October 25, 2016
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What Advantages Does Azure Provide for Business Apps?
Learn when, and how, to transition your apps and data to the cloud.
Tags : Cloud, Azure, VPN, capex, opex, virtual machines, ExpressRoute for Azure
Movin' on Up: 3 Things to Consider When Migrating Legacy Applications to the Cloud
Here are some tips to help ease your migration to the cloud.
Tags : Cloud, architecture, migrate, optimize, scalability, legacy applications
SAP HANA, Microsoft Azure, Office 365: Integration, Collaboration, and More
Microsoft and SAP are working together to provide better collaboration.
Tags : Cloud, SAP, Microsoft Azure, SAP HANA
What Is Azure Data Lake?
Explore what Data Lake is and learn about the new services included under Data Lake Services.
Tags : Cloud, Microsoft, Azure, data warehouse, HDInsight, Azure Data Lake, U-SQL query language, Azure Data Lake Analytics, WebHDFS
Introducing Docker Machine
Use Docker Machine to create a distributed cloud system or local virtual environment.
Tags : Windows, Cloud, Virtual Cloud Management, PowerShell, virtualbox, SSH, Daemon, Docker Machine
Ten Considerations for Realizing the Potential of the Cloud
Examine and implement basic architectural considerations for creating cloud-ready applications.
Tags : Cloud, server, VM, backup, IOPS, ESB, S3, OpenStack, state, Amazon AWS, docker, backup in the cloud, NoSQL technology
What Developers Need to Know about the Cloud
Explore the differences developers need to consider when creating applications that are cloud-ready.
Tags : Cloud, VM, EC2, Rackspace Cloud, Java 8, docker, ZeroTurnaround
A Cloud Hosting Versus Private Cloud Comparison
Get a software engineer's perspective on the pros and cons of using a cloud platform versus doing things the traditional way, using a dedicated server. Irina provides a head-to-head cost comparison based on a few typical projects.
Tags : Cloud, Azure, Cloud Hosting, hosting, Rackspace Cloud, Server Technologies, hosting services, Google Cloud Platform, hosting provider, AmazonWebServices
Where to Start with Using Microservices?
Microservices are small, highly decoupled and focus on doing a single task. They lend themselves well to Continuous Delivery.
Tags : Cloud, API, HTTP, DevOps, continuous delivery, Microservices
Getting Started with Windows Azure Virtual Machines
Set up your own server with your own parameters? Yes! It's easy with Microsoft Azure.
Tags : Cloud, servers, virtual machine, Windows Azure, Blob Storage
Writing Applications in the Cloud with Visual Studio Online
With the move to cloud-based services, even project development has gone to the "clouds".
Tags : Cloud, application, Visual Studio Online
Using the Media Services SDK in Real-World Applications
Vipul Patel walks cloud developers through examples of using the Media Services client SDK with real-world examples.
Tags : Java, .NET, Cloud, SDK, Azure Media Services
Making Pull Requests in GitHub
Want to start contributing to the various open source projects on GitHub? Learn how to fork, clone, commit, push, and make pull requests.
Tags : open source, git, Cloud, github
Overview of Azure Media Services
Vipul Patel provides an overview of Azure Media Services, which provides end-to-end media solutions.
Tags : video, Cloud, Microsoft Azure, media, Azure Media Services
Xamarin Tips from the Trenches: Compiling and Emulation for iOS and Android
If you're in the beginning stages of a Xamarin project or you're already into your project but are unhappy with the way your compile and emulation approach is set up, this article will provide some options and best practices that will accelerate your edit/compile/debug cycle.
Tags : Cloud, Android, C#, emulation, mobile device, IOS
Creating Your First GitHub Project
Even if you’re a complete beginner who doesn't have a GitHub account, you can learn how to create a GitHub repository, and make your very first commit.
Tags : open source, git, version control, Cloud, github, Software Repository
The Developer Cloud: 5 Tips for a Secure Environment
Many developers remain wary about putting their hard work into the cloud. Here are five of their top concerns — and solutions.
Tags : developer, Cloud
Managing Projects Backlog with Visual Studio Online
Learn how to use Visual Studio Online to manage your project backlog with this step-by-step walkthrough.
Tags : Cloud, Project management, Visual Studio Online
Getting Started with Azure HDInsight
Vipul Patel takes a look at Azure HDInsight, a service used to manage Hadoop clusters on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform.
Tags : Hadoop, Cloud, Microsoft, Azure, HDInsight
Using Windows Azure Blob Storage to Store Windows Phone App Data
Manoj Kumar shows you how to use Windows® Azure™ Blob Storage to store Windows Phone 8 application data in the cloud.
