October 20, 2016
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An Amazingly Easy Way to Consume Android APIs with Retrofit
Learn to use Retrofit to make creating and consuming Android APIs much more manageable.
Tags : XML, JSON, REST, API, Android, Retrofit, POJO, RESTclient, OkHttp, GSON, HTTP
Creating Basic Notifications for an Android App
Follow along to create an Android notification that your users will appreciate.
Tags : Android, smartphone, NotificationCompat, Android Virtual Device, notifications, application
Understanding Gradle, the Android Build System
Review the basics of Gradle, the Android Build System.
Tags : Groovy DSL, Gradle, buildset, Android, Java, android studio
Understanding Mapping Apps on the Android Platform
Learn how to get started building mobile applications on the Android platform using Google Maps.
Tags : Android, Google Play Services Library, Java Development Kit, Java SDK, android studio, Google Maps API, Map Applications, Google Maps, Java
Creating Google Glass Applications
Learn how to start building applications for Google Glass.
Tags : wearable app, Google Glass, GDK, Glass Development Kit, Google SDK, Mirror API, Android
Android Performance: Creating a Responsive Android App
In this article, readers will learn about how to create responsive Android applications.
Tags : Android, looper, handler, responsive design, Android applications, class, threads, performance
How Android Debugging Works
Gain insight into how Android debugging operates and learn implications to Android applications that you should know about.
Tags : Android, Debugging Tools, heap, Dalvik Debug Monitor Server, JDWP, DDMS, ADB, Android Debug Bridge, debugging, android studio
Understanding Android Versioning
Learn how Android versioning works so that you can write applications that can benefit from versioning.
Tags : Android OS, android studio, API, versioning, version management, Android, application
How to Use Android Data Binding
Walk through how the new data binding library helps simplify working with data in Android applications.
Tags : XML, Android, Android applications, Gradle, android studio, Google IO 2015, data binding, library
Project Layouts in Android Studio
Learn about working with Project layouts in Android Studio.
Tags : development workspace, Android, android studio, layouts, Gradle
Working with Android View Animation in Apps
Walk through the basics of using view animations in Android applications.
Tags : applications, property animation, Android, android studio, XML, tween animation, frame animation, view animation, animation
Understanding the Android Platform Architecture
Explore the architectural components of the Android platform—an open source software platform for mobile devices built on top of the Linux Kernel.
Tags : Linux kernel, JVM, Java, Android, Dalvik Virtual Machine, architecture, Apache, java virtual machine, Dalvik VM
Java Mobile Programming for Android
Learn where Java fits in mobile application development and how to use Java and Android SDK to write applications that can work on Android devices.
Tags : Java, mobile programming, Android SDK Manager, android studio, Java ME, Android SDK, Android
Top Android Emulators to Drive Maximum Reach for Your Android App
Android developers, walk through the Android emulators you should use to test your application to drive maximum reach for your Android applications.
Tags : Android app, android studio, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Nexus, Android Emulator, Android, Google
Top 10 Tips to Make Your Android Phone App a Best Seller
Explore tips for making your Android Phone App a best seller!
Tags : Android app, Android Phone App, app metrics, user registration, MVP, user feedback, Minimum Viable Product, Android, freemium
How to Expand App Reach by Supporting Multiple Screen Sizes
Learn how to expand app reach by supporting multiple screen sizes.
Tags : user interface, Android, screen, screen density, pixels, screen size, resolution
Syncing Data Between Android Handhelds and Wearables
Learn about common data objects and ways to handle them.
Tags : callback, Android wearable services APIs, Android handheld, Android, Google Play Services
Using the Basic UI Controls in Android: Buttons, Texts, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Toggle Buttons, and Spinners (Building a Simple Android Application Demo)
This article gives an introduction to the Android picker control that can be used to select date and time in Android applications, with a working demo.
Tags : Android Picker Control, android studio, Android, Java
Working with the Android Picker Control to Select Date and Time
In this article, readers will learn about working with common input controls available for use in Android applications.
Tags : Android, Android Picker Control, XML, android studio, user interface, UI
Understanding User Interface Layout and UI Components for Android Apps
This article walks developers through the fundamentals of how the User Interface layout works on the Android platform.
Tags : Android, android studio, Android app, user interface design, widgets, viewgroup, user interface, XML
Executing Long Running Background Tasks in Android Apps Without an Interface (Using Services)
This article gives an insight about services and how to use them in Android applications.
