March 31, 2015
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Don’t be Stupid with Customer Data

Do you know what your employees are doing with customer data? Do you how they are getting customer data, or where that data is? In an age of data breaches and identity theft, are you doing everything you can to avoid contributing to the problem?

Top Five Best Practices for Writing Unit Test Scripts

Learn to implement the best practices to be remembered and followed when writing unit tests.

Implement OAuth-based Social Network Logins in Grails

Grails Spring Security is a great plugin that allows you to set up authorization for your app with just a few lines in Grails configuration. Users can register to your website, click on a confirmation link received by e-mail and login with the username and password.

Coverity 5.5 Finds Bugs and Continuous Integration Kinship

New release of Coverity 5.5 static analysis tool integrates FindBugs and Jenkins to expand continuous build and test workflow.

W3af Open Source App Vulnerability Testing Hits 1.0

Application vulnerability testing toolkit finally stabilizes with new PHP static analysis tools.

Google Hacking Evolves for Defense
New tools announced at Black Hat will enable Google and Bing search queries for security vulnerability detection.

Simple User Authentication with Apache and MySQL
Need a simple way to manage access to your Web content? The open source Apache Web server and MySQL database have everything you need.

PHP Remains Strong Despite Security Flaws
Over 60 bugs were reported in PHP in May, should PHP users and developers be worried?

10 Simple Security Tasks for Locking Down Your LAMP Website
These 10 powerful security procedures will help protect your Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP-driven website against common attacks.

HP Fortifies Security with Static and Dynamic Analysis
Partnership between HP and code scanning vendor Fortify provides a view of application security from development code to runtime server.

JavaScript Security
See how you can tighten security gaps using JavaScript and practices such as the Same Origin Policy, Data Tainting, and Signed Scripts.

Message Authentication: Unlocking the Secrets of the Java Cryptography Extensions
Learn how to check message integrity with message authentication and the Java Cryptography Extension.

Records Management for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
The Records Center is an important MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) component for companies that need to save critical or legally sensitive information. Discover how to create a Records Center then secure its contents with the MOSS Object Model and one of its default WebServices.

Unlocking the Secrets of Java Cryptography Extensions: The Basics
Learn about cryptography and how to encrypt and decrypt data with the Java Cryptography Extension.

Planning WebLogic Portal Security
The WebLogic Portal provides a highly flexible and customizable security framework. Knowing your options will help you plan the security implementation that is usable, reliable and maintainable.

What Is Application Security?
Discover the basic principles of Application Security and how it relates to various government and industry regulations and standards. Also, learn about internal and external Information Security threats and how to protect systems and applications better.

Adobe's Emerging Rich Media Ecosystem, Part 3: Marketing, Service Level Agreements, and Security
You need both technical expertise and business savvy to create and maintain a successful streaming media site.

Building Desktop Applications For The Web With Adobe Integrated Runtime
People are building desktop applications for the web that are unlike any web-based application anyone has ever seen before. Adobe is leading this movement with a cross-operating system runtime that enables you to create rich applications that can run either online or offline, when appropriate or necessary.

Advanced Active Record Validations with Rails
Use Rails' Active Record validation callbacks to exercise greater control over user input.

Implementing an Anti-Virus File Scan in JEE Applications
Discover a unique approach to implementing anti-virus scanning in your Java applications.

Sun Releases Information on J2SE Vulnerabilities
Do you use Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition? One of the 11 areas of vulnerabilities reported this month may effect you.

Implementing a Custom ConnectionString Installer for Setup
See how a setup project with a custom action lets the user define the connection string using the Data Links dialog and encrypt that connection string using RSA encryption.

Nominations for Developer.com Product of the Year Begin October 15
Help Developer.com choose the best of the best for the upcoming year.

The Basics of Manipulating File Access Control Lists with C#
Learn about file access control lists and how to use C# to read and modify them to improve the security of your applications and your IT infrastructure.

Object Integrity & Security: Error & Exceptions
One of the advantages of using object-oriented languages is that much of the error/exception handling is built directly into the language itself. Thus, many of these issues can be handled during the design of the application—and not when the application crashes in the hands of a user.

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