Tags : Cloud, Azure, Windows Phone, Azure Cloud, windows phone apps, Azure SQL Database
M2M: “We Cannot Stop the Rise of Machines”
We are soon going to have a social networking of devices with M2M communication protocols and the Cloud is going to enable this huge setup. Read on to learn more.
Tags : Cloud, m2m, machine to machine, machine to machine communications
How to Get the Most Out of the Cloud
Setting up virtual servers, building new IT applications, and accessing stored data all become easier and more transparent when you transition to the cloud.
Tags : cloud computing, Cloud, virtual servers
SharePoint of the Future – Tales from the SharePoint Conference
This year’s SharePoint conference revealed that Microsoft has developed a greater compassion for customers who know that they’ll still be implementing solutions on-premises for a while.
Tags : Cloud, Microsoft, SharePoint, conference
Migrating PHP Applications to Run on Windows Azure
Learn the basics of migrating PHP applications to Microsoft’s cloud platform, Windows Azure.
Tags : PHP, Cloud, Azure, Windows Azure
Using Windows Azure Mobile Services in Android Applications
It is imperative that mobile developers understand how to leverage the benefits of cloud computing for their mobile applications. Read on to learn how to get started using Windows Azure Mobile Services in Android applications.
Tags : Cloud, Android, Azure, mobile apps, mobile services
Using Windows Azure to Store Windows Phone 8 App Data
Discover the various options available in Windows Azure Storage that can be used to store Windows Phone application data.
Tags : Cloud, Azure, windows phone apps, Windows Phone 8
Getting Started with Windows Azure Recovery Services
Vipul Patel walks you through the basics of Windows Azure Recovery Services, Microsoft’s cloud offering to handle cloud backup and recovery scenarios.
Tags : Cloud, Microsoft, Windows Azure, backup and recovery system
Get Started Building with Adobe PhoneGap
Take your web app skills mobile with Adobe PhoneGap's cloud build service!
Tags : Cloud, Android, HTML, Windows Phone, Adobe, IOS, PhoneGap, PhoneGap Build
Codio: A Cloud-Based IDE for Web Development
The Codio Web-based IDE helps developers of various skill levels build Web apps using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.
Tags : HTML5, Web development, CSS, JavaScript, Cloud, IDE
What's New in Visual Studio 2013 RC
Announced in early September 2013, Visual Studio 2013 RC comes with an updated list of new features. Read on to learn more.
Tags : Cloud, C++, features, ALM, application lifecycle management, Visual Studio 2013 RC
Three Things to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Provider for Your Mobile Apps
Based on your app’s function and your business model, different criteria may be important to you when choosing a cloud provider. Rob Wilson explores three universal criteria in more detail.
Tags : Cloud, Cloud Providers, mobile apps
Big Data: The Proof of Concept Project
Complete a big data proof of concept project in 60 days, leading to a full implementation afterward.
Tags : Cloud, Enterprise, big data
How to Identify Performance Bottlenecks on Azure SQL Database
Learn how to identify a performance bottleneck on Windows Azure SQL Database using Microsoft System Center.
Tags : Cloud, performance, Azure, SQL Server, bottleneck, Microsoft System Center
How to Store Data on the Cloud Using SQL Server
Learn how to use Microsoft Windows Azure SQL Database to deploy hassle-free relational database solutions on the cloud while realizing the benefits of a distributed data center that provides high availability, scalability and security.
Tags : Cloud, Azure, SQL Server, relational database, Azure Cloud
QA Needs to Jump on the Cloud Bandwagon
When it comes to testing, what’s up with the cloud? Quality Assurance teams seem to have missed the boat, while enterprises and their so-called “QA Verified” software may be cloud-based, Test Management itself generally isn’t.
Tags : Cloud, SaaS, quality assurance
Cloudy with a Chance of .NET
If you're looking for a strategy to follow to cloud enlightenment; you're reading the right article. Developers are in a unique position to educate and to capitalize on cloud opportunities.
Tags : .NET, Cloud, Azure, datacenter
Microsoft Azure Storage with .NET from 0 to 60
.NET developers cannot ignore Microsoft Azure. June 2012 changes brought Virtual Machines, Virtual Networks, performance upgrades, and significant cost reductions. As more Azure features unfold, some developers will soon be forced to justify "why not Azure" rather than "why Azure". Clearly .NET developers need to get acquainted with Azure.
Tags : .NET, Cloud, Microsoft, Azure, Storage, MICROSOFT AZURE PLATFORM
How to Develop Scalable Apps Running on Windows Azure
Vipul Patel shares the steps a Windows Azure developer can take to increase the scalability of a Windows Azure based cloud application.