Tags : Android applications, callback, Click event, services, Intent service, Android
Top 10 Android Devices in the Market
Millions of Android devices were sold in 2015. Here is the list of the top Android devices for 2015.
Tags : Android, Dell Venue, Marshmallow, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Samsung Galaxy S6, tablet, Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Nexus, Motorola Moto G, lollipop
How to Load Data Asynchronously in Android Apps Using Loaders
Learn how to use Loaders in Android to load data asynchronously.
Tags : Loader, activity, Fragments, android studio, asynchronous, Android, callback, data
Working with Fragments in Android Applications
This article walks Android developers through the basics of how to use fragments by showing how to build a simple Android application.
Tags : android studio, Android, Fragment class, Fragments, Java, override, Activity object
Working with Java Resources in Android Apps
Learn the basics of how to work with resources in Android applications, including Android system resources and more.
Tags : Android, android apps, Java resources, android studio, Android Asset Packaging Tool, AAPT
Getting Your Android App Listed in the App Chooser for Various Activities
How to get your Android app listed in the App Chooser for various activities.
Tags : user interface, Android, user interface design, App Chooser, Mobile Applicatidon Framework, intent filter, App Studio
Using Android Debug Bridge
Explore the most commonly used options within Android Debug Bridge.
Tags : Android, USB, Android SDK, ADB, android studio, handheld devices, Android Debug Bridge, Smart Watch
Getting Notifications from Android Wearables
Tame all the notification messages that you have probably been swamped with on your handheld's status bar every day.
Tags : notifications, Android Wear, Android wearable services APIs, handheld devices, action button, APIs, Android, android studio
10 Android UI Design Tips to Improve Your App's Visual Appeal
Here are 10 Android UI design tips -- plus a bonus one -- for improving the user experience of your Android apps.
Tags : Android, mobile development
10 Must-Have Android Tools for Developers
The Android SDK ships with dozens of tools. These 10 are the most important for Android developers to know.
Tags : Monkey Test, ProGuard, LogCat, Hierarchy Viewer, Draw 9-Patch, AVD, Android Emulator, Dalvik VM, Android SDK, Android Debug Bridge, Eclipse, Android
Hands on with Android Activity Lifecycle Events
In this article, you will learn about Android activity lifecycle events.
Tags : Android Activity, android studio, Android, lifecycle
Creating Android Games with Java
Focus on some key areas of Android with Java that would help in building games your consumers will enjoy.
Tags : animation, game, Java, OGG, UI, threads, Android, bfxr
Update: Connecting Your Android Device to Eclipse
Updated: The Android Emulator is a useful tool for previewing your mobile app, but it can never give you the same experience as running and debugging your app on a real device.
Tags : USB, Mac, IDE, Android, Google, Windows, Eclipse, Linux, Samsung, Android Virtual Device, android studio
Understanding Android Code Structure
Master the Java code structure and flow of control in developing an Android application.
Tags : hand-held, OS, JVM, process, Java, IDE, Eclipse, Android, life cycle, activity
Apache Cordova: Using Merges for Multiple Platforms
When creating applications, you want to create an experience that is tailored to a particular platform. Learn how to do this using the merges folder in Cordova.
Tags : CSS, Android, apache cordova, Merge, Cordova, IOS, Apache, HTML
Getting Started with Android Using Java
Now's the time to receive instruction to get a first taste of Android Programming in Java in a simple manner.
Tags : AWT, Dalvik VM, SWT, Android, ART+COM, J2ME Canvas, Google, Swing, Java, VM
How to Resolve Security Vulnerabilities in HTML5 Cross-Platform Mobile App Development
With appropriate design and support, developers and device OEMs can address potential security vulnerabilities and build applications able to withstand the tests of time.
Tags : HTML5, KitKat 4.4, open source community, Android 4.4 KitKat, HTML5 Development Framework, HTML5 On Mobile Devices, Google, Android
The Three Types of Mobile Experiences
There are several ways to build applications for mobile devices, and each has strengths and weaknesses. We'll look at each of these in detail to clarify the differences.
Tags : Java, Swift, Objective C, hybrid apps, native apps, mobile websites, IOS, mobile device, Android, Ionic
Data Storage Using Xamarin
Learn about the various options of saving data when developing mobile applications with Xamarin.
