August 28, 2015
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A Look Inside Azure's Next Gen Computer Platform
Learn about Resource groups—a new feature in Windows Azure Resource Manager—that powers the next generation computer platform from Microsoft.
Tags : Microsoft, Azure, APIs, MICROSOFT AZURE PLATFORM, Azure Management Portal, Azure Resource Manager, resource group
Migrating from OpenFeint to Amazon GameCircle
Amazon GameCircle offers achievements, leaderboards, and cross-device game synchronization. Updating an existing game to use GameCircle instead of OpenFeint can be done with some relatively straightforward changes.
Tags : Amazon, gaming, APIs
An Introduction to Microsoft Roslyn
Roslyn is a project carried out by Microsoft that allows the C# and VB compilers in the .NET framework to expose certain APIs that can be explicitly invoked from other .NET applications. Read on for an overview of Microsoft Roslyn.
Tags : Microsoft, .NET Framework, APIs, Roslyn
Google Denies Facebook Access to Gmail Contacts API
Google to Facebook - you can have our data when we can get your data.
Tags : Facebook, Google, APIs
Introducing the Google Maps JavaScript API V3
Key changes in version 3 of the Google Maps API affect the way you write location-based scripts and upgrade existing Version 2 applications.
Tags : JavaScript, Google Maps, APIs

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