October 20, 2016
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Three Challenges Facing the Adoption of Microservices
Microservices is a field that must adapt to the changing needs of the enterprise market. Identify and conquer three of the biggest challenges.
Tags : Enterprise, implementation, deployment, IT & Network Infrastructure, Microservices, microservices architecture, Software architectures, dependencies
Instant Push Notification in the Enterprise
What happens when you have the ability to get instant push notifications along with today’s vast array of sensors? If you toss in a little “Internet of Things (IoT)” you could quickly start revolutionizing how many industries operate.
Tags : Enterprise, push notifications, internet of things, IoT
Using Ajax with JSF in an Enterprise Application
Learn how to use Ajax with Java Server Faces (JSF) to incorporate dynamic functionality into a web page.
Tags : Ajax, JSF, application, Enterprise
Understanding Big Data Persistence
Learn about new data persistence technologies including NOSQL and NewSQL databases as well as about CAP theorem, useful data access patterns, and good practices applicable to enterprise application programming with Big Data.
Tags : NoSQL, database, Persistence, Enterprise, big data, newsql
Big Data: The Proof of Concept Project
Complete a big data proof of concept project in 60 days, leading to a full implementation afterward.
Tags : Cloud, Enterprise, big data
Building and Deploying Apps to an Enterprise Enrolled Phone
Vipul Patel explores the fundamentals of how to distribute company applications for Windows Phones.
Tags : Enterprise, mobile device, Windows Phone 8
Combining JavaFX and Java Enterprise Modules
The focus of javaFX as a tool is on the client rich interactive visualization of content; it can be a suitable candidate to interface your next enterprise application when merged with JavaEE modules. Read on to learn more.
Tags : JavaFX, Enterprise
Survey Highlights Growing Importance of Enterprise Mobile Development
Report says enterprises are adopting a "mobile first" approach.
Tags : mobile development, survey, Enterprise

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