Tags : database, Android, Windows, SQL Light, Xamarin.Mobile, Xamarin, Storage, Storage Optimization, data, IOS
Drawing Objects on Android App Maps
In this article, we will learn how to draw objects such as lines and circles on Google Maps in Android applications.
Tags : Java, Android, Google Maps, geocode, XML, Android App Maps, Google Maps APIs
Sharing Data from Your Android App with Other Apps
Interact with other apps by exchanging data with them. To switch from one Android activity to another, an Android intent must be defined and instantiated.
Tags : intent, MANIFEST FILES, Android applications, Intent Chooser, Android
Building a Mapping Android App
Learn how to build an Android application that uses Google Maps.
Tags : Java, MapFragment, Android app, Android, Google, Google Maps, MapView
Programming to Geocode Addresses and Getting the Current Location
In this article, we learn how to build an Android application that uses Google Maps.
Tags : MapFragment, Google, Google Maps, Java, Android applications, geocode, Android
Using Webview in Android Applications
In this article, Android enthusiasts will learn the basics about the WebView control and use it in a simple Android application.
Tags : Android, XML, Java, WebView, android studio
Top 10 Performance Boosters for Your Android Apps
Join the author, Vipul Patel, as he shares tips to boost the performance of your Android apps.
Tags : android apps, Android, services, for loop, garbage collector, Dependency injection
Developing Mobile Applications in .NET with Xamarin
Learn how to develop cross-platform applications with Xamarin and Visual Studio.
Tags : Xamarin, mobile applications, .NET, Android SDK, Windows 7, Visual Studio, Android, AXML, Xamarin.Mobile, XML, mobile application platforms
Using Android Studio
Discover where to get the Android Studio download, how different it is from Eclipse, and more to make your development time easier.
Tags : Eclipse, Android, IDE, Gradle, Google Cloud, android studio, SDKs
Storing App-Related Data in Your Android Apps
Learn the basic ways for data to be stored in simple key-value pairs, files, on internal and external storage, and databases through SQLite.
Tags : data storage, database, Android, SQLite, data storage device, Android app
Using the Ionic Framework
Creating apps across the fragmented mobile landscape of Android and iOS has been a challenge. Ionic helps developers create beautiful, high performing apps that work across platforms with the help of Cordova. This article will give you a taste of what you can do with the Ionic framework.
Tags : Ionic Security, AngularJS, Android, HTML, CSS, IOS
Migrating From Eclipse to Android Studio
If you're eager to try Android Studio, there's no reason why a half-finished Eclipse project should hold you back! This tutorial explores two options, for migrating your Eclipse project to Android Studio.
Tags : android studio, Android, Eclipse, IDE
Xamarin Tips from the Trenches: Compiling and Emulation for iOS and Android
If you're in the beginning stages of a Xamarin project or you're already into your project but are unhappy with the way your compile and emulation approach is set up, this article will provide some options and best practices that will accelerate your edit/compile/debug cycle.
Tags : emulation, mobile device, Android, C#, Cloud, IOS
The New Xamarin 3: Is it Time to Take the Dive?
If you want to leverage your existing C#/Visual Studio skills to create fast, native applications for iOS, Android, Microsoft and others, Xamarin is well worth your consideration.
Tags : Xamarin, IOS, Android, C#, Microsoft
Design Tips for Building Android Mobile and Tablet Apps
Chunyen Liu shares 10 design tips for you to use in developing Android apps.
Tags : tablet, Google Play, Android, apps, app development
Going Beyond Google Play in Distributing Your Android Apps
Naturally you want to distribute your apps to as many customers as possible to maximize your profit. Chunyen Liu looks into some of the potential app store alternatives to Google Play.
Tags : Android App development, Android, Google Play, app store, mobile devices
The Perfect Platform for Game Developers: Android
Developing rich, high performance Android games from the ground up is a daunting task. Intel has provided Android developers with a number of tools that can be leveraged by Android game developers, some of which we will discuss today.
Tags : Android, game development, XDK
Creating an iOS Solution with Xamarin
In this installment of our series on developing cross platform mobile solutions with Xamarin, you’ll learn how to create an iOS implementation.
Tags : applications, Android, C#, IOS, Xamarin, cross-platform
Packaging and Distributing Apps for Google Play
Get ready for the official release at Google Play store. Learn how to configure your app versions, maintain target platform builds, create your unique identify keys, sign your apps, and more.
Tags : android apps, Android, Google Play
Getting Started with Oracle ADF Mobile Applications
Mobile ADF apps are portable for both iOS and Android powered devices. Read on to learn how to create a simple Android application using Oracle ADF within JDeveloper IDE.
