October 20, 2016
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What Advantages Does Azure Provide for Business Apps?
Learn when, and how, to transition your apps and data to the cloud.
Tags : Cloud, Azure, VPN, capex, opex, virtual machines, ExpressRoute for Azure
What Is Azure Data Lake?
Explore what Data Lake is and learn about the new services included under Data Lake Services.
Tags : Cloud, Microsoft, Azure, data warehouse, HDInsight, Azure Data Lake, U-SQL query language, Azure Data Lake Analytics, WebHDFS
Creating a Custom Repository in SharePoint Online and Its Integration with Dynamics CRM Online
Microsoft has provided document management in CRM by using Server-based SharePoint Integration. It allows Dynamics CRM online and SharePoint Online to perform server-to-server connection.
Tags : Azure, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, plugin, WINDOWS SERVICE, SharePoint Online, repository, Microsoft Azure Service
A Cloud Hosting Versus Private Cloud Comparison
Get a software engineer's perspective on the pros and cons of using a cloud platform versus doing things the traditional way, using a dedicated server. Irina provides a head-to-head cost comparison based on a few typical projects.
Tags : Cloud, Azure, Cloud Hosting, hosting, Rackspace Cloud, Server Technologies, hosting services, Google Cloud Platform, hosting provider, AmazonWebServices
A Look Inside Azure's Next Gen Computer Platform
Learn about Resource groups—a new feature in Windows Azure Resource Manager—that powers the next generation computer platform from Microsoft.
Tags : Microsoft, Azure, APIs, MICROSOFT AZURE PLATFORM, Azure Management Portal, Azure Resource Manager, resource group
Tips for Debugging Cloud Applications like a Pro
Interested in learning to debug your cloud applications easily? Walk through tips that can help you debug your cloud applications like a pro.
Tags : Azure, VM, PaaS, IaaS, emulator, Azure Cloud, cloud applications, IntelliTrace, Windows Azure Diagnostics, WAD, ETW events
Understanding Security Management with the Azure API
See how different security scenarios are exposed in Azure APIs.
Tags : Google, Twitter, Azure, Hotmail, Facebook API, security management, subscriptions, Azure API
Comparison Study of MongoDB, DocumentDB, & HD Insights
Study a comparison of three popular database options.
Tags : Hadoop, NoSQL, database, JSON, Azure, business intelligence, BI, Azure Cloud, Mongo DB, DocumentDB, BSON, HDInsights, GUID
Using Hive in HDInsight to Analyze Data
Learn to use Hive in HDInsight to analyze data.
Tags : Hadoop, SQL, Windows, Azure, Excel, node, Azure Cloud, hive, HDInsight, Tables
Using an Azure NoSQL Solution: DocumentDB
Become proficient with Azure DocumentDB, a NoSQL database solution provided by Microsoft on the cloud.
Tags : NoSQL, database, Visual Studio, Azure, MICROSOFT AZURE PLATFORM, DocumentDB
Getting Started with Azure HDInsight
Vipul Patel takes a look at Azure HDInsight, a service used to manage Hadoop clusters on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform.
Tags : Hadoop, Cloud, Microsoft, Azure, HDInsight
Using Windows Azure Blob Storage to Store Windows Phone App Data
Manoj Kumar shows you how to use Windows® Azure™ Blob Storage to store Windows Phone 8 application data in the cloud.
Tags : Cloud, Azure, Windows Phone, Azure Cloud, windows phone apps, Azure SQL Database
Migrating PHP Applications to Run on Windows Azure
Learn the basics of migrating PHP applications to Microsoft’s cloud platform, Windows Azure.
Tags : PHP, Cloud, Azure, Windows Azure
Using Windows Azure Mobile Services in Android Applications
It is imperative that mobile developers understand how to leverage the benefits of cloud computing for their mobile applications. Read on to learn how to get started using Windows Azure Mobile Services in Android applications.
Tags : Cloud, Android, Azure, mobile apps, mobile services
Using Windows Azure to Store Windows Phone 8 App Data
Discover the various options available in Windows Azure Storage that can be used to store Windows Phone application data.
Tags : Cloud, Azure, windows phone apps, Windows Phone 8
How to Identify Performance Bottlenecks on Azure SQL Database
Learn how to identify a performance bottleneck on Windows Azure SQL Database using Microsoft System Center.
Tags : Cloud, performance, Azure, SQL Server, bottleneck, Microsoft System Center
How to Store Data on the Cloud Using SQL Server
Learn how to use Microsoft Windows Azure SQL Database to deploy hassle-free relational database solutions on the cloud while realizing the benefits of a distributed data center that provides high availability, scalability and security.
Tags : Cloud, Azure, SQL Server, relational database, Azure Cloud
Cloudy with a Chance of .NET
If you're looking for a strategy to follow to cloud enlightenment; you're reading the right article. Developers are in a unique position to educate and to capitalize on cloud opportunities.
Tags : .NET, Cloud, Azure, datacenter
Microsoft Azure Storage with .NET from 0 to 60
.NET developers cannot ignore Microsoft Azure. June 2012 changes brought Virtual Machines, Virtual Networks, performance upgrades, and significant cost reductions. As more Azure features unfold, some developers will soon be forced to justify "why not Azure" rather than "why Azure". Clearly .NET developers need to get acquainted with Azure.
Tags : .NET, Cloud, Microsoft, Azure, Storage, MICROSOFT AZURE PLATFORM
Microsoft Announces Dates for Build Conference
Registration begins in two weeks.
Tags : Microsoft, development, Azure, Windows 8, conference, Build, Windows Phone 8
Step-by-Step Guide to Setting up a Windows Azure Free Trial
Using a free pass, you can start using Microsoft Azure now. Discover how easy it is to set up an Azure account with these step-by-step instructions It is easy!
Tags : Cloud, Azure, Micorosoft, cloud development
Creating a Windows Azure Application: A Step-by-Step Guide
Windows Azure can seem daunting to many developers seeking to take their first steps into cloud computing. The perception that Windows Azure is too big and too different is a fallacy. This walk-through shows you just how easy it can be.
Tags : cloud computing, Azure, cloud development, Azure Cloud, Microsoft Platform Ready
Azure Toolkits Coming for Mobile Devices
Microsoft releases toolkits to help Windows Phone, iPhone, and Android developers create apps that work with its Windows Azure cloud services.
Tags : Android, Azure, iPhone, Windows 7 Phone
Creating a Simple Windows Azure Application
To get on the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud computing bandwagon, you need to understand how to develop applications targeting the platform. Discover how to create your first “Hello World” cloud application.
Tags : cloud computing, Microsoft, Azure
Explaining Cloud Computing to Your Pointy Haired Boss
Any day now your pointy-haired boss is going to ask you about this cloud stuff. Do you have a strategy? Can you even define it? Discover how easily it is to explain the cloud to your boss, and begin to start a longer discussion on all aspects of cloud computing.
Tags : cloud computing, SOA, Azure, BPM
Overview of the Roles Within an Azure Application
Before writing applications targeting the Windows Azure platform, you should understand the various roles within a hosted service.
Tags : cloud computing, Azure, Windows Azure, cloud development

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