October 22, 2016
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An Amazingly Easy Way to Consume Android APIs with Retrofit
Learn to use Retrofit to make creating and consuming Android APIs much more manageable.
Tags : XML, JSON, REST, API, Android, HTTP, POJO, Retrofit, OkHttp, GSON, RESTclient
How to Use the JavaBean API Library
Learn about some of the key aspects of transforming a POJO into a bean component and how the JavaBean API library helps in the process.
Tags : Java, API, JAR, NetBeans, POJO, JavaBeans, JDBC API, bean, JavaBean API Library, JFrame
Exploring Java BitSet
Become proficient with the necessary details on how to use the Java BitSet class.
Tags : Java, API, class, algorithm, bit manipulation, Boolean, BitSet, bitwise
Using Angular Typeahead
Learn to populate a typeahead dynamically from a Web service; the data displayed will be in tabular format with headers. This is implemented using Angular JS.
Tags : JavaScript, Web services, API, HTML, REST API, AngularJS, typeahead
The Value of Doing APIs Right: A Look at the SiriKit API Demoware
Siri is getting its own API, and this might open up new visas for its use.
Tags : API, Apple, Siri, Amazon Echo, virtual assistant, Viv, SiriKit, SiriKit API
Streamline Your Understanding of the Java I/O Stream
Learn to streamline your understanding of I/O streams APIs in Java.
Tags : Java, API, I/O, lambda expressions, Stream, Java I/O Stream, NIO.2, Byte Stream, Character Stream, Buffered Stream, Data Stream, Object Stream
NoSQL in Practice with a CRUD Application in Java
Glance at the practical aspects of NoSQL when implemented in MongoDB and Java.
Tags : Java, NoSQL, MongoDB, database, JDBC, API, shell, NoSQL technology, CRUD, BSON, Mongo
Understanding Android Versioning
Learn how Android versioning works so that you can write applications that can benefit from versioning.
Tags : API, Android, application, version management, android studio, versioning, Android OS
Working with the New Java Date and Java Time APIs
Learn to use Joda Time, a new component of the Java 8 core library.
Tags : API, JDK, time zone, JCP, Java 8, java community process, Swing, date and time, Joda Time, JSR 310, analog clock, Java Date, Java Time
Exploring Java Internationalization Support in Java Applications
There are many areas to consider when internationalizing your Java code. Start here with a tutorial.
Tags : filter, API, HTML, bundle, ISO, culture, diversity, language, internationalization, locale, BCP47
Exploring the New Java Input/Output (Java NIO.2) Packages
Explore some of the key aspects of new input/output APIs introduced in Java NIO and see code examples.
Tags : Java, API, selectors, Java NIO.2, NIO, input/output, read/write, charset
Getting Started with Java RMI
Explore the concepts and intricacies of getting started with Java RMI while studying appropriate code examples.
Tags : Java, API, server, architecture, client, JVM, POJO, Java RMI, stub, network layer, CORBA
Getting Started with Java Annotations
Annotations are very useful devices. They help you interpret your code and they don't slow its processing speed.
Tags : Java, annotations, API, function, JDK5, @Override
RESTful WS with Jersey, Part 1
Learn some of the key elements needed to begin using the Jersey Web service.
Tags : Java, Web services, API, JAX-RS, SOAP, JDK, SOAP API, RESTful, RESTful API, client/server, HTTP requests, Jersey
Working with Intents in Android Apps
This article walks Android developers through the basics of working with Intents.
Tags : API, android apps, Service APIs, android studio, Intents
How to Schedule Background Tasks in Android Apps Using the JobScheduler API
In this article, readers will learn about using the JobScheduler API to schedule background tasks in Android applications.
Tags : API, Android app, android studio, background task, Android Project
Working with Multiple Databases in JDBC
Study the problem and possible techniques to get around database complexities.
Tags : database, JDBC, Oracle, SQL, PostgreSQL, API, UnityJDBC
Getting Started with WebSocket APIs in Java
Familiarize yourself with a few necessary background details before rushing into WebSocket implementation in a Web application.
Tags : Java, Ajax, API, Web, TCP/IP, IETF, HTTP, Transport Layer Security, WebSocket, POJO, RFC 6455, Java EE7, URI, ABNF
Programming Android Wear Watch Faces
Learn to create the most widely used feature on smart watches: a personalized watch face.