Tags : Android, Java EE, database, Java, IOS, mobile applications, JDeveloper, Oracle
Introduction to Cross-Platform iOS/Android Apps with C# and Xamarin
Part one of a two-part article that walks you through the complete process of using Xamarin to create a simple cross-platform app with .NET and C# that runs on both Android and iOS.
Tags : applications, Xamarin, cross-platform, C#, Android, IOS
Building Your First Android App
Learn how to configure Android emulators and connect with hardware devices, how to create and import a project, and how to debug utilities commonly used for Android development.
Tags : Android developer, Android, emulator
10 Key Design Tips for Great Mobile Apps
Writing a mobile app for Android or iOS is easy but designing a great mobile app can be a challenge. Learn how to write better mobile apps with these 10 quick tips!
Tags : Android, IOS, tips, mobile apps
Feedback Wanted: Android Development Issues
We're looking for your feedback and insights on issues around Android development!
Tags : Android
Getting Started with Android Development
This first article in a series on the essential knowledge needed to become an Android developer focuses on where to find and download the development tools, what they are, how to set them up, and how to keep them updated.
Tags : Java, Android development, Android, Android SDK
Using Windows Azure Mobile Services in Android Applications
It is imperative that mobile developers understand how to leverage the benefits of cloud computing for their mobile applications. Read on to learn how to get started using Windows Azure Mobile Services in Android applications.
Tags : mobile services, mobile apps, Cloud, Azure, Android
Getting Started with Developing Kindle Fire Applications
Vipul Patel walks you through how to get started building applications targeting Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet.
Tags : kindle fire, Android, Kindle, application
Get Started Building with Adobe PhoneGap
Take your web app skills mobile with Adobe PhoneGap's cloud build service!
Tags : PhoneGap, PhoneGap Build, Windows Phone, Cloud, IOS, Android, HTML, Adobe
Supercharge Your Slow Android Emulator
UPDATED: The Android emulator has traditionally been a necessary but frustratingly slow tool for Android developers. Learn how you can boost your Android emulator speed to real device performance levels -- or even faster.
Tags : emulation, Android, testing
Sponsored: Intel Android Tools Video Series: What Are Fat Binaries?
Explore what is inside an NDK application package on Android.
Tags : mobile development, Android
Getting Started Building with Intel XDK New
The Intel XDK New is quickly becoming a very popular option to create HTML5 installed apps on mobile using Apache Cordova. David Talbot shows you how easy it is to get started.
Tags : HTML5, windows phone apps, IOS, XDK, Android, Intel
Intel Tools for the Android Developer
As an Android app developer, you need all the tools you can get to design quality apps that leverage the powerful smart-device hardware available on the market today.
Tags : Android App development, Intel, Android
Taming Android with HTML5: Why HTML5 is a Great Choice for Android Development
Androids are everywhere! Because Android devices come in all shapes, sizes, CPUs and versions, building applications can be tough. HTML5 can help to tame the complexity, while also giving you the ability to port to other platforms as well!
Tags : HTML5, Android
Getting Started with Google's Android Studio
Android Studio is the first IDE dedicated entirely to Android. Find out how it compares to Eclipse, and develop a Hello World app in the new IDE.
Tags : Google, android studio, development, IDE, Java, Eclipse, Android
Porting from Android to Windows 8: The Real Story
Do you have an Android application? Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 offer you new opportunities for expanding your audience, but just how hard is it to port an app? Jeff Cogswell chronicles the real story of just such a port. (sponsored)
Tags : Windows Phone 8, Android, port
The Best Reasons to Target Windows 8
Like many other Android developers, you may not be sure what to make of Windows 8 and how it should fit in your plans. Learn some of the best reasons why you should seriously consider bringing your mobile development expertise to bear on the Windows 8 platform.
Tags : Android, windows store, Android SDK, Windows 8
Android Encryption with the Android Cryptography API
Need to program with the Android Cryptography APIs? Read this tutorial to find resources, check which algorithms your device supports, and see examples of AES and RSA algorithms.
Tags : Android, algorithms, RSA, cryptography, AES, API, encrypt, encryption
Designing for Universal Portability
Chrome Packaged Apps are the perfect place to start building your app to be installed on every kind of device from Chromebooks, to Android, to iOS and more!
