October 21, 2016
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9 Top HTML5 Development Tools
These tools can help you break away from Flash and Silverlight.
Tags : Flash, Adobe, HTML 5, development tools, Sencha
Adobe Won't Make a Flash Player for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
Flash is all but dead on mobile platforms.
Tags : Flash, HTML5, Android, Adobe, Jelly Bean
Windows 8 Might Support Flash After All
Leaked screenshots show Internet Explorer 10 running Flash animations.
Tags : Flash, Web development, Windows 8, Metro
Animation in JavaFX vs. Flash
JavaFX offers powerful animation capabilities for programmers, but lacks the advanced capabilities that Flash offers animators.
Tags : Flash, JavaFX, animation
Adobe Plans to Charge Royalties on High-Earning Flash Apps
Developers who make more than $50K will owe the company a 9 percent fee.
Tags : Flash, mobile development, apps, Adobe
Adobe Plans to Support Flash Development for 5 to 10 Years
The company will also support competing HTML5 technologies.
Tags : Flash, Adobe, HTML 5
Adobe Launches HTML5 Tool
Adobe Edge offers an alternative to Flash for creating dynamic Web content.
Tags : Flash, Adobe, HTML 5
Gnash 0.8.9 GNU Flash Player Is Here
It's been seven months since the last update to gnash, but 0.8.9 has arrived.
Tags : Flash, GNU
Adobe Flash Player 10.2 on Linux Uses GPU Video Acceleration
Testing shows that Adobe Flash 10.2 is noticeably faster than 10.1 on Linux.
Tags : Flash, Linux, video
YouTube Developer Blog Gives Flash the Nod Over HTML5
Google engineer explains why YouTube still favors Flash over HTML5 -- for now.
Tags : YouTube, Flash, HTML5
Generating Open Flash Charts from Rails Application Data
Use an Open Flash Charts plugin for Rails that uses JSON to convert values from a database into Flash objects.
Tags : Flash, Ruby on Rails, chart, reporting

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