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Online Polling with XML

October 21, 2000

In a previous article, I demonstrated how to create a simple guest book application using XML and XSL. This time I'll be showing how you can develop an extendable online poll application for a Web site using the same technologie

Viewing the Poll's Stylesheet

A quick recap of XSL for those who haven't used it before — XSL is a process for transforming data stored in an XML document (whether in a DOM object in memory, or an XML document wi

Displaying the Poll with XSL

As already mentioned, a poll is usually a part of a larger Web page. We can write a simple ASP function that will return the generated HTML from the XSL processor. The following code sho

Processing the Vote

The generated HTML form will submit its contents (the visitor's vote) to the processvote.asp page. This will in turn receive the user's choice and validate it against the polls stored in our XML d

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