Tags : IOS, Chrome Packaged Apps, HTML5, Android, Chromebooks
Guide to Porting Android Applications to Windows 8
The mobile landscape is changing, and Microsoft is now gaining market share. If you've already built for Android, learn what do you really need to know to port your application to Windows Phone 8.
Tags : Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Android
Setting up the Amazon Mobile App SDK Eclipse Plugin
The Amazon Mobile App SDK Eclipse Plugin allows you to easily integrate Amazon APIs into your Android Eclipse project, as well as add or remove Amazon APIs from your project.
Tags : Android, mobile app, API, plugin, Eclipse, Amazon, SDK
Windows 8 and the Android Developer
Developers building mobile applications have to know what platforms are important today, but also need to ask the question of what platforms will be hot tomorrow. Android is hot today. Is Windows Phone 8 important enough for the Android developer to consider?
Tags : Windows Phone 8, mobile development, Android, Microsoft
Changing Your Android App's Theme Dynamically
Find out how to build a customizable Android app, where the user can change the app's theme dynamically at runtime.
Tags : themes, app development, smartphone, Google, open source, UI, Android
NFC Programming in Android
Learn the key aspects of Near Field Communication (NFC) in Android development.
Tags : NFC, near field communication, Android, RFID, radio frequency identification
Connecting Your Android Device to Eclipse
The Android Emulator is a useful tool for previewing your mobile app, but it can never give you the same experience as running and debugging your app on a real device.
Tags : Android development, Eclipse, Android
How to Build Mobile Apps with Android Sensors
Android sensors are a great way to make Android developed applications smart.
Tags : Android App development, Android, mobile apps, sensor support
Mastering Eclipse Content Assist for Android
Eclipse Content Assist for Android can significantly speed up Android app development -- if you understand how to use the function correctly.
Tags : Eclipse, Android
Feds Shut Down Android App Pirates
For the first time ever, the FBI has seized three domains because of alleged mobile app copyright infringement.
Tags : FBI, Justice Department, piracy, Android, apps, mobile development
Survey Hints That Android Tablets Could Become More Popular Than iPads
IT pros say their next tablet will run Android, not iOS.
Tags : tablet, iPad, mobile development, Android, survey
"Middle Class" App Developers Are Earning More
Apps that aren't on top 100 charts are accounting for a higher percentage of revenue.
Tags : revenue, app development, IOS, mobile development, Android
New Google Play Policy Hopes to Eliminate Copycat Apps
The new Android developer policy also includes provisions regarding email, billing and in-app ads.
Tags : policies, mobile development, Google Play, Android
Report: Android U.S. Market Share Drops 5 Percent
Strategy Analytics says the mobile platform may have reached its peak.
Tags : smartphone, Android, market share, IOS
Developer Releases of Android and iOS Attract Equal Attention
An analyst firm believes Android developer interest could eventually surpass iOS interest.
Tags : developers, IOS, downloads, mobile development, Android
Apple Continues to Fight for the App Store Name
The company is demanding more evidence in its trademark battle with Amazon.
Tags : Android, trademark, app store, lawsuit, appstore, Amazon, Apple
The Secrets to Making Money on the Amazon Appstore
More expensive in-app purchases are more popular than cheaper ones.
Tags : in-app billing, mobile development, Android, Amazon Appstore
Survey: iOS Has the Lead in Mobile Enterprise Application Development
Developers are "cautiously optimistic" about Windows 8.
Tags : apps, cloud computing, Android, mobile development, Appcelerator, survey, IOS, Windows 8, IDC, enterprise development
iOS Apps Command Higher Ad Rates Than Android Apps
Apple's platform continues to be very lucrative for developers.
Tags : Apple, mobile development, Android, IOS, apps, Google
See What You Missed at I/O
Google has posted online videos from its developer event.
Tags : I/O, videos, Google, mobile development, Android
.NET Development (Mono) for Android
The recent release of Mono for Android 4.2 brings with it new support for building a user interface (UI) in the form of the Xamarin Designer. Paul Ferrill reviews both MonoDevelop and Visual Studio 2010 on 32- and 64-bit Windows 7.
Tags : Mono, mobile, Android, .NET
Adobe Won't Make a Flash Player for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
Flash is all but dead on mobile platforms.
Tags : HTML5, Flash, Android, Adobe, Jelly Bean
What Was New for Developers at the Google I/O Keynote
Google unveiled the next version of Android, updates to Google Play, a new tablet and Nexus Q for TV.
