October 27, 2016
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Going Beyond Google Play in Distributing Your Android Apps
Naturally you want to distribute your apps to as many customers as possible to maximize your profit. Chunyen Liu looks into some of the potential app store alternatives to Google Play.
Tags : Android, app store, mobile devices, Android App development, Google Play
Intel Tools for the Android Developer
As an Android app developer, you need all the tools you can get to design quality apps that leverage the powerful smart-device hardware available on the market today.
Tags : Android, Intel, Android App development
How to Build Mobile Apps with Android Sensors
Android sensors are a great way to make Android developed applications smart.
Tags : Android, mobile apps, Android App development, sensor support
Design an Android UI for Multiple Devices
Ensure your Android app runs smoothly on devices with different screen sizes, pixel densities and rotation behavior.
Tags : UI, Android App development
Refactoring Android in Eclipse: Accelerate Your Android App Development
Find out how Eclipse's Android refactoring options can help you create and ship your Android apps faster and with less hassle.
Tags : Eclipse, Android App development
Android Notification Best Practices: Don't Annoy Your Users
Android app developers often misuse notifications -- annoying users and risking having their apps uninstalled. Learn the do's and don'ts of Android notifications.
Tags : Android App development
Android App Performance Testing: An End-to-end Approach
With end-to-end performance testing, Android developers gain a true understanding of how their apps will behave.
Tags : testing, Android App development
Android DDMS: Powerful Debugging Tool for Android App Testing
The Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (DDMS) is one of the most powerful Android debugging tools out there. Find out why.
Tags : Debugging Tools, Android App development
OpenGL ES for Android Graphics Programming
Build your first OpenGL ES project in Android.
Tags : OpenGL, Android App development
Face Detection with Android APIs
Learn how to use Android face detection APIs to identify faces in bitmap images.
Tags : Android App development
5 Tips for Getting Your Android Market Apps on Google TV
Google TV isn't dead yet. Now is the time to update your Android applications to support the rejuvenated Google TV platform.
Tags : Google TV, Android App development
Android vs. Qt: A Mobile Developer's Comparative Review
Android and Qt are productive platforms for developing mobile apps. Is Android the no-brainer choice it seems to be?
Tags : Qt, Android App development
Writing Native Android Code: NDK vs. RenderScript
You're creating an Android app to run code natively. You can use the Native Development Kit or RenderScript. Choose wisely.
Tags : Android, C++, Android App development
10 Android UI Design Tips to Improve Your App's Visual Appeal
Here are 10 Android UI design tips -- plus a bonus one -- for improving the user experience of your Android apps.
Tags : Android App development
The 10 Rookie Mistakes Every Android Developer Should Avoid
If you've resolved to make 2012 the year you jump into Android development, here are some Android n00b pitfalls to avoid.
Tags : Android development, Android App development
Add Horizontal Paging To Your Android Applications
Learn how to incorporate horizontal paging or swiping into your Android applications quickly and easily.
Tags : mobile UI, Android App development
10 Android App Performance Tips for Developers
It's up to all Android developers to create high performing applications. Here are 10 ways developers can improve the performance of their Android apps.
Tags : performance, Android App development
Android Intents: Developer Best Practices for App Integration
Android intents are the foundation for the powerful application integration system that helps set Android apart from competing platforms.
Tags : Android, android apps, Android App development
Enable a Fingerprint Scanner for Android on the Motorola ATRIX 4G
Motorola recently released a special API that Android developers can use to integrate the ATRIX fingerprint reader into their Android apps. Learn how to use it!
Tags : Android, fingerprint readers, Android App development
Amazon Appstore for Android: Pros and Cons for Developers
Amazon Appstore for Android has become a very popular way to publish and distribute Android applications. This is good for Android developers, right?  
Tags : Amazon Appstore, Android Market, Android App development
Working with Images in Your Android App Development
Google's new mobile platform, Android, has become increasingly popular among developers even without hardware available on the market yet. Discover where to get the right software APIs and documentation as well as what technologies are supported. Then, you will focus on the technologies for images by working through an example.
Tags : Android, Android App development

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