Tags : Cloud, application, Windows Azure, Windows Azure Application Development
Leveraging Public Cloud for Software Development
Leveraging public cloud resources is an excellent way to expedite the software development process. However care has to be taken to ensure that security is properly addressed.
Tags : Cloud, application, software development
Dell's 'Sputnik' Developer Laptop Is a Go for Launch
The company will ship a Ubuntu-based XPS 13 designed for developers this fall.
Tags : developer, Cloud, Ubuntu, Dell, laptop
Don't Do Azure Cloud (or any Development) on Your Own!
Discover how to get help, testing, marketing and more for your Cloud and other applications. Microsoft's Platform Ready program is free to use!
Tags : Cloud, development, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Platform Ready
How to Secure your SQL Azure Application
Developers targeting the SQL Azure platform should make sure their applications are secure. This article walks through the considerations developers need to keep in mind when designing SQL Azure applications.
Tags : Cloud, application, SQL Azure
Step-by-Step Guide to Setting up a Windows Azure Free Trial
Using a free pass, you can start using Microsoft Azure now. Discover how easy it is to set up an Azure account with these step-by-step instructions It is easy!
Tags : Cloud, Azure, Micorosoft, cloud development
Zend Launches Phpcloud.com
The new PaaS offering lets developers choose their own infrastructure providers.
Tags : PHP, Zend, Cloud
Apache to Focus on Libcloud Unified Cloud Interface
The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Libcloud interface will standardize on vendor-neutral standards for cloud computing, including more than 20 cloud services.
Tags : Cloud, Apache
Zend Advances PHP Development for the Cloud
Zend partners with RightScale in new PHP development effort for the cloud.
Tags : PHP, Zend, Cloud
Java Cloud Development: What Developers Need to Know
If you are a Java developer and your organization is jumping on the cloud computing bandwagon, here's what you can expect.
Tags : Java, Cloud
Three Ways Developers Can Leverage Cloud Computing
The shrewd software developer can greatly accelerate time to market by harnessing the enormous amount of power available in the cloud.
Tags : Cloud
Internap Launches OpenStack Cloud Service
XIPCloud Storage is currently in a "very short" beta, but when it goes live, it's expected to offer unlimited data storage.
Tags : Cloud, OpenStack
PHP Fog Lands $1.8 Million in New Funding
Platform as a service provider, PHP Fog, wants to do for PHP what Heroku does for Ruby.
Tags : PHP, Cloud
Event: Cloud Connect

Tags : Cloud, conference
The Lofty, Vendor-agnostic Goals of the Simple Cloud API
The Simple Cloud API is designed to provide a single, simple, interoperable API for multiple cloud services and multiple cloud providers.
Tags : Cloud, Simple Cloud API
Application-centric Cloud Management for J2EE Apps
Find out what application-centric management is and how to apply it to J2EE applications in the cloud.
Tags : Cloud, cloud management, J2EE
Red Hat Acquires Cloud Software Provider Makara
Red Hat has added to its Cloud Foundation portfolio by purchasing Makara.
Tags : Cloud, Red Hat
Novell Announces Baracus Cloud Tool
Hoping to tap into the momentum for more cloud computing tools and solutions, Novell announces Baracus.
Tags : Cloud, Novell, Build
Zend Studio and Framework Updates Bring PHP to the Cloud
Zend Studio 8 and Framework 1.11 debut at ZendCon, as Zend aims to bring PHP development to the cloud and to mobile developers.
Tags : PHP, Zend, Cloud, virtual PC
Zend Takes PHP Development to the Cloud
New efforts from the commercial PHP vendor will help developers to better build PHP apps for the cloud.
Tags : PHP, Zend, Cloud
Dynamic Open Source Languages Head to the Cloud
New study shows that dynamic language developers are increasingly looking to cloud-based deployments.
Tags : Cloud, ActiveState, Dynamic languages
A Rails Cloud Implementation Using CouchDB and Heroku
CouchDB is a schema-less data store built on top of HTTP and REST. Learn how to use it on the backend of a Heroku-deployed Rails app.
Tags : Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Cloud, Heroku, CouchDB
Take Rails to the Cloud: Deploying a Rails Application to Heroku
Learn how to use the Heroku cloud computing platform by following the development and deployment of a simple database-backed Rails application.
Tags : Ruby on Rails, Cloud, Heroku, cloud services, PostgreSQL
IDC's Top Ten Predictions for 2010
A recent study by IDC predicts modest recovery for the IT and telecommunications industries, along with a "radically transforming" marketplace.
Tags : Cloud, wireless, social networking, mobile, telecom

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