Tags : I/O, Android, Google, Nexus Q, Nexus 7, Jelly Bean, developers, tablet
Multi-Platform Mobile Developers Prefer iOS
Survey finds that developers believe they will make more with Apple's platform than with Android.
Tags : apps, survey, mobile development, Android, IOS
Developers Still Building Twice as Many iOS Apps as Android Apps
Concerns about fragmentation and low money-making potential keep many developers away from Android.
Tags : IOS, Apple, apps, Google, fragmentation, mobile development, Android
Report: Top Apps Publish on Multiple Platforms
About a third of iOS apps are also available for Android.
Tags : IOS, mobile development, Android, app development
Why Don't Android Apps Look As Good as iOS Apps?
Fragmentation and poor documentation are part of the problem for Android.
Tags : apps, Android, mobile development, IOS
Can You Copyright a Programming Language?
Google says no; Oracle says yes.
Tags : Oracle, programming language, Android, Google, Java
RIM Shuts Down Android App Sideloading on the PlayBook
The move should help combat app piracy.
Tags : RIM Playbook, Android, apps, Google Play
Android Users Sue Over App Refund Policies
Plaintiffs say that 15 minutes isn't enough time to discover if an app is faulty.
Tags : lawsuit, Android, Google
Android Also Gives Devs Access to User Photos
Any Android app with permission to access the Internet can secretly copy users' photos.
Tags : Android, mobile development
iOS Apps Crash More Often Android Apps, Study Says
A new study flies in the face of the conventional wisdom about the stability of mobile development platforms.
Tags : Android, mobile development, apps, IOS
Writing Native Android Code: NDK vs. RenderScript
You're creating an Android app to run code natively. You can use the Native Development Kit or RenderScript. Choose wisely.
Tags : Android App development, C++, Android
Create Your Own Android Live Wallpaper
With a little RenderScript and some helper files from the Android Open Source Project, you can create a dazzling Android live wallpaper.
Tags : Android development, Android
Report: Android to Become Mobile Development Platform of Choice
Most devs will write apps for more than one mobile OS.
Tags : Android, mobile development
Android Developers Get a Style Guide
Google launches a new website aimed at improving the design of Android apps.
Tags : Android, mobile development
Google Launches Android Training Program
The online course materials are designed to help mobile developers create better apps.
Tags : Android, mobile development skills
Flurry: Developers Making 3x More iOS Apps than Android Apps
Even though Android has more users, devs earn more off iOS apps.
Tags : mobile app developer, IOS, Android
Exploring the Windows Azure Toolkit for Android
Microsoft is working hard to improve adoption of its cloud computing platform. To tap into non-Windows markets, it has released toolkits for both iOS and Android. In this article, we explore the offerings of the Windows Azure Toolkit for Android.
Tags : Windows Azure Toolkit, Android, tutorial, Windows Azure
Google Open Sources Ice Cream Sandwich Code
The Honeycomb source code is also now available for download.
Tags : Android
Free eBook: Android App Development from A to Z
Discover how to start developing for the Android platform with this free comprehensive guide, which provides a complete reference for the Android platform as well as a step-by-step guide for building your first Android application. Download Now!
Tags : Android
Android Intents: Developer Best Practices for App Integration
Android intents are the foundation for the powerful application integration system that helps set Android apart from competing platforms.
Tags : Android App development, android apps, Android
Enable a Fingerprint Scanner for Android on the Motorola ATRIX 4G
Motorola recently released a special API that Android developers can use to integrate the ATRIX fingerprint reader into their Android apps. Learn how to use it!
Tags : Android, fingerprint readers, Android App development
Google Offers Ice Cream Sandwich Guidance
Developers can start getting ready for the next version of Android.
Tags : Android development, Android SDK, Android
A Crash Course in Android Web Applications
Web developers can tailor the user experiences for Android, who generally consume web content on small screens, slower cellular networks, and resource constrained devices.
Tags : mobile web development, Android
Exploring Android SDK Support for SIP
Android developers can now write exciting new softphone applications using Android SIP APIs. Find out what the SIP APIs can do, how they work, and which devices support them.  
Tags : SIP, Android
Building Android Apps with Scala
The Scala programming language provides Android developers with a good alternative to Java and C++.
Tags : Android, Scala
Linus Torvalds' Take on Android
The Linux creator says that Android and Linux will eventually "come together."