Tags : API, SDK, bitmap, smart watches, Android Wear, Android wearable services APIs, Android Watch, Watch Face Service
How to Bypass Accessibility Checks Through Reflection in Java
In my humble opinion, security is a farce. The most secure code is the code that you have never written and the most secure language is the language never invented. Learn more about reflection in Java.
Tags : Java, API, JVM, Security Breaches, Reflection, exploitation tools, security manager
Cordova: What it Does and Doesn't Provide
Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to reuse the existing skills you already have to create mobile applications? Learn what you can expect from Cordova.
Tags : CSS, JavaScript, API, HTML, plugins, mobile application development, bootstrap, Cordova, Camera API
Explore Core Features of Reflection and Its Utility in Java
Discover some of reflection's core areas of the API with a few examples to implement them in programming.
Tags : Java, XML, API, class, Reflection, Java Serialization, serialize, deserialize, constructor
Where to Start with Using Microservices?
Microservices are small, highly decoupled and focus on doing a single task. They lend themselves well to Continuous Delivery.
Tags : Cloud, API, HTTP, DevOps, continuous delivery, Microservices
Explore Scripting in Java
Look into some nooks and corners and key aspects of scripting in Java in general.
Tags : Java, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, API, Groovy, JVM, JDK, JRuby, scripting, scripting languages, Jython, java virtual machine, Nashorn JavaScript
Elasticsearch: Analyzing Text with the Analyze API
Using the analyze API to test an analysis process can be extremely helpful when tracking down how information is being stored in your Elasticsearch indices. Learn how to do this.
Tags : API, analyzer, text, Elasticsearch, Analyze API, tokenizer, token filter
Introduction to Apiary: Overview of Apiary and How to Create APIs
With Apiary, the "design API first" approach can be implemented where the input/output parameters can be finalized and the mock up can be tested even before it is implemented.
Tags : JSON, API, application programming interface, HTTP, github, API Development, Apiary
RESTful Services - Best Practices on Consuming APIs
In this article, author Vipul Patel walks the readers through the best practices for consuming RESTful services.
Tags : XML, JSON, API, SOAP, SSL, SOAP API, REST API, RESTful, RESTful API, idempotent, eTag
The API Field of Dreams: Build It [Correctly] and They Will Come
You want to build an API that will make people come BACK to it again and again. Collect all the necessary pieces to do that here.
Tags : developer, API, URL, intuitive, compliant, HTTP requests
How to "Platformize" Your Product: a Guide to Building APIs
Gain insight about product owners and how they can platformize their products by building great APIs.
Tags : API, platform, Facebook API, Twitter API, Platform Computing
Adding Email Support to Your Java Applications
You can add the benefit of mail and messaging support even to a bare bone, standalone Java application.
Tags : Java, email, JavaMail, Java EE, API, smtp, POP, imap, MIME, NNTP
JDBC Best Practices
Use the JDBC API efficiently to maximize your Java application's performance.
Tags : Java, database, JDBC, API, query, CRUD
New Features in Java 9
Leverage the new features in Java 9 to build high performing and responsive applications.
Tags : JSON, API, SDK, modularization, multi-threading, HTTP 2.0, Java SDK, Java 9
Sequential File Access Using Java
Explore how to process common sequential files through Java and some aspects of file handling APIs in general.
Tags : Java, API, JVM, text file data, garbage collector
Getting Started with JasperReport
Manoj Debnath shows you how to get started with JasperReport, with a simple yet effective hands-on example.
Tags : Java, API, report, library
Java SE 8 and the New Date and Time Library
The new Java SE 8 API, JSR-310, is designed to replace the existing Date and Calendar classes, incorporating ideas from Joda-Time. Read on for a brief overview over the new Date and Time API and some ready to use examples.
Tags : Java SE, API, DATE, Time, datetime function
Manipulating a Database with JDBC
Learn how to manipulate database records with the help of the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API.
Tags : Java, database, JDBC, API, application
7 Things You Should Know About the Geolocation API
Discover seven key things you should know about the Geolocation API in order to use it in your web applications.
Tags : API, application, geolocation, location
Java Automation Using Core Java
Automating Java Applications doesn't adhere to one solution fits all. Learn how to consolidate the process of coming up with an API that can be easily used to automate any Java application.
Tags : Java, API, application, automate
Manage Concurrent Access to JPA Entity with Locking
Learn how to handle concurrent access to entity data, and the locking strategies available to JPA API.
Tags : API, JPA, LOCKING, Java EE 7
Working with Proximity APIs in Windows Phone 8
Microsoft introduced support for proximity APIs in Windows Phone 8. Join Vipul Patel as he walks you through the fundamentals of working with proximity APIs in applications, targeting the Windows Phone 8 platform.
