October 27, 2016
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How to Manage Data Persistence with MongoDB and JPA
Learn how to use the Hibernate OGM framework in dealing with a NoSQL database such as MongoDB.
Tags : Java, NoSQL, MongoDB, database, XML, EJB, JPA, CDI, Hibernate, CRUD, JTA, data persistence, OGM
Demystifying CDI for Java EE
Learn about CDI, that not only promotes re-usability but also glues together various layers of an enterprises application in a Java EE framework.
Tags : Dependency injection, Java EE, service, CDI, clients
CDI and EJB 3.1: Complementary Technologies in the Java EE 6 Platform
CDI and EJB 3.1 are complementary technologies for building powerful Web applications on the Java EE 6 platform. Find out how their synergy works. 
Tags : Java EE 6, EJB, CDI
End Ambiguous Dependencies Errors with CDI Qualifiers
The CDI qualifiers in Java EE 6 allow you to qualify an injection point to specify exactly which bean must be injected.
Tags : Dependency injection, Java EE 6, CDI
Java Tip: Use EL Names to Access a Bean from Non-Java Code
If you use non-Java code that supports unified expression language, you can use it to make any CDI bean accessible to JSP or JSF.
Tags : JSF, JSP, CDI
Java EE 6 Deployment Flexibility with CDI and the @Alternative Annotation
Using the CDI @Alternative annotation, you can configure your Java EE 6 application for different deployments.
Tags : annotations, Java EE 6, CDI

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