Tags : Android, Linus Torvalds
Getting Started with JUnit on Android
JUnit is a great unit testing platform for Java applications and now it offers special APIs for Android developers. Learn how to get started with JUnit on Android.
Tags : Unit Testing, Android
Majority of Android Devs Have 100+ Apps
iPhone and iPad developers are more likely to have created fewer apps.
Tags : Android
Android Developers Say Google Isn't Paying What It Owes
Google says it is looking into the problem.
Tags : Android
Android Application Testing: An Overview
Explore the quality assurance options in the Android SDK's testing tools and APIs.
Tags : Android
The Android Emulator Survival Guide
The Android emulator is an essential tool for app developers. Learn how to use it effectively to develop and test your applications.
Tags : Android
More Freelance Projects Available for Android Developers
Freelance.com says Android and iPhone postings are up, but Blackberry projects are decreasing.
Tags : Android, jobs
Create Flexible Android UIs with Fragments
The Android Fragment API enables developers to create flexible user interfaces for different screen sizes and provide screen workflow alternatives. Learn how to use this API.
Tags : Android, UI
BlueStacks New Hypervisor Allows Google Android apps to Run on Windows
BlueStacks, a start-up company created back in March of 2008, releases a new product allowing Android apps to run on PCs.
Tags : Android, hypervisor, Windows
Android Hardware: Developing for the Galaxy Tab
The line-up of Samsung Galaxy Tabs introduce many development opportunities. Learn how to target this diverse set of devices for fun and profit.
Tags : Galaxy Tab, Android
App Discovery Is Google's Biggest Problem Right Now
The Android OS has seen massive growth over the past three years, managing this growth has become a massive issue for Google.
Tags : Android
Top 7 Android Accessibility Features
Accessibility is often one of the first casualties of rapid release schedules. Android, however, has broad support for accessibility. Learn about the top accessibility features of the Android SDK.
Tags : Android, accessibility
Azure Toolkits Coming for Mobile Devices
Microsoft releases toolkits to help Windows Phone, iPhone, and Android developers create apps that work with its Windows Azure cloud services.
Tags : iPhone, Android, Azure, Windows 7 Phone
Google Rolls Out Talk Video Chat to Android
Android 2.3 and higher devices to recieve the latest Voice and Chat endeavor by Google.
Tags : Google, Android, chat
Add Text-To-Speech and Speech Recognition to Your Android Applications
Incorporate Android text-to-speech and speech recognition features to make your Android applications accessible to many more users.  
Tags : speech recognition, speech-to-text, Android
Where to Sell Your Android Killer App
Learn about the most popular publishing channels to get your killer Android applications in front of consumers.
Tags : Android, Android Market, app stores
10 Must-Have Android Tools for Developers
The Android SDK ships with dozens of tools. These 10 are the most important for Android developers to know.
Tags : Eclipse, Android
Novell Mono Port Brings .NET to Android
Mono for Android adds a new mobile target for .NET developers.
Tags : .NET, Mono, Android
Google Extends Honeycomb API to Combat Android Fragmentation
With the updated Fragmentation API in its Android 3.0 release, Google allows developers to create backwards compatible Android applications that can run on tablets and smartphones.
Tags : Honeycomb, Android
Android Development 101: Tools Review of Android SDK
Chris Bennett demonstrates the Android development tools provided with the Google Android SDK in this concise video.
Tags : Android, SDK
Protect Your Android Applications from Software Piracy
With ProGuard support in the Eclipse ADT plugin, Android developers can maintain a level of protection in their Android application code.
Tags : obfuscation, Android
Google Says Android Gingerbread and Honeycomb to Be Merged
The differences between Gingerbread and Honeycomb are not grand. The name for the new Android was not announced, but rumors suggest "Ice cream."
Tags : Android, Honeycomb, Gingerbread
Managing Battery Life for Android Devices: Tips for Users and Developers
Here are techniques for Android device users to lengthen battery life and for Android developers to ensure their applications manage power efficiently.
Tags : Android
Android Builders Summit 2011
The Android Builders Summit provides an intimate forum for collaboration at the systems level and discussion of core issues and opportunities when designing Android devices.
Tags : Android
The Pros and Cons of Writing to Different Android SDKs
Choosing which Android SDKs your application will support is a decision with far-reaching ramifications.
Tags : Android
Spring Android: Bringing Spring Components to Your Android Apps
Spring Android helps unify the worlds of enterprise and Android development, offering a simple framework for accessing RESTful resources.
