
Tags : HTML 5
Adobe Launches HTML5 Tool
Adobe Edge offers an alternative to Flash for creating dynamic Web content.
Tags : Flash, Adobe, HTML 5
HTML Spec to Lose Version Number
Rather than referring to the HTML specification as "HTML5" or "HTML4," the WHATWG is dropping the version number. The HTML specification will now be a "living standard."
Tags : HTML 5
Top 10 Features in CSS 3
Cascading Style Sheets 3 (CSS3) eventually will become the Web standard for stylizing presentational markup. Here are 10 reasons why.
Tags : HTML 5, CSS 3
Matt Asay Leaves Canonical for Strobe
Asay was with Canonical for only 10 months, and now he's leaving to join Strobe to build HTML5 Web-based applications.
Tags : Canonical, HTML 5
Katalabs Releases HTML 5 Virtual Worlds Browser
All you can currently do in Katalabs HTML 5 Virtual Worlds browser is walk around, sit down, and chat, but it's a start.
Tags : HTML 5, Sirikata
Nine New-ish jQuery Features Worth Trying
These nine recent jQuery features cover everything from mobile development to testing to HTML 5.
Tags : JavaScript, jQuery, HTML 5, JQuery Mobile

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