October 21, 2016
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What Is PrimeFaces?
If you haven't started using PrimeFaces in your JSF production code, you need to look at this.
Tags : HTML5, JavaServer Faces, jQuery, Ajax, JSF, component, callback, PrimeFaces, GIS RIA, overlay, OmniFaces
Getting Started with WebSocket APIs in Java
Familiarize yourself with a few necessary background details before rushing into WebSocket implementation in a Web application.
Tags : Java, Ajax, API, Web, TCP/IP, IETF, HTTP, Transport Layer Security, WebSocket, POJO, RFC 6455, Java EE7, URI, ABNF
Exploring the Struts 2 Web Application Framework
You can master a different approach to creating Action classes in Struts 2.
Tags : Java, web application, Ajax, JSP, Spring, MVC, Apache, Business logic, Struts, Hibernate, POJO
Creating a Slide Show Using the History API and jQuery
Learn how to programmatically change the URL shown in a browser's address bar using History API.
Tags : jQuery, Ajax, slide show
Using Ajax with JSF in an Enterprise Application
Learn how to use Ajax with Java Server Faces (JSF) to incorporate dynamic functionality into a web page.
Tags : Ajax, JSF, application, Enterprise
Building an Ajax-friendly REST API with Sinatra
Sinatra uses a compact syntax, allowing you to create succinct yet immediately understandable APIs in Ruby.
Tags : Ruby, Ajax, REST
Firebug: Add Browser-based Debugging to Your Ajax Development
Tired of troublesome debugging techniques in your Ajax development? Check out Firebug, a Firefox extension that makes JavaScript debugging almost fun.
Tags : JavaScript, Ajax, Firefox, debugging, Firebug
Inside JSF 2.0's Ajax and HTTP GET Support
JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2.0 supports HTTP GET requests and full Ajax integration, making it easier than ever to build truly dynamic web pages.
Tags : JavaServer Faces, JSF 2.0, Ajax, JSF, HTTP GET
Combine JavaScript and a Template Engine for Flexible Web Apps
Combine the power and simplicity of the TrimPath template engine with JavaScript and Ajax to develop next-generation web applications.
Tags : JavaScript, Ajax, templates, Trimpath, Template engine
Video: Passing Data Between PHP and JavaScript Using JSON
Build powerful AJAX-driven Web applications by passing data between the client and server using PHP, JavaScript and the JSON data format.
Tags : PHP, JavaScript, web application, Ajax, JSON
Release Roundup, Jan. '10: New Year, New Gear for Java/Open Source Developers
From usual suspects like Apache, Google and Sun and some lesser-known players, January 2010 brought a steady stream of code releases for Java and open source developers' toolboxes.
Tags : testing, Ajax, Java SE, middleware, RIA
Creating Draggable Markers with the Google Maps API
Using the combined power of the Google Maps API, jQuery, and PHP, you can manipulate marker positions and save the updated coordinates to your local database with ease!
Tags : PHP, Google Maps, Ajax, Google, services

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