October 22, 2016
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Top Open Source Content Management Systems
Compare some of the popular open source CMS systems, namely DNN and Umbraco for .NET, and WordPress and Drupal for PHP.
Tags : CSS, .NET, PHP, JavaScript, CMS, content management system, Drupal, Wordpress, MVC, HTML 5, APIs, DNN, Umbraco
Learn to Create Mobile Applications with Bootstrap and HTML 5
Bootstrap is a UI framework to develop responsive web designs. This article will help you learn to develop mobile friendly web applications with it.
Tags : mobile applications, HTML 5, bootstrap, mobile applications development, UI Framework
Developing Hybrid Apps with the Ionic Framework
The Iconic Framework can empower developers and leverage their AngularJS and HTML5 skills to create beautiful, high-performing apps.
Tags : HTML 5, HYBRID APPLICATIONS, Mobile Age, AngularJS, Iconic
Demand Remains High for Freelance Mobile Developers
HTML5 and interface design jobs are also climbing.
Tags : mobile development, jobs, careers, interface, software development, HTML 5, freelance
9 Top HTML5 Development Tools
These tools can help you break away from Flash and Silverlight.
Tags : Flash, Adobe, HTML 5, development tools, Sencha
Lightswitch Gets HTML5 Support
Microsoft is adding new features to its rapid application development tool.
Tags : Microsoft, Visual Studio, HTML 5, LightSwitch, development tools
JavaFX 2 vs. HTML5: Media Support for RIA
How do the JavaFX 2.x media assets compare with the equivalent assets in HTML5?
Tags : JavaFX, HTML 5
Testing Reveals Mobile Devices Aren't Ready for HTML5
Smartphones and tablets will run HTML5 apps, but those apps run s-l-o-w-l-y.
Tags : mobile development, smartphones, apps, tablets, HTML 5
Adobe Adds HTML5 and REST Support to ColdFusion
ColdFusion 10 also offers Tomcat integration and enhanced caching.
Tags : Web development, Adobe, HTML 5, ColdFusion
AppMobi Launches Version 1.0 of jqMobi HTML5 Framework
The new release promises numerous improvements over January's beta.
Tags : framework, mobile development, HTML 5, appMobi
Facebook Gets Behind HTML5 Development Standards
The social network is also promoting mobile payment efforts.
Tags : Facebook, mobile development, standards, HTML 5
Adobe Plans to Support Flash Development for 5 to 10 Years
The company will also support competing HTML5 technologies.
Tags : Flash, Adobe, HTML 5
Mozilla Reveals Plans to Compete with Native Apps
The foundation is planning a version of Firefox for Metro.
Tags : mobile apps, Mozilla Firefox, HTML 5
AppMobi Releases Open Source Mobile JQuery Framework
Unlike its competitors, jQ.Mobi is HTML5-ready.
Tags : jQuery, mobile development, HTML 5
Survey Finds Three-Quarters of Developers Using HTML5
The new standards are particularly popular in the Asia-Pacific region.
Tags : survey, HTML 5
Project Spartan to Spur the Development of HTML5 Apps
Game developers working on Facebook's hush-hush project could help turn the app store distribution model on its head.
Tags : HTML 5
Adobe Launches HTML5 Tool
Adobe Edge offers an alternative to Flash for creating dynamic Web content.
Tags : Flash, Adobe, HTML 5
HTML Spec to Lose Version Number
Rather than referring to the HTML specification as "HTML5" or "HTML4," the WHATWG is dropping the version number. The HTML specification will now be a "living standard."
Tags : HTML 5
Top 10 Features in CSS 3
Cascading Style Sheets 3 (CSS3) eventually will become the Web standard for stylizing presentational markup. Here are 10 reasons why.
Tags : HTML 5, CSS 3
Matt Asay Leaves Canonical for Strobe
Asay was with Canonical for only 10 months, and now he's leaving to join Strobe to build HTML5 Web-based applications.
Tags : Canonical, HTML 5
Katalabs Releases HTML 5 Virtual Worlds Browser
All you can currently do in Katalabs HTML 5 Virtual Worlds browser is walk around, sit down, and chat, but it's a start.
Tags : HTML 5, Sirikata
Nine New-ish jQuery Features Worth Trying
These nine recent jQuery features cover everything from mobile development to testing to HTML 5.
Tags : JavaScript, jQuery, HTML 5, JQuery Mobile

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