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Open Source MDM

May 24, 2010

Master Data Management (MDM) tools, which provide access to and management of diverse data sources, have proven extremely valuable for those organizations that can afford them. Until recently, however, MDM tools have been too expensive for most organizations to buy and too complex to develop in-house. Open source MDM, which reduces the cost and complexity of implementing an MDM solution, is changing that.

According to a recent Talend white paper, several key indicators suggest that now is a good time to adopt open source MDM: the success of open source projects in similar markets (data integration, data quality); a mature industry with defined standards; and industry momentum, as evidenced by the growing number of MDM practitioners and developers.

Based on the experience of other open source software markets, Talend predicts that open source will have beneficial effects on MDM, including:

  • Democratization - equal availability of MDM to organizations large and small
  • Functional Definition - better consensus as to what exactly MDM is supposed to do
  • Community-based data models - common templates for various vertical markets
  • Advanced algorithms - availability of advanced entity resolution algorithms

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