October 26, 2016
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Android Market More Popular, But BlackBerry Devs Earn More
Evans Data report says there is room for more than two mobile platforms.
Tags : BlackBerry App World, Android Market
Amazon Appstore for Android: Pros and Cons for Developers
Amazon Appstore for Android has become a very popular way to publish and distribute Android applications. This is good for Android developers, right?  
Tags : Amazon Appstore, Android Market, Android App development
More Android Users are Downloading Paid Apps
Android apps that cost 99 cents are the most popular among users.
Tags : Android Market
Google Removes all Yongzh Emulators from Android App Market
While emulators, which Google removed from the Android App Market, are in a grey area of illegality, they are in fact a necessary evil of software development.
Tags : emulator, Android Market
Where to Sell Your Android Killer App
Learn about the most popular publishing channels to get your killer Android applications in front of consumers.
Tags : Android, app stores, Android Market
Google Updates Android Market Security
After several malicious applications were published via Google's Android Market, Google has said they have plugged the security hole, pulled the apps from the market and devices, and they called the cops.
Tags : Android Market

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