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Java SE 6 Performance Improvements

February 15, 2010

Many new features and enhancements in Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 (Java SE 6) are aimed at improving performance and scalability. Major areas of improvement include runtime performance, garbage collection, performance-related default settings in the 6.0 Java Virtual Machine, and client-side performance.

Runtime performance improvements include:

  • Biased locking
  • Lock coarsening
  • Adaptive spinning
  • Support for large page heap on x86 and amd64 platforms
  • Array copy performance improvements
  • Background compilation in HotSpot client compiler
  • New linear scan register allocation algorithm for the HotSpot client compiler

Garbage collection performance improvements include:

  • Parallel compaction collector
  • Concurrent mark sweep collector enhancements

Client-side performance improvements include:

  • New class list for class data sharing
  • Improvements to the boot class loader
  • Splash screen functionality improvements
  • Enabling of Swing's true double buffering
  • Better rendering on Windows systems

Benchmark tests showed marked improvements over Java SE 5.

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