October 27, 2016
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Three Questions to Answer When Reporting an Error
Instead of being a helpful experience, most error messages produce anxiety, confusion, and annoyance. Learn to create better error messages and make your users happier.
Tags : Firefox, Visual Studio, Mozilla, errors, User Experience, HTTP, error handling, error message, Error Reporting, HTTP 500 Error
Wine Integrates Firefox 4 Engine
Wine has switched to the latest Mozilla Geck Firefox 4 engine.
Tags : Firefox, Wine
Mozilla Paid Out $40,000 for Bug Bounty in One Month
Last month, Mozilla expanded its bug bounty program beyond Firefox.
Tags : Firefox, Mozilla
Mozilla's 'Don't Track Me' Plan
Mozilla is planning to offer a do-not-track feature to future versions of Firefox.
Tags : Firefox, Mozilla
Firefox Beating Internet Explorer in Europe
Thanks to Google, Firefox is now the dominant browser in Europe.
Tags : Firefox, Google Chrome
EFF Releases New Version of HTTPS Everywhere Firefox Plugin
The HTTPS Everywhere Firefox plugin attempts to protect Firefox users from having their accounts hijacked by sites that do not encrypt cookies.
Tags : Firefox, HTTPS, browser security
Mozilla Wants a Birthday Card
It's been six years since Firefox 1.0 on Nov. 9, 2004.
Tags : Firefox, Browers
Firebug: Add Browser-based Debugging to Your Ajax Development
Tired of troublesome debugging techniques in your Ajax development? Check out Firebug, a Firefox extension that makes JavaScript debugging almost fun.
Tags : JavaScript, Ajax, Firefox, debugging, Firebug
Mozilla Developers Talk Up Firefox as a Key Development Tool
What about Firefox makes it an enabling tool for developing content and code for the Web?
Tags : browsers, Firefox, browser extensions, Firebug, Mozilla
The Firefox Web Developer Toolbar Maximizes Your Productivity
Web developers, the powerful Firefox Web Developer Toolbar add-in can send your productivity soaring.
Tags : CSS, open source, Firefox, browser extensions, web developers
Mozilla Firefox Gets More 'Agile' with Lorentz
A new Firefox release model is now set to take hold, which will see the popular browser's developers embrace more of an Agile-like methodology.
Tags : open source, Firefox, Mozilla

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