October 24, 2016
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Top Android Emulators to Drive Maximum Reach for Your Android App
Android developers, walk through the Android emulators you should use to test your application to drive maximum reach for your Android applications.
Tags : Google, Android, Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Android app, android studio, Android Emulator
What Do Android App Developers Gain with Android Marshmallow?
Android is becoming a major market for mobile apps. Are you ready to develop them?
Tags : Google, smartphone, Google Play, Google Now, Google Now on Tap, Android Marshmallow, Android app developers
A Quick Primer on the Top Android 6.0 Marshmallow Features
Go through some of the top features of Android M and determine whether it stands up to the hype.
Tags : Google, smartphone, Nexus, battery life, fingerprint security, NFC payments, Android Pay, battery charging, Marshmallow, Android 6.0, lock screen
Update: Connecting Your Android Device to Eclipse
Updated: The Android Emulator is a useful tool for previewing your mobile app, but it can never give you the same experience as running and debugging your app on a real device.
Tags : Linux, Eclipse, Windows, Google, Android, IDE, Mac, Samsung, USB, android studio, Android Virtual Device
Providing Configurations in Android Wear
Take the next step in learning to program Android Wear Watch Faces.
Tags : Google, Android Wear, Google Play Services, watch face, Wearable Data Layer API, Mobile Configuration Activity
Getting Started with Android Using Java
Now's the time to receive instruction to get a first taste of Android Programming in Java in a simple manner.
Tags : Java, Google, Android, VM, ART+COM, Swing, AWT, Dalvik VM, SWT, J2ME Canvas
How to Resolve Security Vulnerabilities in HTML5 Cross-Platform Mobile App Development
With appropriate design and support, developers and device OEMs can address potential security vulnerabilities and build applications able to withstand the tests of time.
Tags : HTML5, Google, Android, HTML5 Development Framework, HTML5 On Mobile Devices, open source community, Android 4.4 KitKat, KitKat 4.4
Building Your First Wearable Android App
Follow along and go through the necessary setup on mobile and wearable devices as well as configurations on Android Studio.
Tags : Google, Apple, Android SDK, Android app, Google Play Store, android studio, Android Wear, Wearable Android App
Understanding Security Management with the Azure API
See how different security scenarios are exposed in Azure APIs.
Tags : Google, Twitter, Azure, Hotmail, Facebook API, security management, subscriptions, Azure API
Building a Mapping Android App
Learn how to build an Android application that uses Google Maps.
Tags : Java, Google Maps, Google, Android, Android app, MapFragment, MapView
Programming to Geocode Addresses and Getting the Current Location
In this article, we learn how to build an Android application that uses Google Maps.
Tags : Java, Google Maps, Google, Android, Android applications, geocode, MapFragment
Getting Familiarized with the Hadoop Distribution File System
Learn more about the Hadoop Distribution File System that's designed to adhere to a traditional distributed file system and the Google File system.
Tags : Hadoop, Google, Hadoop Distributed File System, HDFS
Getting Started with Google's Android Studio
Android Studio is the first IDE dedicated entirely to Android. Find out how it compares to Eclipse, and develop a Hello World app in the new IDE.
Tags : Java, Eclipse, Google, Android, development, IDE, android studio
Changing Your Android App's Theme Dynamically
Find out how to build a customizable Android app, where the user can change the app's theme dynamically at runtime.
Tags : open source, UI, Google, Android, smartphone, themes, app development
Chrome Packaged Apps : What are They and How can I Get on the Train?
Chromebooks are popping up everywhere! Learn how to create Chrome Packaged Apps that can be installed on the Chromium operating system and in Chrome desktop browsers.
Tags : Google, apps, Chrome, Chromebooks
Now Hear This! Notifications in Chrome Installed Applications
Add pop up "Toast" notifications to your Chrome app in minutes! David Talbot shows you how.
Tags : HTML5, Google, Chrome, HTML5 apps
From Web to App: Your First Chrome Installed App
David Talbot shows you how to get started in minutes creating powerful offline capable web apps that reach a huge audience on the Chrome Web Store.
Tags : HTML5, Google, Chrome App Store, HTML5 apps
Google Leak Finder Finds Memory Leaks in JavaScript
The open source tool can help Web app developers find bugs and improve performance.
Tags : JavaScript, Google, Memory, bug, leak, web application development
iOS Apps Command Higher Ad Rates Than Android Apps
Apple's platform continues to be very lucrative for developers.
Tags : mobile development, Google, Android, Apple, apps, IOS
See What You Missed at I/O
Google has posted online videos from its developer event.
Tags : mobile development, Google, Android, I/O, videos
Google Releases Collide Web-Based IDE
The move could mean the Brightly project is at an end.
