October 24, 2016
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Using the File API Outside the Sandbox in Chrome Packaged Apps
Sure you know how to read and write files in the sandbox using a standard file API. Learn how to step outside the sandbox and work with files anywhere on the disk!
Tags : API, Chrome, sandbox, Chrome Packaged Apps
Synchronized Storage Between Multiple Computers with Chrome Sync
Share data between instances of your Chrome packaged App on multiple computers using the chrome.storage.sync api.
Tags : Chrome, synchronization, Chrome Packaged Apps
Toast Notifications in Chrome Packaged Apps
Learn how to grab your user's attention by adding "Toast" style notifications to your Chrome Packaged Apps!
Tags : Chrome, pop-ups, Packaged Apps
Let's Get Dangerous: Security and Sandboxing in Chrome Packaged Apps
Chrome Packaged Apps allow you to access secure APIs that other apps can only dream of, but with that phenomenal cosmic power comes constraints. Learn how to step into the sandbox to safely get some of that power back!
Tags : JavaScript, Chrome, sandbox, Chrome Packaged Apps
Your First Chrome Packaged App
Get started in minutes creating Chrome Packaged Apps that can be installed on Chromebooks and desktop computers from the Chrome Web Store!
Tags : CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Chrome
Chrome Packaged Apps : What are They and How can I Get on the Train?
Chromebooks are popping up everywhere! Learn how to create Chrome Packaged Apps that can be installed on the Chromium operating system and in Chrome desktop browsers.
Tags : Google, apps, Chrome, Chromebooks
Reading and Writing Files in Chrome Installed Applications
Chrome installed applications give you the ability to load and save files from anywhere on the user's disk. Unlock these new capabilities using the chrome.fileSystem API!
Tags : HTML5, Chrome
Now Hear This! Notifications in Chrome Installed Applications
Add pop up "Toast" notifications to your Chrome app in minutes! David Talbot shows you how.
Tags : HTML5, Google, Chrome, HTML5 apps
Say Cheese! Take and Upload Pictures in Chrome 21
Learn how to take a picture and upload it to your ASP.NET web site using the exciting new getUserMedia() capabilities in Google Chrome!
Tags : Chrome, pictures
Chrome Beta Adds C/C++ Support
Native Client could bring desktop performance to Web apps.
Tags : Chrome
Chrome Tool Helps Developers Spot Web App Vulnerabilities
Google's Chrome tool DOM Snitch finds security holes in client-side code.
Tags : Chrome, browser security
Google Chrome Developer Tools Updated with Network Panel
Aspects of your web page are now inspected in the Network panel. This gives you access to even more information at a single glance.
Tags : Chrome
Google Releases Chrome 9 Stable
Chrome 9 offers WebGL, Chrome Instant and Chrome Web Store features.
Tags : Chrome
Google Phasing Out H.264 in Chrome for Open Source Video Codecs
Google said that only open source codecs will be supported in Chrome.
Tags : Chrome
Google Chrome OS Really is Open Source
Google can open source Chrome, because doing so can't hurt them, and may even help them, but open sourcing Android and Google TV is a bit different for the search engine giant.
Tags : Google, browser, Chrome

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