October 21, 2016
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Objective-C Now More Popular Than C++
The trend shows the growing importance of mobile development.
Tags : Java, C, C++, programming language, Objective-C, Tiobe index
C Still the Most Popular Programming Language
Not much changed in the top ten on Tiobe's list.
Tags : C, programming languages, PROGRAMMING IN C
Julia Wants to be C for Scientists
The new programming language is designed for number crunching in cloud computing environments.
Tags : C, cloud computing, programming languages, Julia
C Takes Over the Top Spot on the Tiobe Programming Language Chart
After approximately 10 years as number one, Java falls to second place.
Tags : Java, C, programming languages
Getting Started with the Android NDK
The Android NDK is a powerful feature that allows you to embed native C and C++ code components into your Android applications.
Tags : C, C++, Android development, Android SDK
Mobile development skills also result in a pay premium.
Tags : C, HTML5, Hadoop, Ruby, jobs
Dennis Ritchie, Creator of C, Dead at 70
The renowned computer scientist also helped develop Unix and wrote an influential textbook.
Tags : C, Unix

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