Tags : open source, Google, Web, IDE, Collide
What Was New for Developers at the Google I/O Keynote
Google unveiled the next version of Android, updates to Google Play, a new tablet and Nexus Q for TV.
Tags : Google, Android, developers, tablet, I/O, Jelly Bean, Nexus 7, Nexus Q
Google Adds Feedback Features for Developers
The company is also offering developers the chance to interact with Google engineers live.
Tags : Google, Chrome App Store, app development, Google Play
Developers Still Building Twice as Many iOS Apps as Android Apps
Concerns about fragmentation and low money-making potential keep many developers away from Android.
Tags : mobile development, Google, Android, fragmentation, Apple, apps, IOS
Can You Copyright a Programming Language?
Google says no; Oracle says yes.
Tags : Java, Oracle, Google, Android, programming language
Go Is a Go
Google has released version 1 of its new programming language.
Tags : Google, Go, programming languages
Google I/O Tickets Sold Out
Developers snatched up all of the conference tickets in just 30 minutes.
Tags : Google, development, I/O, conference, google+
Android Users Sue Over App Refund Policies
Plaintiffs say that 15 minutes isn't enough time to discover if an app is faulty.
Tags : Google, Android, lawsuit
Google Programming Languages Lose Popularity
Neither Go nor Dart are in the top 50.
Tags : Java, JavaScript, Google, Go, programming languages, Dart
Google Launches Technology Preview of Dart for Chromium
The company hopes the "Dartium" technology will generate more developer interest in its new programming language called Dart.
Tags : Google, Dart, Chromium
Google Launches 'Early Preview' of Dart
The new programming language aims to offer an alternative to JavaScript.
Tags : JavaScript, Google
Google Rolls Out Talk Video Chat to Android
Android 2.3 and higher devices to recieve the latest Voice and Chat endeavor by Google.
Tags : Google, Android, chat
Google Launches Open Source YouTube Channel
Google's open source YouTube channel is a place to find videos related to open source software projects.
Tags : YouTube, open source, Google
Google Donates Java GUI and Profiler Tools to Eclipse Foundation
Google set to launch the WindowBuilder Java GUI designer and CodePro Profiler at Eclipse, donating code worth over $5 million.
Tags : Java, Eclipse, Google
Google to Oracle: If Android Violates Copyright, It's Not Our Fault
If anyone violated anybody's copyrights, Google says it must have been a third-party because they have no idea what Oracle's talking about.
Tags : Oracle, Google, Android
Google Denies Facebook Access to Gmail Contacts API
Google to Facebook - you can have our data when we can get your data.
Tags : Facebook, Google, APIs
Google Chrome OS Really is Open Source
Google can open source Chrome, because doing so can't hurt them, and may even help them, but open sourcing Android and Google TV is a bit different for the search engine giant.
Tags : Google, browser, Chrome
Matt Asay Says Microsoft Open Source Threats Will Fail
Matt Asay warns Microsoft against continuing the company's current strategy of threatening lawsuits to crush open source software.
Tags : open source, Google, Android, Microsoft
Oracle Lawsuit on Top of Java Complexity Scaring Developers Away?
With Java complexity already a barrier, the Oracle lawsuit against Google is further incentive for developers to stay away or switch.
Tags : Java, Oracle, Google, licensing
Google Hacking Evolves for Defense
New tools announced at Black Hat will enable Google and Bing search queries for security vulnerability detection.
Tags : security, Google, Bing
Google's Going Native in Chrome With SDK
New open source Native Client SDK debuts for Chrome, bringing C and C++ to the Web. But is it just another form of vendor lock-in?
Tags : Google, C++, Google Chrome, Native Client
Anatomy of a Google Go Program
Get an introduction to a concurrent, file-processing program written in Google's Go language.
Tags : Concurrency, Google, Compiled languages, Go programming language
Create Custom Web-based Graphs with the Google Chart API and PHP
Presenting data visually can quickly reveal crucial trends. Learn how to use the Google Chart API in conjunction with PHP to create a variety of useful charts.
Tags : PHP, chart, Google, API
An Android Developer's Top 10 Gripes
A veteran mobile application developer vents his frustration with a list of 10 things he loves to hate about Android.
Tags : open source, Google, Android, fragmentation, mobile developer
Creating Draggable Markers with the Google Maps API
Using the combined power of the Google Maps API, jQuery, and PHP, you can manipulate marker positions and save the updated coordinates to your local database with ease!
Tags : PHP, Google Maps, Ajax, Google, services
Implement Automatic Discovery in Your Java Code with Annotations
Learn how to use Java annotations to discover code automatically at runtime with a ServiceLoader. This useful technique will make your life easier.
Tags : open source, Google, Android, fragmentation, Device

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