October 23, 2016
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Understanding Exception Handling in Java
Follow through this article to understand the key concepts of exception handling in Java.
Tags : Java, APIs, Exception handling, try...catch block, Java exception classification, graceful exit
Utility of the Collection Framework in Java
The collection framework has an extensive supply of classes that are less used because people don't understand them. Go hands on and learn their utility.
Tags : Java, APIs, abstraction, collection framework, Deque
Getting Notifications from Android Wearables
Tame all the notification messages that you have probably been swamped with on your handheld's status bar every day.
Tags : Android, APIs, android studio, Android Wear, Android wearable services APIs, handheld devices, notifications, action button
Creating a Graphical Report in JasperReport
Focus on creating a simple graphical report in JasperReport with the help of a few third-party libraries.
Tags : Java, Linux, XML, Windows, HTML, PDF, APIs, CSV, font, JasperReport, graphical report, XLS
Top Open Source Content Management Systems
Compare some of the popular open source CMS systems, namely DNN and Umbraco for .NET, and WordPress and Drupal for PHP.
Tags : CSS, .NET, PHP, JavaScript, CMS, content management system, Drupal, Wordpress, MVC, HTML 5, APIs, DNN, Umbraco
A Look Inside Azure's Next Gen Computer Platform
Learn about Resource groups—a new feature in Windows Azure Resource Manager—that powers the next generation computer platform from Microsoft.
Tags : Microsoft, Azure, APIs, MICROSOFT AZURE PLATFORM, Azure Management Portal, Azure Resource Manager, resource group
Migrating from OpenFeint to Amazon GameCircle
Amazon GameCircle offers achievements, leaderboards, and cross-device game synchronization. Updating an existing game to use GameCircle instead of OpenFeint can be done with some relatively straightforward changes.
Tags : Amazon, gaming, APIs
An Introduction to Microsoft Roslyn
Roslyn is a project carried out by Microsoft that allows the C# and VB compilers in the .NET framework to expose certain APIs that can be explicitly invoked from other .NET applications. Read on for an overview of Microsoft Roslyn.
Tags : Microsoft, .NET Framework, APIs, Roslyn
Google Denies Facebook Access to Gmail Contacts API
Google to Facebook - you can have our data when we can get your data.
Tags : Facebook, Google, APIs
Introducing the Google Maps JavaScript API V3
Key changes in version 3 of the Google Maps API affect the way you write location-based scripts and upgrade existing Version 2 applications.
Tags : JavaScript, Google Maps, APIs

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