July 7, 2015
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Running Java Applications on Windows Azure

Windows Azure supports running applications in a variety of frameworks.  Vipul Patel shows you how to run Java applications on Windows Azure.

Don't Do Azure Cloud (or any Development) on Your Own!

Discover how to get help, testing, marketing and more for your Cloud and other applications. Microsoft's Platform Ready program is free to use!

Using the Twitter API to Create an Early Alert System

Christopher Frenz details the development of an early alert system that uses the Twitter search API to monitor the number of new Tweets, pertaining to a topic of interest, that occur each hour and record them in a database.

How to Secure your SQL Azure Application

Developers targeting the SQL Azure platform should make sure their applications are secure. This article walks through the considerations developers need to keep in mind when designing SQL Azure applications.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting up a Windows Azure Free Trial

Using a free pass, you can start using Microsoft Azure now. Discover how easy it is to set up an Azure account with these step-by-step instructions It is easy!

Creating a Windows Azure Application: A Step-by-Step Guide

Windows Azure can seem daunting to many developers seeking to take their first steps into cloud computing. The perception that Windows Azure is too big and too different is a fallacy. This walk-through shows you just how easy it can be.

Taking Control of the Google Maps API V3 Controls

The Google Maps API V3 controls provide developers with a great deal of flexibility, both in how they are presented and whether they appear at all.

Creating a Simple Windows Azure Application

To get on the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud computing bandwagon, you need to understand how to develop applications targeting the platform. Discover how to create your first “Hello World” cloud application.

Spring Web Services 2.0: Best Java Stack for SOAP-based Web Services

What makes the new Spring Web Service 2.0 release the best Java stack for SOAP-based Web services?

Three Ways Developers Can Leverage Cloud Computing

The shrewd software developer can greatly accelerate time to market by harnessing the enormous amount of power available in the cloud.

Explaining Cloud Computing to Your Pointy Haired Boss

Any day now your pointy-haired boss is going to ask you about this cloud stuff. Do you have a strategy? Can you even define it? Discover how easily it is to explain the cloud to your boss, and begin to start a longer discussion on all aspects of cloud computing.

Overview of the Roles Within an Azure Application

Before writing applications targeting the Windows Azure platform, you should understand the various roles within a hosted service.

VMware ESXi vs. XenServer: Cloud and Desktop Feature Showdown

Choosing the right hypervisor for your cloud development depends on whether you want to speed up development and testing or acquire more self-service options.

VMware vs. Citrix vs. Microsoft: The Programmability of Top Hypervisors

The race is on for developer mindshare in virtualization and cloud computing. Who's got the edge as VMware, Citrix and Microsoft battle it out?

The Lofty, Vendor-agnostic Goals of the Simple Cloud API

The Simple Cloud API is designed to provide a single, simple, interoperable API for multiple cloud services and multiple cloud providers.

Google Tunes Up App Engine Cloud Platform with Focus on App Availability

The newly released Google App Engine 1.4 promises better performance and new capabilities for cloud application deployment.

Twitter Co-Founder: 'We Haven't Built a Great Platform Yet'

Ev Williams, co-founder of the popular micro-blogging site Twitter, hints at new features in the works and discusses the challenge of supporting a growing number of developers.

Creating Custom Google Maps Markers

The Google Maps API V3 offers incredibly easy customization features, including the ability to substitute the default map markers with custom versions you can seamlessly integrate into your website.

Oracle Proposes Cloud Management API Based on Open Standards

The proposed Oracle Cloud API could lead to a "single pane of glass" organizations can use to manage various cloud infrastructure elements.

Developer Bonanza? $250M sFund Aims to Grow Facebook, Social Web Apps
Kleiner Perkins, Amazon and others launch a fund designed to spur the growth of new applications for Facebook and the social Web.

The 10 Most Popular DIY Wiki Projects
Interested in deploying your own Wiki? Check out these 10 commercial and open source Wiki products for PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, and .NET.

Mining Amazon.com Catalog Data with Ruby
The Ruby/AWS library lets you integrate Amazon's Product Advertising API -- an interface for mining Amazon's enormous product catalog -- into your Web applications.

Introducing the Google Maps JavaScript API V3

Key changes in version 3 of the Google Maps API affect the way you write location-based scripts and upgrade existing Version 2 applications.

The Technology Behind the OpenStack Cloud Computing Project
Go inside OpenStack, the NASA and Rackspace joint effort to provide common, open cloud computing software.

Google Revs App Engine for the Cloud
New version of App Engine improves multi-tenancy and adds a high-performance image serving system.

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