Tags : API, Microsoft, Windows Phone 8
Android Encryption with the Android Cryptography API
Need to program with the Android Cryptography APIs? Read this tutorial to find resources, check which algorithms your device supports, and see examples of AES and RSA algorithms.
Tags : API, Android, encrypt, encryption, RSA, cryptography, AES, algorithms
Working with Bluetooth APIs in Windows Phone 8
With the release of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft introduced support for using Bluetooth APIs in Windows Phone 8 applications. This article walks Windows Phone developers through the fundamentals of working with Bluetooth APIs in applications targeting Windows Phone 8 platform.
Tags : API, applications, Bluetooth, Windows Phone 8
Reading from an SD Card in Windows Phone 8 Applications
Microsoft introduced support for accessing SD card contents in the Windows Phone 8 release. This article walks Windows Phone developers through the fundamentals of building a Windows Phone 8 application that can use the storage APIs to read from SD card. 
Tags : API, application, SD Card, Storage, Windows Phone 8
Setting up the Amazon Mobile App SDK Eclipse Plugin
The Amazon Mobile App SDK Eclipse Plugin allows you to easily integrate Amazon APIs into your Android Eclipse project, as well as add or remove Amazon APIs from your project.
Tags : Amazon, Eclipse, API, Android, SDK, mobile app, plugin
Using the File API Outside the Sandbox in Chrome Packaged Apps
Sure you know how to read and write files in the sandbox using a standard file API. Learn how to step outside the sandbox and work with files anywhere on the disk!
Tags : API, Chrome, sandbox, Chrome Packaged Apps
Getting Started with the Amazon In-App Purchasing API
See how to use the Amazon In-App Purchasing API to make it easy to offer digital content and subscriptions including in-game currency, expansion packs, upgrades, magazine issues and more. You can be up and running in minutes!
Tags : Amazon, API, gaming, In-app Purchasing
Using the Location API in Your Windows Phone 8 Applications
Windows Phone 8 allows application developers to build applications that can use the device’s physical location. This article walks through the steps of building a mock application, which utilizes the location API.
Tags : API, location, Windows Phone 8
Why Your API Strategy Requires Lifecycle Thinking
Executing an API strategy isn't as simple as hanging a shingle on the web; however, it has the potential to link you to vast new user communities for building brand, driving usage, transacting business, and more!
Tags : SOA, API
Oracle Updates Java SE and JavaFX
The new release makes Java available for devices with ARM processors.
Tags : Oracle, Java SE, API, JavaFX, ARM
AT&T to Release Watson APIs in June
The new tools will allow developers to add AT&T's voice recognition technology to their apps.
Tags : API, AT&T, voice recognition, app development, Watson
Oracle Proposes Cloud Management API Based on Open Standards
The proposed Oracle Cloud API could lead to a "single pane of glass" organizations can use to manage various cloud infrastructure elements.
Tags : Oracle, API, cloud management, Open Standards
Create Custom Web-based Graphs with the Google Chart API and PHP
Presenting data visually can quickly reveal crucial trends. Learn how to use the Google Chart API in conjunction with PHP to create a variety of useful charts.
Tags : PHP, chart, Google, API
Creating Windows 7 Jump Lists With The API Code Pack and Visual Studio 2008
One of the most clearly visible new features in Windows 7 is the new taskbar. Read on to learn how you can use jump lists from your C# applications with help from the Windows API Code Pack.
Tags : API, Microsoft, Visual Studio, Jump Lists
Connecting to IBM FileNet 4.0 Outside of a Java Application Server
Learn about IBM FileNet 4.0 and how to use its Java API to connect to an enterprise Content and Business Process Management product.
Tags : API
Records Management for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
The Records Center is an important MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) component for companies that need to save critical or legally sensitive information. Discover how to create a Records Center then secure its contents with the MOSS Object Model and one of its default WebServices.
Tags : API
Visual Basic 6 Win32 API Tutorial
Visual Basic 6 Win32 API Tutorial Visual Basic does an excellent job of letting developers build sophisticated Windows applications in a relatively short amount of time. This allows one to quickly build prototypes for end-users to evaluate and test, which can accelerate the development cycle. However, this ease of use does have its disadvantages. By shielding the programmer from the low-level Win32 calls, s/he may not be able to optimize certain functions and/or perform some tasks that the users have requested.
Tags : API, Visual Basic 6

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