July 6, 2015
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The Basics of Manipulating File Access Control Lists with C#
Learn about file access control lists and how to use C# to read and modify them to improve the security of your applications and your IT infrastructure.

Object Integrity & Security: Error & Exceptions
One of the advantages of using object-oriented languages is that much of the error/exception handling is built directly into the language itself. Thus, many of these issues can be handled during the design of the application—and not when the application crashes in the hands of a user.

Handling Anomalies: Errors and Exceptions
When things go wrong in an application, what should the code do?

Cryptographic Solutions for .NET Developers: Hashing and Encryption
Learn how to use cryptography to improve the security of your applications. Discover the basic building blocks for encryption and hashing using C#.

Speech Authentication Strategies, Risk Mitigation, and Business Metrics
Compare the economic and technical differences among voice authenticated applications and those using traditional or other biometric methods of authentication.

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