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Performance Comparison - ITTIA DB and SQLite

March 15, 2010

ITTIA DB-SQL and SQLite are lightweight embedded relational databases used to manage information stored in applications and devices. ITTIA DB-SQL is a commercial product, while SQLite is in the public domain. In ITTIA's benchmark tests, ITTIA DB-SQL consistently outperformed SQLite on Linux PCs and devices, with dramatic differences in update and insert times. On Windows PCs, inserts and updates were faster with ITTIA DB-SQL, while select times were roughly the same.

Special features of ITTIA DB-SQL include: a write-ahead log for transactions; row-level locking; optimized paging algorithms for in-memory tables; hybrid in-memory/on-disk databases; static typing; low-level table cursors; and database encryption callbacks.

SQLite is suitable for simple projects, while ITTIA DB-SQL is recommended for advanced projects because of its performance-boosting features and commercial-grade support.

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