Tags : Spring, Android
Linux Foundation Announces Android and MeeGo Development Courses
To help fill demand for Linux-based smartphone and tablet developers, The Linux Foundation is offering six training courses on Android and MeeGo.
Tags : Android, Linux, training, MeeGo
Android Development 101: 'Hello World' in Four Minutes Flat
In this four-minute episode of the Android Development 101 video series, Chris Bennett demonstrates how to create your first Android 'Hello World' application.
Tags : Android
Google Forks Android with Tablet-specific Offering
Android 3.0 Honeycomb is designed specifically for tablets.
Tags : Android, tablet computing
Motorola Unveils New Android Devices at CES
At the Consumer Electronics Show this year Motorola announced four new Android devices including the Xoom tablet, Droid Bionic, Cliq 2 and the Atrix smartphone.
Tags : CES, Droid, Android
Android Users Angry About 6-month-old Texting Bug
An Android bug first reported in June 2010 causes Android to send text messages randomly to the wrong recipient. It's still not fixed.
Tags : bugs, Android
Open Source Android Closing Gap on Apple's iOS
Both Apple and Android are gaining market share while BlackBerry continues to lose, but open source Android appears to be gaining ground on Apple's iOS.
Tags : smartphone OS, IOS, Android
Android Is Closer to Windows Phone 7 Than Developers May Think
The differences between Android and Windows Phone 7 are mostly skin deep, so enterprising Android developers can port their current apps over to Windows Phone 7.
Tags : Java, C#, Android, Windows Phone 7
The 9 Most Anticipated Features in Android Gingerbread 2.3
What features will Android application developers need to support in version 2.3, aka Gingerbread? Here are the nine most anticipated features the rumor mill expects to be included.
Tags : Android
Google to Oracle: If Android Violates Copyright, It's Not Our Fault
If anyone violated anybody's copyrights, Google says it must have been a third-party because they have no idea what Oracle's talking about.
Tags : Android, Oracle, Google
Samsung Releases Galaxy Tab's Open Source Code
Embracing the ideals of open source software development, Samsung has made Galaxy Tab's source code available for download.
Tags : Samsung, tablet PC, Android
Security Experts Find 359 Defects in Android Kernel
Despite the number of bugs, this security audit of Android is good news for Google and potentially for open source software.
Tags : security, Android, vulnerabilities
Apple Hurls Patent Lawsuit at Motorola Over Android
The patent war continues with Apple leveling a patent lawsuit against Motorola and its Android devices.
Tags : Motorola, Android, Apple, patent infringement
Matt Asay Says Microsoft Open Source Threats Will Fail
Matt Asay warns Microsoft against continuing the company's current strategy of threatening lawsuits to crush open source software.
Tags : open source, Android, Microsoft, Google
Build Your First PHP for Android Application
Getting started with PHP for Android and the Scripting Layer for Android is easy with this step-by-step guide, complete with a demo application.
Tags : Android, PHP
Working with NinePatch Stretchable Graphics in Android
NinePatch graphics are an indispensable tool for Android developers looking to support the variety of device screen sizes and orientations.
Tags : Mobile tools, graphics, Android
Android 2.2 and Its Previous Versions: A Sweet Developer Review
Two veteran mobile app developers compare Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) with older versions and highlight the areas where the platform has grown the most.
Tags : Android Marketplace, mobile platform, Android 2.2, mobile, Android
Top 10 Android 2.2 Features Developers Can't Wait to Use
Android 2.2 (Froyo) provides developers with some much-anticipated features for a minor SDK release. Here are the top ten features developers cannot wait to get their hands on.
Tags : Android 2.2, Android, Android Marketplace, android apps
An Android Developer's Top 10 Gripes
A veteran mobile application developer vents his frustration with a list of 10 things he loves to hate about Android.
Tags : open source, fragmentation, Google, mobile developer, Android
Implement Automatic Discovery in Your Java Code with Annotations
Learn how to use Java annotations to discover code automatically at runtime with a ServiceLoader. This useful technique will make your life easier.
Tags : Device, fragmentation, open source, Google, Android
Working with Images in Your Android App Development
Google's new mobile platform, Android, has become increasingly popular among developers even without hardware available on the market yet. Discover where to get the right software APIs and documentation as well as what technologies are supported. Then, you will focus on the technologies for images by working through an example.
Tags : Android, Android App development

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