October 23, 2016
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Has the Time for Progressive Web Apps Already Come?
Progressive Web Apps seem to be the bridge between "mobile only" and Web app development.
Tags : Facebook, Web apps, mobile apps, push notifications, Progressive, Instant articles, 5miles Marketplace, Flipkart, NET-A-PORTER, Service Workers
Ten Ways to Achieve Faster Iteration on Mobile
Learn more about the iteration process to improve your mobile apps, and their release to market.
Tags : Facebook, mobile, Apple, DropBox, release train, Lyft, UX, agile approach, iteration
What Is React.JS?
Discover the basics of the React.JS framework and, through examples, unveil the mystery behind it.
Tags : Facebook, JavaScript, MVC, HTML, rendering, state, React, React.JS, JSX, props
Mobile Dominance is Facebook's New Target
Facebook is stepping up their mobile game with plans to offer cross-platform tools and services to make it easier to build and monetize applications for multiple mobile platforms.
Tags : Facebook, mobile computing, cross platform development
Working with Facebook SDK for JavaScript
Bipin Joshi shows you how to implement Facebook authentication, how to retrieve a user's details, and how to post on the user's wall.
Tags : Facebook, JavaScript, authentication, Facebook API, Facebook apps
For Developers, Facebook is a Double-Edged Sword
The constant changes to the platform can result in major problems for developers.
Tags : Facebook, social networking, developers, apps, platform
New Tools Ease Facebook Integration for iOS Apps
Facebook has launched a developer center and updated its iOS SDK.
Tags : Facebook, mobile development, apps, IOS, app development
Facebook Opens App Center with 600 Apps
Users will see different apps depending on which apps their friends use.
Tags : Facebook, mobile development, apps, app store, App Center
Facebook Gets Behind HTML5 Development Standards
The social network is also promoting mobile payment efforts.
Tags : Facebook, mobile development, standards, HTML 5
Facebook Open Graph Apps Go Live This Week
Third-party apps will track Facebook users' actions and report them back to the social network.
Tags : Facebook, apps, Open Graph API
HipHopVM Speeds PHP Development
Facebook claims the new tool improves performance by 60 percent.
Tags : PHP, Facebook, development, VM
Facebook App Development 101: The Facebook Platform
The Facebook platform hosts over 550,000 apps and nearly any developer can create a Facebook app and deploy it for free. Learn all about the platform that makes this possible.
Tags : Facebook, Facebook API, Facebook Graph API, Facebook developers
Facebook Gives Open Source Project $50,000
The project is called Supercell and it will provide testing free of charge to other open source projects.
Tags : Facebook, testing
Google Denies Facebook Access to Gmail Contacts API
Google to Facebook - you can have our data when we can get your data.
Tags : Facebook, Google, APIs
Developer Bonanza? $250M sFund Aims to Grow Facebook, Social Web Apps
Kleiner Perkins, Amazon and others launch a fund designed to spur the growth of new applications for Facebook and the social Web.
Tags : Facebook, investment, social web
Inside Facebook's Open Source Infrastructure
How does Facebook deliver social networking to 500 million people? It takes a whole lot of storage and some open source goodness.
Tags : open source, Facebook
Facebook Opens the Social Graph to Web Developers
Facebook expects a billion "Like" social plugin buttons across the Web within 24 hours of launching its new Open Graph protocol on Wednesday.
Tags : Facebook, Web sites, tagging, social network
Facebook's HipHop Goes Public With a New PHP Runtime
Over 90 percent of Facebook servers are now using HipHop as the project opens to the community, promising better performance and scalability.
Tags : open source, PHP, Zend, Facebook
News Brief: Facebook Sponsors Apache Software Foundation
Facebook is built on open source Apache technology, and now it's making support of the ASF official.
Tags : Hadoop, open source, Facebook, Apache, ASF
Writing Facebook Applications Using Java EE
Facebook is a fast growing social network with more than 60 million users worldwide, and growing fast. Learn to write applications for the Facebook platform using Java EE technologies.
Tags : Facebook

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